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Orrie Hitt is Jack Nemec and John Nemec and Con Sellers and Novel Books and Tokey Wedge Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

John "Jack" Nemec.   Magnificent author of Easy Sue and so many lauded tomes.  Unfortunately, most of the the lauding came from his sleazy publisher, Novel Books, in the form of fake reviews. 

Just look at the Jack Nemec titles.  Was She a Dyke?  Devil's Mistress  Wild for Kicks  Sin Time  Easy Sue  Naked in the Night.  All from the first few years of the 1960s, when John Kennedy was promising a bright future (but reading Ian Fleming instead of John "Jack" Nemec.)

Nemec sold books to publishers Novel, Merit, Midwood, Tuxedo, Pike Books and Vega Western.  Hmm… Easy Sue must been easy out on the range too.  The copy on the reverse of one of his epic, expansive editions reads  "His women became like so many spent matches: burnt out, shared, useless."  Cool!

The publisher of a good share of Nemec's work seems to be Camerarts, the poorly documented Chicago-based smut house no one cares about and has unfortunately little documented. I really don't know why, as the stuff they published was just as bad as all the others.  Maybe it's because they came out of the second city, and thus have lesser interest than the sleaze writers on either coast?

I have no idea if Jack Nemec's books were terrible. I've been doing this blog for years, and to date have not read one single book.  Not ONE.  Who the HELL has time to read this stuff?  I'm not about to start now, and certainly not with Nemec. 

Since famous infamous writer Orrie Hit seemed to favor carnival themes, could he be Nemec?   A book above by Nemec is parked on eBay now, and it is about a giant dame with a fetish for giant guys.  Guess what?  Orrie Hit was 5 five foot two, and like another mystery writer who wrote mysteries Jack Lynn (who wrote about midget detective Tokey Wedge) maybe Nemec is Orrie?  Or perhaps I should say maybe Nemec is Jack Lynn who is Orrie, or he might be?  I think so.  But wait…MAYBE Nemec is really Con Sellers, another dime a word writer, but one with a little more stature.  Physically, that is.  Con Sellers was way taller than both Tokey Wedge AND Orrie Hitt, but he still posed with a rifle in his hand to make himself seem bigger.

I would love to credit someone for turning up this photo of Orrie Hitt (I think…) but it's already been on like 30 websites.

Let's file this one under "speculative speculation" about super short or super prolific writers.

At least we know Con Sellers was real.  He also taught WRITING!

Anyway,  Orrie's reputation seems to grow each year (not bad for a guy who was only 5' 2" tall…see HERE

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Luis Avila Leather Goods of Mexico High Heel Shoes and Boots Before Their Time

A most scarce thing, printed on tissue paper "to boot" this is an original order form from Luis Avila in Guadalajara, Mexico circa 1955.  Where would, or could, a boot lover go 75 years ago for fine leather goods?  Write Avila.

Luis Avila scraped together a living by advertising in select men's magazines in the 1950s.  He would be doing far better today.  Let's just say Avila made Lady Gaga look like Nancy Drew, and he did it on demand for anyone who would send a money order south of the border.

As this is a pretty rare thing, AND I will be writing more about the man who invented the 14 inch heel, I cropped the order form a bit.  Oh...and I'm sorry, Avila isn't taking orders anymore.

Luis Avila Original mail order form, circa 1955 Collection Victor Minx

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Blaze Starr Still Signs and Still Sells Her Own Work! Burlesque

Isn't it odd that when Life Magazine ran a series of photographs of painter Jackson Pollack grunting over a few of his drippy canvas masterpieces, his career went into orbit, but I can't find anything about the noted "master at capturing movement" James Sheppard shown here?  James is adding gargoyles to a work of art who usually worked a bigger room, Blaze Starr.  The photo appears signed by Blaze Starr herself and someone has it listed on eBay.  It isn't mine…but if any of you want a lovely signature, verified by my own sleazy eyes, it is shown HERE.

Guess what?   

Blaze is still working, still drawing, still signing autographs, still making and selling her own jewelry and still FANTASTIC. YES you can order direct from Blaze.   YES she still draws her portraits by hand one at a time!  That GIRL!  If you are a "neo-burlesque" performer who does not wear earrings handmade by Blaze Starr, you are paying no tribute.

BLAZE STARR IS HERE.  Buy everything she has and tell her I sent you.

