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Share but CREDIT

Orrie Hitt is Jack Nemec and John Nemec and Con Sellers and Novel Books and Tokey Wedge Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

John "Jack" Nemec.   Magnificent author of Easy Sue and so many lauded tomes.  Unfortunately, most of the the lauding came from his sleazy publisher, Novel Books, in the form of fake reviews. 

Just look at the Jack Nemec titles.  Was She a Dyke?  Devil's Mistress  Wild for Kicks  Sin Time  Easy Sue  Naked in the Night.  All from the first few years of the 1960s, when John Kennedy was promising a bright future (but reading Ian Fleming instead of John "Jack" Nemec.)

Nemec sold books to publishers Novel, Merit, Midwood, Tuxedo, Pike Books and Vega Western.  Hmm… Easy Sue must been easy out on the range too.  The copy on the reverse of one of his epic, expansive editions reads  "His women became like so many spent matches: burnt out, shared, useless."  Cool!

The publisher of a good share of Nemec's work seems to be Camerarts, the poorly documented Chicago-based smut house no one cares about and has unfortunately little documented. I really don't know why, as the stuff they published was just as bad as all the others.  Maybe it's because they came out of the second city, and thus have lesser interest than the sleaze writers on either coast?

I have no idea if Jack Nemec's books were terrible. I've been doing this blog for years, and to date have not read one single book.  Not ONE.  Who the HELL has time to read this stuff?  I'm not about to start now, and certainly not with Nemec. 

Since famous infamous writer Orrie Hit seemed to favor carnival themes, could he be Nemec?   A book above by Nemec is parked on eBay now, and it is about a giant dame with a fetish for giant guys.  Guess what?  Orrie Hit was 5 five foot two, and like another mystery writer who wrote mysteries Jack Lynn (who wrote about midget detective Tokey Wedge) maybe Nemec is Orrie?  Or perhaps I should say maybe Nemec is Jack Lynn who is Orrie, or he might be?  I think so.  But wait…MAYBE Nemec is really Con Sellers, another dime a word writer, but one with a little more stature.  Physically, that is.  Con Sellers was way taller than both Tokey Wedge AND Orrie Hitt, but he still posed with a rifle in his hand to make himself seem bigger.

I would love to credit someone for turning up this photo of Orrie Hitt (I think…) but it's already been on like 30 websites.

Let's file this one under "speculative speculation" about super short or super prolific writers.

At least we know Con Sellers was real.  He also taught WRITING!

Anyway,  Orrie's reputation seems to grow each year (not bad for a guy who was only 5' 2" tall…see HERE

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