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Picante a hot comic book from Mexico Mexican Comics Aqui! Vintage Sleaze

 Picante Comic Book from Mexico.

Some stuffed shirt who wrote the "Comics in Mexico" entry on Wikipedia says digests like this, tiny little comics which grew into modern day big Mexican comics, represents a "generally popular indigenous medium" then goes on to say their offspring are "ghetto librettos."  As if ours were any better up here.  Ghetto Librettos? 

Well, Mr. "Hombre estrenimiento al norte de la frontera" (Constipated man north of the border) I happen to think this a lovely little digest, and spicy hot too!  From now on, you should keep your value judgements to yourself.  Wiki is for facts, not criticism.  If you can't stand the picante, get out of the comic book kitchen.

I really don't know anything about Picante except that this issue is from 1954 and it is pretty.  Two stories, each fantastic, I think.  (I'm not going to retype the captions into a translator to find out for sure) but there's tons of hot dames AND a dude getting his head smashed with a ROCK.  What ELSE do you need in a comic?

The first story is "Fruta Verde"  which means green fruit.  The other story is Un Desliz by Guido Lutti.  Un desliz is a "slip up" which I take to mean a mistake…as the babe isn't wearing a slip.

Great stuff.
Picante 1954  Collection Victor Minx.

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