Sande Marlowe Sizzles, but did she Suffer a Heart Attack on Stage? A Vintage Sleaze Investigative Report

Did Sande Marlowe, also known as "The Venus of Stageland" suffer a heart attack while dancing at the President Follies club?  The story was reported by Walter Hale, puffed-up buffoon of burlesque,  so don't believe it.  Not that I want to make light of Sande (if she DID dance herself into the hospital) but she looks pretty fit to me.  

Walter got the city wrong after all…the President club was in the city on the bay, San Francisco, not LA, so can we trust him on anything?  No.  Neither did Hugh Hefner, who sued Big Walter once, but that's not the story here.

The President (in San Francisco) was owned by Eddie Skolak.  In 1943, robbers cut through a wire- screened window and lugged out the safe of the President Follies.  Eddie said  It contained over two thousand dollars, the receipts of the previous evening.  They drove the safe away in a truck.  Eddie's club had over a thousand seats and hot routines, but that is still a good chunk of dough for 1943.

Sadly, twenty years later, the Associated Press reported the end of an era…The President was closed by Skolak's wife, Cathie Carver Skolak,  who inherited it when Eddie passed on in 1960.  She had decided to go to Nashville and pursue a career as a country and western singer.  Well, I don't know how that went,  but I hope so, and maybe someone will find out.  A lovely history of the club is provided by Eddie's daughter on the Cinema Treasures website HERE, the kind of first person comment you don't find often when looking up the history of burlesque. 

But back to Sande.

Sande Marlowe was from California and was dancing across the country in 1957 with the "Hollywood Scandals" when a local reporter caught up with her in Pittsburgh, but she had previously danced on her own in L.A. and Mexico City.  She worked under a few names, of course.  Eve Marlowe, Sandi (with an i instead of an e) Marlowe, Maureen Marlowe.  Sometimes she put an accent mark over the E on her last name.  But no mention of a heart attack.

Sande WAS really something.  I would call her a mother hen, but she's way too hot.  Reportedly, thirty other dancers owed their start to her nurturing.  She not only trained new strippers, but she was known to announce the show, work the curtains and even sell tickets in the theater!  Her act was rock and roll when rock and roll was new…her drum beat wasn't tired, lame, horrible trad jazz like most peelers…she rocked back in 1959.  

Maybe she did work herself into a stroke, but if so it was probably her stress from running the whole show instead of the dancing.  

She also owned her own home, and in 1959 had a new car.  Oh…and she had green eyes and weighed 110. 

However,  I can't verify her on-stage heart attack.  I hope it didn't happen.

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Bulging Boobs from Belgium Vintage Sleaze Vulcano Reeks Fire Vomiting Paperbacks

Can I tell you anything about these?  Well, I cribbed the images, so this is one of the few posts not originating from a relic in the Vintage Sleaze archives.  I don't visit Belgium too much, and not at all in the 1950s when these reeking vulcano pulps were purveyed.  I think the series title roughly translates to "Fire vomiting Volcano" but don't hold me to it.  I'm just moving things along here for the scholars who follow. 

At least one was "Mett Fotos" so I guess there would be some Brussels inside.

They turn up from time to time on used books store lists over on the other side.  If you buy one, let me know who "Tony" the artist was.

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Samuel Roth Infamous Modernist

Pre-publication peek at the cover of Jay A. Gertzman's forthcoming book on Samuel Roth.  The author is a hero of mine.  His previous book Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica 1920–1940 is a book I have purchased twice!  I have every reason to believe this will be as good, as important and as well received.  Mr. Gertzman's Facebook Page for the book is HERE.  There is a pre-publication offer to purchase on the site.

Bettie Page in Florida by Jan Caldwell 1954 Unseen Vintage Sleaze

It is pretty hard to come up with a picture of Bettie Page which hasn't been turned into a refrigerator magnet by now.  Much less ten of them.  But here you go.  Taken by Jan Caldwell of Rapho-Guillumette.  Some of the very few photos taken of the model in that state other than Bunny Yeager. Some of the  most beautiful photos of the model, and it is easy to see the vacations down south did much more for Bettie than pounding the streets of New York.  I suspect the photos have never been cribbed for the web as the model is not identified on the cover OR the table of contents.

Photo set of Bettie Page by Jan Caldwell, Rapho Guillumette.  Circa 1954.  Published in Eye Magazine 1954

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Leonard Burtman's Gambling Vixens The Rare Vintage Sleaze Digests NUMBER 37

Gambling Vixens.  In which Leonard Burtman gets yet MORE mileage out of his only pair of red leather boots and imagines some vixens gambling for their own jewelry!  

