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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

HALT Unrationed Fun from Frank Beaven and Buddies Halt Digest of WWII Frank Beaven in Charge Foxhole Foxes

HALT soldier, hold it right there.  Don'T you know the dames are contributing as much…nay MORE to the war effort than your miserable tail and still you suffer them sexist jokes?  HALT was yet another comic digest catering to the captive audience of boys in foxholes.  This one had a twist.  Frank Beaven, king of the good 'nuff cartoon was editor!  The masthead calls him "Beaven…In Charge of Duds" but he got to pick the gags.  It was intended to provide humor to our boys, and malice towards our enemies.   This issue is from 1943, a brutal year. 

Halt came from Crestwood Publishing in Buffalo, NY. The last thing on the last page was a plea not to throw the issue away, but to share it with a buddy.  I like that.  The crossword would have been done already, but the girls were still pretty. 

Frank Beaven was a good guy.