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Pin up Art of Maly Siri Showing up the Masters Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 36 in the Series!

Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Number 36 is Maly Siri.

"Vintage pin ups" are popular again.  During the so-called "golden age" of pin up illustration, the 1930s to the 1950s, women were often denied the pleasure of enjoying them.  Then they were virtually eliminated during the early days of 20th century feminism and the women's movement of the 1970s. Before then, women weren't even supposed to enjoy their own sexuality!  

Well everyone can enjoy a beautiful painting of beautiful woman, and guess what?  Not only is THIS the "golden" age of pin up art, but some of the best work in the genre is being produced by a woman.

We are happy indeed to have the participation of Maly Siri here in the 36th edition of Vintage Sleaze Contemporary.  Maly Siri is an accomplished artist with one book out, another major collection of her work on the way, commercial as well as fine art recognition…and a stunning technique which excels and often exceeds the work of the artists who preceded her. 

Maly Siri channels the work of her influences while adding a most accomplished contemporary vibe.  She is a french illustrator living in Montreal, Canada, and her father was a self-taught painter who started her drawing at six months!  As you will see, the pencil is a natural extension of her hand today.  She studied at the Emile Cohl Superior Art School in Lyon, France.  Doors opened, and she was soon doing comics, book covers and children's illustration, but she was drawn to the pin up work of Gil Evgren, Alberto Vargas and the woman of Gustav Klimt.

She has published a sketchbook for Comics Buro publishing and done illustrations for Vivienne Westood haute couture fragrances.

A major collection of her work will be published in 2014 by Metamorphose Editions (Delcourt-Soleil)  Ms. Siri will pay tribute the pin-ups and burlesque she loves, and I certainly hope to review the book when it is published.

While working on her book, Maly continues to create astounding renditions…the work above are only a few I've been privileged to select, and she shows (and sells) works on her blog, her Facebook site and her tumblr.  While researching the post, I happened to do a Google image search and nearly fell off my blogging chair!   

A true glamor illustrator of the highest order, Maly tells me she is not only a fan of the site here, she is privileged to be included in the series. Pfft.  Please!  My pleasure!

Maly just finished a flurry of productive work tied into the 80th birthday of Bettie Page, and she celebrated with a series of drawings, some which I have shown above.  They are ALREADY in private collections.  Fortunately, as you see here, Maly works with skill quickly!

Would you like to see how she does it?  I thought you would




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