One man feverish whirlwind of sleaze publisher Lenny Burtman remains mostly a mystery today…and that is probably a good thing.  Illustrator Eric Stanton brings the game further along with his version of strip poker near the logo…but there are no men to enjoy the game. (Most of the men in Lenny's books were wearing dresses, but none are invited to the game here.  Good thing too…we know all men cheat.) 

There is absolutely no nudity in the book.  Not even a peek.  And yet you wouldn't really want your kids to see it, not because it is sexy, but because it is just too weird.  The game lasts about 65 pages, no text, and the centerfold is the pair on Lenny's dingy couch having a smoke.

Gambling Vixens came out in 1964.  I'd say they were ahead of their time, but there is NO time in which this would be reality…and therein lies Mr. Burtman's charm.  He wasn't prophetic,he was nuts.

Gambling Vixens (A Selbee / Connoisseur Publication) 1964  New York  Collection Victor Minx


THIS IS NUMBER THIRTY SEVEN IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Not Just a Peek - But an Eyeful. Verily a Brobdingnagian Beauty Bourse Vintage Sleaze Burlesk

 Verily!  A Brobdingnagian Bourse of Burlesk.  I haven't looked up the word, but I sure am going to now...aspiring novelists?  Feel free to resurrect the word.

From Back Stage Burlesk (No Date) Show Print Co. Collection Victor Minx

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Gene Bilbrew Fiddles while Judith Burns Vintage Sleaze paperback Cover Lana Preston

Who could possibly ask for more in a paperback book cover?  It's like a cereal box though...contents not worth eating.  Lana Preston writes Love's Old Sweet Song

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Sexy Sexist Cocktail Napkins from the 60s? Crude Coasters Vintage Sleaze

Drippy Drink coasters for the bar.  They have no date, but I think moonshine gags went out a while ago, though they do "still" make it.   Boob jokes, however, are never going away.

Set of Bar Coasters, no date, Sturgis Michigan collection Victor Minx

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Eric Stanton Hears a Noise (Or Hides from Security) Take your Pick Vintage Sleaze Paperback

HALT Unrationed Fun from Frank Beaven and Buddies Halt Digest of WWII Frank Beaven in Charge Foxhole Foxes

HALT soldier, hold it right there.  Don'T you know the dames are contributing as much…nay MORE to the war effort than your miserable tail and still you suffer them sexist jokes?  HALT was yet another comic digest catering to the captive audience of boys in foxholes.  This one had a twist.  Frank Beaven, king of the good 'nuff cartoon was editor!  The masthead calls him "Beaven…In Charge of Duds" but he got to pick the gags.  It was intended to provide humor to our boys, and malice towards our enemies.   This issue is from 1943, a brutal year. 

Halt came from Crestwood Publishing in Buffalo, NY. The last thing on the last page was a plea not to throw the issue away, but to share it with a buddy.  I like that.  The crossword would have been done already, but the girls were still pretty. 

Frank Beaven was a good guy.  


Diamonds are a Dutch Girl's Best Friend. Vintage Sleaze Goes Dutch Treat with Rode Vampen Books

The lauded Royal Library of the Netherlands, also known as Koninkliijke Bibliotheek, has a collection of "Rode Vampen Serie" which I believe translates to "Red Vamp" and yes, they are all red.  Even the Dutch love vintage sleaze!  Dating to around 1955 to 1965 (they didn't put a date in most volumes) the series ran quite a while. I am afraid none have been uploaded for translation on Google Books yet. Sheesh.  GET WITH IT!  They scan moldy old muck no one has asked for in a century.  Let's jump to the smut, guys.  Translate some horrible fiction about "a street of 1,000 women" as one of these appears to be.  Vintage Sleaze is the universal language, but we could use a little help here,.

Now let's repeat the above for our Dutch friends.  I mentioned their library, after all. 

De gamesite Koninklijke Bibliotheek van Nederland, ook bekend als Koninkliijke Bibliotheek, heeft een verzameling van "Rode Vampen Serie" IK geloof dat die "Red Vamp vertaalt" en ja, ze zijn allemaal rood. Zelfs de Nederlandse love vintage smerigheid! Dating ongeveer 1955 tot 1965 (ze heeft geen datum in de meeste volumes) de serie liep al een tijdje, ik ben bang geen voor vertaling op Google Boeken nog niet geüpload. Sheesh. KRIJG! Ze scan laten schimmelen oude vliegtuigmotoren terechtkomt kost niemand voor in een eeuw heeft gevraagd.

See?  Just like English, only blond!

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