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Luis Avila Leather Goods of Mexico High Heel Shoes and Boots Before Their Time

A most scarce thing, printed on tissue paper "to boot" this is an original order form from Luis Avila in Guadalajara, Mexico circa 1955.  Where would, or could, a boot lover go 75 years ago for fine leather goods?  Write Avila.

Luis Avila scraped together a living by advertising in select men's magazines in the 1950s.  He would be doing far better today.  Let's just say Avila made Lady Gaga look like Nancy Drew, and he did it on demand for anyone who would send a money order south of the border.

As this is a pretty rare thing, AND I will be writing more about the man who invented the 14 inch heel, I cropped the order form a bit.  Oh...and I'm sorry, Avila isn't taking orders anymore.

Luis Avila Original mail order form, circa 1955 Collection Victor Minx

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