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Fawna Latrisch Model and Author for Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 37 in the Series

A woman who has returned to the earliest days of glamor photography.  Fawna Latrisch.  A Camera Club Model from the present!  It must be time for Vintage Sleaze CONTEMPORARY and this is number 37 in the series!

Fawna Latrisch sent me a note and said a profile in the series would be "something she is interested in."  Umm…no problem.  

Fawna is so beautiful it almost hurts.  I don't know if they call women over the pond "lookers" but this is one.  However, Ms. Latrisch is more than a pretty face. At the young age of twenty, she is also an author.  Her new book The Wise Girl's Guide to Modeling is available HERE.  Why is Fawna qualified to share advice to other young models? Well…Look at her.

Ms. Latrisch works out of Wolverhapton, England in a lovely 1920's house, but she travels as well.  She is studying photography, an interest which certainly helps her work with those who hire her.  I am no expert, but I have looked at enough photographs of naked women to run a blog about them (and more) for five years…and Fawna is one of the few who has made me gasp. I  even showed my WIFE.  She agreed.

Fawna's method harkens back to the Camera Club models of the 1950s, who would arrange group shoots for amateur camera enthusiasts…but then there were few as beautiful as Fawna.  You can probably name those who were. 

Fawna arranges photo shoots just like Bettie Page and other models in the 1950s.  And yes…she does it nude.  In some cases, VERY nude and THEN some.  Fawna is no angel.  If you look around, you will see the type of work Bettie Page implied she was "tricked" into…but Fawna looks, and is, sober.  She works by the hour just like the earliest days of glamor photography, and she has already done it from France to Madagascar.   

One difference is that Fawna sells her own prints rather than the sleaze balls who did it back then. 

The Wise Girl's Guide to Modeling is an ebook available for Kindle.  As you can tell from the description, is it is written by a woman already wiser than her years, and by one who has  "heard it all before."  "Actual experiences of a model who started from scratch and who, in less than two years, was being booked for over three hundred paid shoots a year.  It's a success story against all the odds: the fakes, the scams and the sex pests who blight the industry."  There is advice on posing and business skills.  It is a humorous but practical guide for young women who would like to enter the modeling business yet retain control of their career.

Fawna Latrisch has already appeared in one film, The Look of Love.  She has modeled for prominent photographers, and from her looks and her smarts there will be many more.  She does fashion, beauty, commercial, art nude and lingerie work.  Her group shoots sell out, and she is generally booked six weeks in advance. 

In the old days, a women who posed for nude photographs and films had her career ruined.  I am going to guess Fawna Latrisch will not.

Dita?  There is someone nipping at your high heels.


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