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Bettie Page in Florida by Jan Caldwell 1954 Unseen Vintage Sleaze

It is pretty hard to come up with a picture of Bettie Page which hasn't been turned into a refrigerator magnet by now.  Much less ten of them.  But here you go.  Taken by Jan Caldwell of Rapho-Guillumette.  Some of the very few photos taken of the model in that state other than Bunny Yeager. Some of the  most beautiful photos of the model, and it is easy to see the vacations down south did much more for Bettie than pounding the streets of New York.  I suspect the photos have never been cribbed for the web as the model is not identified on the cover OR the table of contents.

Photo set of Bettie Page by Jan Caldwell, Rapho Guillumette.  Circa 1954.  Published in Eye Magazine 1954

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