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The Beauty of Bare Bare Digest The Naked Truth Magazine

The Beauty of Bare  Bare Digest The Naked Truth  Magazine

Falling under the category of "Magazines ain't what they used to be" are the little Bare Digests.  All from 1953 to 1955, Bare was one of the "vest pocket" men's magazines small enough to sneak home.  They were also small enough to steal, which may be one reason they didn't last too long in the stores…but they packed a punch far larger than their size.  It takes a big blast of color to make a magazine the size of a postcard stand out on the rack…in fact it took a rack like Tempest Storm's rack to stand out on the rack.  They were smaller than the size of a Kindle screen.

Part scandal, part pin up, part taboo…a pocket size TMZ for a quarter.

Bare came out of the West Coast by way of D & L Publishing Company in sunny San Diego.  It was cheap to transport them all the way across the country to the East Coast pop-eyes…several hundred would fit in a shoe box. 

They are surprisingly good and surprisingly hot for the times.  They are also, today, quite scarce unfortunately.  I'll usually go a few bucks for one at a flea market, but crisp mint ones from dealers will set you back quite a bit more.   The hardest to find is the Bettie Page cover.

Their byline was "The Naked Truth" which was, of course, a lie.  The women inside were neither bare or naked. The stories were made up too.