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The Biggest Bill Ward Original Drawing Vintage Sleaze Humungous Hi-Fi Dance!

Big Bill Ward!  Everyone knows Bill Ward drew big boobs.  But how many know everything Bill Ward drew was big?  In fact HUGE.  This original Bill Ward drawing from 1959, published in Gee-Whiz magazine is a packed solid whopping work of 25 x 19 inches.  A card-table sized drawing of the eternal dance!  And for this, the artist was paid  about ten dollars by Abe Goodman, publisher of the Humorama line of digests.   Abe?  You cheap bastid!

The caption, a reference to the irrational fixation of 1950s Hi-Fi tinkerers with their tweeters and tubes, reads "Now I have the set at the peak of perfection!" but we all know he he should be thinking of his partner's perfect peaks.  Classic Ward, and with anatomy drawn as larger than the apple here shown for size comparison.  Bill also put textured paper underneath his drawings to make rubbings like the pattern on the whirling woman's skirt.  Genius.

Original Bill Ward drawing for Humorama 1959  Collection Jim Linderman

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