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A Bra Tattooed across a woman's back Excerpt from Time Square Smut the Book (forthcoming)

"A Bra is tattooed upon her" (no photographer identified) from Tattooed Women and their Mates 1955 World Folk Art Studies number one which will figure in the new book TIMES SQUARE SMUT being written now by Jim Linderman, editor of Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  Stay tuned for details, ordering information.  Link to the book is HERE

The World's Smallest Stripper Vintage Sleaze Carnival Novelty Prize

A carnival / sideshow novelty or gumball prize.  Remarkably,  a censorship strip has been laboriously placed over her microscopic plastic doodads.  Honest Abe looks away, he has far more important things on his mind.

Novely Toy collection Victor Minx circa 1950

Irma the Body Magna Cum Laude Graduate (TRUE) Vintage Sleaze Genius on Men: The Cabaret Essay

The magnificent Irma the Body reads Aristotle.  Now you might think this one of this "ironical" shots of a big blonde bimbo posing, but I am here to set you straight…as Irma the body not only had an IQ higher FAR greater than the combined total of her three primary measurements (39 + 23 + 39) it is safe to say it was larger than mine and yours. 

Personally, I believe her only "less than genius" move was changing her name.  I admit Irma the Body looked great on a marquee, but her real name?  Mary Goodneighbor.  That's right.  Mary Goodneighbor.  Guess what else?  Irma the Body graduated from Hunter College magna cum laude.   

The photograph here accompanies a considerable and thoughtful essay Irma wrote for Cabaret Magazine in 1956 in which she explains male behavior the Kinsey Report missed.   From her (very tall) perspective on the stage, you can be sure she has a few bits of knowledge Kinsey didn't, and the article is not only thoughtful, full of insight and practical sense, it is as  good a read as I've had since a recent article from "Atomic Ranch" in which I learn those prototype Eames couches my folks tossed in a dumpster would have been nice to keep.

Anyway, Irma divides men into several distinct personality types, which you will have to find a copy of the October 1956 issue to appreciate.  Try to find a copy in better shape.  Some kid scribbled on mine.

"The Jekyll-Hyde boy or the steamed-up-schizophrenic"

"The tsk-tsk-she's brazen-but there's-something-about-her type"

"The Pussyfooting pornographer with the pretty passive purpose"

"Furtive Fertie, frustration's friend"

The show-me-what-I-don't-see-at-home type"

Cabaret Magazine October 1956 Copyright Feldon Publishing Company  Cover photograph Irma the Body by USFeatures, Irma read Aristotle by David Workman 

Folk Art Bettie Page Carving circa 1960 Collection Jim Linderman

Bettie Page Wood Carving

Amateur Carved Wood Tribute to the Queen of the Pin Up  Anonymous circa 1960 
Collection Jim Linderman

The Seven Deadly Sins of Bernard Charoy 1958 Vintage Pin Up Sleaze

Fascinating early work by French pin up artist Bernard Charoy. Each illustrating a deadly sin, and what better day to remind you of the cardinal sins than Christmas? The artist has dwindled a bit in obscurity, but had a certain "je ne said quoi" to quote a recent McDonald's commercial about art and hamburgers. 

Charoy's official website claims he "collaborated Eric Stanton" creator of "Gondoline" which makes no sense. There was a GWENDOLINE, but it was originally done by John Willie, which influenced a later work with the same title by Eric Stanton, I think.  That must be it. Lost in translation? 

Charoy was also published in a collection called "Suffer and Obey" with Eric Stanton, but it doesn't really look like a collaboration. I think Caroy published several kinky illustrated narratives with Stanton in the late 1970s, but whether they really collaborated or even met is unclear to me. It will come out someday.
Anyway, Caroy is big in Japan…his exhibition history is here.   He is also, I believe, still alive. At least the official site doesn't say he isn't, but then you never know if he passed on and wasn't able to update. I'll assume he is still producing and hope he is.

Artnet documents some 100 of his works sold at auction over the years, and some works are available on the web for around 2500 Euros. "Limited" editions of his prints turn up on ebay. 

On his site, he seems to have learned to gussy up his pin up girls like Renoir, but these pieces here, which were reproduced in a rare sleaze magazine in the 1950s I have been researching for Times Square Smut are not really French impressionist. They were done while the artist was some 25 years old and have a stark but creative,  way ahead of their time feel. He should have stayed hungry…flowers aren't really necessary in pin up art. 

Someone named "penelope 1954" put up a 4 minute series of screenshots on Youtube, but watch it with the music turned off.  

