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Orbit becomes Girls in Orbit. Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze #14 Leonard Burtman puts Fetish Pinups into Space

Leonard Burtman's ORBIT magazine became "GIRLS in Orbit" as an afterthought with the third issue.  Either way, a whirlwind of spinning dames balancing on Leonard's mighty booster.  Gene Bilbrew was the art director (!) and Eric Stanton regularly contributed.  Which do you prefer?  Belly-Dancers or Strippers?  Believe me, if Lenny thought there was a fetish for it, he would do a spread on high heel dancers wearing hula hoops and space helmets…but in this case his angle was simply girls circling earth.  In moon boots, I guess.   

Was there sex in space?  Well, not yet, unless John Glenn tried an experiment in zero gravity.  As always, Lenny was ahead of the times.  There had hardly been a woman cosmonaut, but the same year this came out, there was one!  Um…I don't' think you would have seen Valentina Tereshokova posing in one of Lenny's smut publications, but here she is.  I'm not sure if she is wearing a garter belt. 

Orbit (not to be confused with the over-priced gum of similar name with an extensive marketing budget which allows them to charge nearly a dollar for what cost 5 cents a few years ago) lasted only a couple of issues.  Lenny moved fast, and before you knew it, Orbit was gone.  Just another piece of space junk.

Issues of Orbit (and later Girls in Orbit) 1961 - 1963

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Tempest Storm The Irving Klaw Photographs Vintage Sleaze

Super-sleaze Irving Klaw did plenty of shady things, but one we can thank him for is a photo shoot or two with Tempest Storm, including some color shots.  Presumably with Paula Klaw behind the camera and Irving "directing" while perspiring heavily.

Super-cool Jack White befriended timeless Tempest,  and Third Man Records recently released a Tempest Storm record and an interview with the legend HERE.

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When is a Hot Dog NOT a Hot Dog? Vintage Sleaze

When is a hot dog not a hot dog?  When it is on Vintage Sleaze the Blog...or when it is in a song by the Detroit Cobras.

Mistress in Satin The Rare Vintage Sleaze Digests Number 38

Mistress in Satin Vintage Sleaze Digest by Leonard Burtman
How many folks can claim to have invented an entirely new format for fiction?  Hmmm...Hunter S. Thompson (Gonzo Journalism)  Norman Mailer (Creative Non-fiction) and now Leonard Burtman! 

"A NEW TYPE OF PHOTO - FICTION" and indeed it was at the time.  

Exotique, of course, was a rather majestic series and collective epic of questionable fetishistic pursuits.  There was a new sexual underground rising from the sidewalks of New York, and Leonard aimed to define it. I don't want to type the words, as social acceptance is still trickling along and this website has rural moms reading it...(just remember folks, I am a product of a rural mom and look how I turned out)  Needless to say...at the time Lenny's market was experimental.

Exotique ran for some 30 issues, but Lenny was a workaholic...he couldn't help himself, and he dribbled out various "extra" and "special" editions which weren't numbered along with the periodical.

This was one.  

Mistress in Satin  "An Exotique Publication" 

THIS IS NUMBER THIRTY EIGHT IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Backhill Sinners Cast of Characters Vintage Sleaze HILLBILLY Sleaze from Novel Books

Vintage Sleaze paperback from Novel Books (up in thar hills) Backhill Sinners
H'yuck!  Now I know, and so does Glenn Low, the writer of Backhill Sinners, that sometimes the plot gets purty deep in these novels.  Deep as a Holler sometimes, dadgummit...so thankfully we have a cast of characters right there complete in their order of appearance so's we can foller the action.  It's a seedy plot, but then it IS nearly plantin' time.  

Backhill Sinners by Glenn Low  Novel Books 1960  Collection Victor Minx

Sunny Buick Artist and Tattooist for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 33 in the Series

Artist Sunny Buick is a world traveler, a dice collector and a considerable canvas of her own.  Sunny would have been called a "triple threat" during the days men stupidly thought they were superior.  She juggles art forms like nobody's business…and ALL are in bright, living, peacock color and then some. (There is a peacock way down here which Sunny would love to tattoo on you.)  Ms. Buick walks the walk, talks the talk and creates beauty in an astounding whirlwind which encompasses her completely.  I admire a consistent vision and authenticity.  I admire Sunny Buick a great, great deal.

Sunny Buick is a serious tattooist, but also a painter.  She tells me "I think the woman's body is the most interesting thing to draw, paint or look at."  and that is all we need know to add her to the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary wing.  It is an honor!  Sunny Buick is number 33 in the series.

Ms. Buick served six years as an apprentice to become a tattooist(with Henry Goldfield) but she also does paintings heavily influenced by the pulp fiction covers and circus posters she loves.  Seldom will you find as congruous and coherent an artist…a vintage aficionado in all respects.  Sunny also claims to be a post-modernist, yet is afraid of the future.  She took some art classes and loves the surrealists, but I'd say she is following her own muse as well as following a noble tradition.  Like I said…she does it all.  The fantasy and rich imagination in her work only begins to show the extraordinary world she sees through her eyes.  You can share it through the links.

