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Share but CREDIT

Share but CREDIT

Blaze Starr Still Signs and Still Sells Her Own Work! Burlesque

Isn't it odd that when Life Magazine ran a series of photographs of painter Jackson Pollack grunting over a few of his drippy canvas masterpieces, his career went into orbit, but I can't find anything about the noted "master at capturing movement" James Sheppard shown here?  James is adding gargoyles to a work of art who usually worked a bigger room, Blaze Starr.  The photo appears signed by Blaze Starr herself and someone has it listed on eBay.  It isn't mine…but if any of you want a lovely signature, verified by my own sleazy eyes, it is shown HERE.

Guess what?   

Blaze is still working, still drawing, still signing autographs, still making and selling her own jewelry and still FANTASTIC. YES you can order direct from Blaze.   YES she still draws her portraits by hand one at a time!  That GIRL!  If you are a "neo-burlesque" performer who does not wear earrings handmade by Blaze Starr, you are paying no tribute.

BLAZE STARR IS HERE.  Buy everything she has and tell her I sent you.