The magazine these appeared in, which I will not name, was a pastiche of Bilbrew drawings, clip art, reprinted "obscurities" and such. How they hooked up with Charoy is unknown, but dammit I will find out. Anyway, as these works have not been shown on the web, and they are interesting, here you go. 

Mr. Charoy? Let me know what's happening. 

Books and Ebooks for iPad by the author available HERE

Brandee Kase Suspected Sad Story of Sonny Hayes and Brandee Kase Times Square Smut

Brandee Kase worked under a few names, but her real name is unknown, and she exists today only as bootleg product on sleazy pay download sites which cater to old time fappers.  She will be one of those models I post and hear from a relative 6 months later.  "That was my great aunt, she was married to her agent" I suppose, but we will see.  If it happens, I'll dutifully update the post. Yes...we get mail.

Midget journalistic ham Earl Wilson once reported she was working on a film deal, but his "reports" were usually crap he was fed by show business pimps.  Hayes used to work out of West 47th Street in Manhattan "a personalized service in the Heart of the Theatrical District" as they said, but it was mere answering service.  They lasted into the 1980s, advertising in the Village Voice for some twenty years. Being 5 blocks up from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you can imagine how much Minnesota meat dropped in fresh from the fields looking for fame.  Straight up 8th Avenue and two blocks over.  Twenty years…I am surprised the sidewalk isn't worn from the newly purchased heels for their first interview.

Owner Sonny Hayes was as much answering service as agency…but he had show biz creeds, mostly in the advertising field.  A former singer and vaudevillian, he once had a minor hit singing "It's a Cruel, Cruel World" in 1949 and later, apparently, he either wrote or had a piece of the Campbell's soup jingle :"Mmm Mmm Good"  through his early "Selling with Sound" company.  I suspect the song lasted longer than Brandee.  Sonny was so sure of his genius he built a tape recorder into his automobile so as not to forget any brilliant ideas…and this was back when tape recorders were huge, so you can imagine the size of Sonny's dashboard!

Oh well…we are all about stories here.  Sorry there isn't more of a story for Brandee…but it would likely be one without a happy ending.

In her nude shots, some taken by Tom Kallard (who also shot Bettie Page nudes)  she would define the term "pert"  I guess…the term used when a model wasn't too busty.  Pert or not, she pushed them up and leaned towards the camera to make them bigger.  Kallard's shots appear in Modern Man in 1959.  Thanks for the gig Sonny! 

Brandee also appears in Ace and Scamp, two stalwarts of 1950's poon.  

Unfortunately, work must have been scarce, as a bit later she worked for Lenny Burtman in fetish gear, looking far more savvy, far more slim and far less naive in perky boots with eight inch heels and laces up to her knees.  Oh Brandee.

Gorgeous Model Brandee Kase Proto-Porn digest.  Nu Art Publications No Date  Collection Victor Minx

See also Proto Porn the book and ebook HERE

Wiggle Blissfully! Exciting Action of the Flip-Tease Strip Tease Oriental Typhoon Vintage Sleaze Flip Book!

There truly is a burlesque sucker born every minute, and the fellow responsible for the above masterpiece of sideshow sleaze knew it.  A mere 50 cents to see Lotus Wing, the Oriental Typhoon wiggle and writhe before your very eyes.  It was better than a ticket to Tahiti!  Along with the regular burlesque babes (pastie-free!)  you get a flip-book at the bottom of the page.  Watch her Wiggle!

Wiggle: The Animated Magazine for Mercurial Males circa 1958 Collection Victor Minx

Books and Ebooks by the author are available HERE.

Keith Bernard Unsung Hero of Photography Number 8 Bernard and Brosmer (and more) Vintage Sleaze

Unsung Hero of Photography Number eight hid his name, but he worked under one.  Keith Bernard was what he sold his glamor under, but his real name may have been Keith Davis.  The Glamor Photographers site says his full name was Marion Keith Davis, he was born in 1911 and passed away in 1981 still a slight mystery...but he left behind Betty Brosmer, praise the slick pin up lord.

Keith Bernard adopted the Bernard moniker from Bruno Bernard.  It worked for Bruno, after all.  Among his most notable subjects were Jayne Mansfield, and also the famous cover of Modern Man Magazine showing muscleman Joe Weider's wife Betty Brosmer.  Betty's chest to waist ratio was so magnificent, I'm not going to depress you by reporting it. 
Joe is one of my personal hero figures, and not just because of Betty's figure.

Okay, I will. Betty Brosmer had an 18 inch waist.  She may still!  Take your two hands, put them together in a circle and you just about approximate Betty Brosmer's waist.  No photoshop.  The Gym.