Born a Canadian, Ms. Buick has lived in San Francisco and Paris.  Her work has been published widely, she has written for Juxtapoz and other magazines and has given numerous interviews.  She has curated shows for others.  She was also herself photographed by French artists Pierre et Gilles (which is an incredible photograph I could only show here if I cropped it, and I simply will not do that…it is beyond sublime.)

There is an extraordinary amount of work documented on her sites and links here.  Given free reign, I've roped up only a few of my favorites, but you will  find yours.  This woman has created a serious body of work which works.

She has even done what I would call a "Skeleton Weegee" holding his speed graphic camera which has ME pondering ink, and I have always said all my body marks will come though surgery.  But I would put one of Sunny Buick's works on me or my wall.
Sunny Buick has several places to view her work, and all are staggering.  Fortunately, she also makes prints and on occasion original paintings available on her highly recommended store HERE Place an order and ask if she will send you a jpeg of the Pierre et Gilles photo. 

Thank you Sunny!

Sunny Buick's website is being updated, but the links work HERE  

Sunny Buick on Facebook is HERE 
The Sunny Buick Shop is HERE 
Sunny Buick blog HERE

VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY is a series which profiles artists and cartoonists working today who have been influenced by vintage sleaze. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series links to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. EACH POST IN THE VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY SERIES WAS CREATED WITH THE ARTIST'S PERMISSION AND CONTRIBUTIONS. Serious artists are participating in this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Marty Winters  Annabelle Baxter  Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Jane Dickson, Hudson Marquez Astrid Daley, Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swartz, Rebecca Whitaker, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly, Fairfax and Emery, Elizabeth Watasin, Stephen Adams  Jane Dickson, Mala Mastroberte  William Schmidt  Darlene MacNeil Lila Rees Honey LuLu  Tony Fitzpatrick and many more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.


Shoe Porn from Star Trek Nichelle Nichols Lieutenant Uhura Fights Gravity in Fetish Boots Vintage Sleaze

A gal has to work, even if it means tottering around in fetish boots with ballet toes…and not too convincingly at that.  Nichelle Nicols, Lieutenant Uhura from Star Trek  does her best here to titillate boot fans in a "Theatrical Footwear" catalog.   I don't know who Uhuru's  agent was, but he had some strange taste, and he sent the starship telephone operator down to try on some SERIOUS moon boots.  Good thing that couch and pillow was there…she's fighting the earth's gravity!

Ground-breaking actress Ms. Nichols is still working, with three films in production…and a list of credits which stretches nearly to Mars.  That she survived the photo session above is testimony to her strength.  She is also looking pretty good...for ANY planet.  Spock was truly inhuman, as I recall no episode he hit on Uhura.

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Back Covers with Back The Bad Babes of Marr and Marno Buy the Book Digests Vintage Sleaze

Since these sleazy little digests were generally sold sealed with plastic wrap, it was up to the primary color to grab Popeye's pop eyes.  You only got the cover and the back cover in the shop...and after getting home and "tearing one off" you were left with buyer's remorse and the inside pages.  Grainy, black and white photographs of questionable women of questionable repute and questionable looks.

Group of MARR publishers Back Covers.  Collection Victor Minx

NOTE:  The book PROTO-PORN which documents and discusses these rare pamphlets of poon is now available as an EBOOK for too!  Only $5.99 for the Ipad.  120 Pages, All Color with DOZENS Illustrated for the very first time.


Ten Inch Heels and Fifteen Inch Shag Carpet Vintage Sleaze

Blast Magazine.
The heels might be hard to walk in, but the carpet is harder.

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Mike Munves Pin Up Card Blowout! King of the Arcade Girlie Cards Rendered Useless Vintage Sleaze

A big selloff of pinup cards from Mike Munves, king of the Arcade games!  Mike ran an electric mechanical arcade machine business for some 30 years.  Forerunner of Video games.  Mike was king, but he bossed his brother Joe around who did the real work. 

Munves was located right on the corner of West 42nd Street and 10th Avenue in the 1940s and 1950s, and he sold any kind of machine which took a coin.  Peeps, riding animals, strength testers…you name it.   But as we are interested in artistic renditions of nude dames, it is the card vendors of most interest here. 

The big blow-out sale above may be fairly spicy for the times, though Munves was clean, at least for a peep dealer.  But why drop a nickel for a comely rendered imaginary woman, when 4 blocks east on West 42nd you could drop coin and literally drop PANTS while watching?  Soon sleazy peepshows ran by more greedy and less innocent wise guys were being installed by the hundreds. Quarter machines with porn in plywood partitions which  rendered the well-rendererd racy cards Munves sold in early robots useless.

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Eric Stanton visits the Carnival with a Tattooed Lady Vintage sleaze Paperback

"Jon Parker" wrote some ten novels for the First Niter / Wee Hours line of books published by Stanley Malkin.  This is the only one with a Tattooed Lady by Eric Stanton.  As I haven't read the book, I can not tell if her name is Lydia (the Marx Brothers song written by one Yip Harburg...) but I doubt it.  There is also no indication J. Cheever Loophole read the book, but I hope so.

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