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GLAMACOLOR Bettie Page in Black and White

Glamacolor uses a black and white, likely purloined photograph of Bettie Page to sell their smut in a 1958 issue of "America's Photo Digest" Vue magazine.  I do not think Glamacolor had films of Ms. Page for sale but who knows.  They didn't bother to register the company name either, so any of you hipsters out there looking for a cool retro vintage name, feel free...but henceforth a search on the word Glamacolor will pull up Vintage Sleaze the blog.  There  are at least two versions of their ad.  The one above, and another which censors Bettie's boobs with the word "Titillating" superimposed instead of Movies for Men.  You'll have to contact their marketing department to see which was the most successful sales vehicle.
Vue started in 1948 and was published by "Actual Publishing Company" which is a name I like, actually.  Vue was a staple for early smut advertisers who skirted the law.  I think it was one of the first magazines to have color cheesecake photographs on a regular basis... and they always had some on the cover.  Hence it was a good place to take out an ad offering stag films.  They surrounded their own cheesecake with typical photo service crap like the upteenth picture of a "scorched survivor of  the Hindenburg disaster being lead away in shock" and a hilarious monkey smoking a cigarette.

Vue lasted twenty years.  Glamacolor didn't last long at all, but it is a cool name and that is the only reason I did this post.

Glamacolor ad for stag films and 3-D slides.  Vue Magazine 1958

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