Keith Bernard sold TWO HUNDRED MAGAZINE COVERS of Betty Brosmer.  For that alone, he is awarded the Vintage Sleaze Unsung Hero award!  His photos of Ms. Brosmer are some of the most incredible glamor photographs ever created, and if there is a library of men's magazines in a box when you get to heaven, head right to the one with Betty Brosmer done by Bernard.  Bernard has the brains to sign her to an exclusive, and he did her well.

The three (magnificent, IMHO) photographs on top, each 8 x 10, show the master at work with Patti Conley, who is ALSO quite a story.  Apparently, Ms. Conley earlier posed in bondage photographs (under far less glamorous circumstances) for somewhat demented fetish kinkster John Willie.  Don't look them up.  They look like true crime photographs and will creep you out.

However, if you want spend a pleasant few minutes typing Betty Brosmer into your friendly search engine, it might motivate you to get to the gym.  And yes, as far as I know, Keith whatever his name is took these all.

Three original photographs top, Keith Bernard and Pat Conley each circa 1955 Collection Jim Linderman

UNSUNG HEROES OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog by Jim Linderman.  Previous profiles include George Boardman Danny Rouzer  Russ Meyer  Wil Blanche  Benno Friedman   Art Messick and Bunny Yeager  


Pseudonym Sleaze Repurposed Was Gerald Foster Peggy Gaddis ? Vintage Sleaze (WITH UPDATE)

Gerald Foster.  Was he really one Peggy Gaddis?  Could be. Her book "Wife or Mistress" was republished as "Maize: Any Man's Girl" as by Gerald Foster and skirting around the web one will find Peggy Gaddis so full of fake names, she might as well have been a "house" name used by everyone.  The definitive,  or then maybe not definitive bibliography of Peggy Gaddis  by Kenneth Johnson is HERE.

Lousy novel "Lust"  originally published in 1934 and again,  I kid you not, by "Balzac" Press in 1949 is re-marketed as sizzling smut ten years later with an image of Bettie Page.  A book of little consequence and import is purposed as five dollar's worth of sleaze.  No one seems to have read it, but Anthony Slide, in his book "Lost Gay Novels" speculates it may have been hot stuff.  It may have been originally published as "The Fiend" but I'm sure not going to find a copy to be sure.  It would make sense that a women who usually wrote romance novels would have her work republished with super spicy covers to trick men into shelling out the big bucks.

I generally like to think of my posts as starting points for others to build on.  In this case, the research may find the person behind a big steaming hunk of colorful pulp digests was a dame.

Novels credited to Gerald Foster include Frisco Sweetheart, Night Clerk, Ordinary Girl, Half-mile to Heaven, Ride It, Strange Marriage, No Woman Wanted, Cheap Hotel, Part-time Wife (AKA Lady of Many Sins) Quckie! Room and Dame, Vera is a Tramp, The Virgin and the Barfly (AKA Pity the Lover)

Novels credited to Peggy Gaddis include too damn many to list.



Hi Jim,
I saw your post at http://vintagesleaze.blogspot.com/2012/12/pseudonym-sleaze-repurposed-was-gerald.html#.UhCF8z8ROsq. Gerald Foster was the pseudonym of James Noble Gifford, who also ghost-wrote some of Peggy Gaddis' books. Jimmy Gifford was a family friend, and I have written a story about him which I will be publishing on my blog in the next few days. I'm still researching some of the pseudonyms that he wrote under. I am also compiling a list of his titles - as many as I can find. He was under contract to write a book a month. The steamy parts, by the way, were written by staff. Jimmy spun the tales. 
My blog:

Sally Majestic and her Monkey (s) Trained with a Whip? Vintage Sleaze Sally Lane Burlesque

Sally Lane, or Sally Majestic, with her monkey Fifi.  I don't know if Fifi had more than one name.  For some reason burlesque fans seem to love pictures of Sally, but so did famed pervert Irving Klaw, who photographed her many times.  I sure hope she didn't use that whip on Fifi,  but that's not big news…Irving would shoot any stripper coming through town who would pose in undies or wield a whip, but I can break some BIG news here.

There were TWO Fifis.  Yep, just like on Full House when two little monkey-like actresses named the Olsen Twins played one role.  Sally had two monkeys, one named Fifi Junior.  She also performed with an Angora cat.  Sally was most active in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  She worked for strip pimp Lou Miller and called her touring troupe the Paradise Revue, which played state fairs in the East, where horny, curious farmers would pony-up a quarter and see the show while their wife competed in the best pie contest.  She also posed for Bruno of Hollywood, who would shoot any dame not in a skirt.  Fifi  the monkey wears special matching leopard skin print for the publicity shoot.

