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Share but CREDIT

Bulging Boobs from Belgium Vintage Sleaze Vulcano Reeks Fire Vomiting Paperbacks

Can I tell you anything about these?  Well, I cribbed the images, so this is one of the few posts not originating from a relic in the Vintage Sleaze archives.  I don't visit Belgium too much, and not at all in the 1950s when these reeking vulcano pulps were purveyed.  I think the series title roughly translates to "Fire vomiting Volcano" but don't hold me to it.  I'm just moving things along here for the scholars who follow. 

At least one was "Mett Fotos" so I guess there would be some Brussels inside.

They turn up from time to time on used books store lists over on the other side.  If you buy one, let me know who "Tony" the artist was.

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