Sally was arrested in 1949 for stripping off too much.

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A Russ Meyer Christmas? Vintage Bodies and Europe in the Raw DVD Releases

If there were an "ALT" list of the best ten motion pictures, there is no doubt in my mind Faster Pussycat Kill Kill would be number one.  Hell, I would pick the 10 seconds when the goon is pressed against the barn by Tura Satana's sports car as one of the greatest moments in cinema history!  Every moment in that film is a poster-quality image.  I don't know how Russ Meyer did it, but somehow he cobbled together a masterpiece in the Mojave.
Meyer has never been bootlegged or dispersed like most smut.  Much of that is due to the company and charitable trust which protects his work, a model for any artist who actually thinks it possible to control one's own work…and the fact that they have never sold Meyer's work cheap.  You will often not find his work "for rent" in the few remaining video stores, as most are (or were) too cheap to pay for his films.  Of which there are a DOZEN or more well worth seeing. 

Fortunately, there are some good folks watching over Russ's work, and they have just released what has to be some of the most scarce footage from the glory days of smut…and I can not thank the organization there enough for the comps.

Russ Meyer's Vintage Bodies and Russ Meyers Europe in the Raw are double D dancing documents from the earliest days of the director.  Fresh from the army and his work making industrials,  the two discs reveal the master in his infancy.  Which as we all know means shooting up towards a breast or two…Russ never grew out of the suckling stage, but when he framed an image with a camera he made art. 

"Europe in the Raw" consists of primitive travelogues, but not the kind you might see when home for the holidays.  Dating to the earliest days of skin flicks, much of the film was shot with a camera in a briefcase (!) as Russ sought out semi-legal prostitution and such in our European friends far less repressed countries.  Then and now.  The material here is literally 50 years old, having been released originally in 1963, and STILL much of what you will see here is still not permitted on the streets of America.  Hang your hung up heads in shame.

"Vintage Bodies" consists of what you probably think of as nudie cuties, but Meyer could pick them far better than most.  It consists of several shorts, "Erotica" which is a group of semi-documentaries of women bouncing in woods and water.  "Heavenly Bodies" reveals how pin up models work…and there is the added "Skyscrapers" and Brassieres" short included for the completist.  Finally, the "This is My Body" short which features Diane Weber. 

It seems incredible that patrons would skulk into theaters to see these back in the day, but they did. 

Meyer grew to be a master of editing and story-telling.  His body of work is rich, fascinating and complex…and if you are a fan the releases here will be of considerable interest.  They aren't masterpieces, but then if you long for Russ Meyer material you have never seen, this is what you get.  They are complete, in color and Russ made them.  That's enough for a fan.

There are several other releases under the "Abundant Beginnings" umbrella available from the estate.  In addition to the above,  there are "Wild Gals of the Naked West"  "Eve and the Handyman" and "The Immoral Mr. Teas" to consider  Are these the first films now should watch from the auteur?  Of course not.  Pussycat is.  But for a film historian collection or ANY motion picture library or archive, they belong. 

While browsing RM FILMS INTERNATIONAL make sure to see his massive three-volume autobiography on sale! I own it and love it.  ORDER HERE

Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze #13 Milton Luros puts Smut in Liquor Stores

Milton Luros is Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number 13 !  
 Milton Luros was really Milton Louis Rosenblatt, born in Brooklyn in 1911. He sold science fiction paintings to dozens of pulp magazines in the 1930s and 1940s. But times change...television took the sci-fi fans, so Milton went to work at Men's magazines. You know..."Real Action" and such...guys wrestling alligators while a woman in a red dress fights off jungle savages, some hero snatches a dame from the clutches of leering Commie prison guards...and all true. From there, Milt transitioned to "Adam" one of the more successful pinup rags of the era.

Then Miltie had a brilliant idea! He invented a pin-up magazine called "Cocktail" which was distributed exclusively through liquor stores! (Slapping my head and thinking "why didn't I think of that?") "Sir? Would you like the new issue of "Cocktail" with your magnum of whiskey?"

Now if they only sold ammo, everyone would be set for a quiet night at home (or in Texas, where booze shops DO sell ammo)
Milton didn't force anyone to buy his pinups, but he was soon making over 5 million dollars a year in the 1960s. He bought California real estate. Some say the entire San Fernando Valley was purchased with porn money. He raised a normal family and everything was just fine. A few estimates even say 20 million a year fine! Then Reader's Digest exposed him in an article and he was soon known as the richest pornographer in America.

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