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What Every Girl Should Know (In Arizona) Cheesecake Pin Up Matches

Suntana Buffet Williams Arizona What Every Girl Should Know Cheesecake Matches
Close Cover before Striking  Matchbook No Date Collection Victor Minx

The Films of Harrison Marks Vintage Sleaze Across the Pond

The Films of Harrison Marks ?

Time to cross the pond and fire up the projector!

Americans are particularly ethnocentric.  If WE didn't make it, it's no good.  This is particularly true with smut, although we are certainly not above putting a "made in France" label on it if it will help sales.  You know…those French girls.

Anyway, there was a market for bouncing boobs and stockings in the UK too, and the foremost  public advocate for same was the prim, proper pornographer Harrison Marks, master, nay, some say INVENTOR of "glamor photography" and an artist long overdue his retrospective.  A genius, if troubled soul…and truly an artist of the highest "order" (using he royal order here) though I don't think the prudish monarchy ever gave him his deserved knighthood.  Do they do that posthumously?  They should.

I briefly mentioned Mr. Marks in an earlier post on his muse and mate,  the astounding Pamela Green.  Another artist due a revival, and another victim of critical glasses which automatically filter out sex, particularly in this country. 

One day a suitable tribute to Harrison Marks will appear here (or elsewhere) but of the meantime let's just examine a few of his films.  Of which there were TWENTY ONE.  Umm…Academy?  You missed a few, and I am guessing several might have even shown an oscar…hanging.

Can you say auteur?  Marks masterpiece is probably "The Naked World Of Harrison Marks" (AKA "The  Dream World of Harrison Marks")  in which he not only  plays himself in SEVEN ROLES…it is in full color and stars George Harrison!  Oh, wait…that is the auteur's full name.  George Harrison Marks.  Never mind, no Beatle.  But still! 

Just for the record, and because I aim to be thorough, the film was also released as "Alastomat hunajapupuni" in Finland.

From 1969…the cultural high point of the last 50 years, so it might  have been neglected a bit…let's dust it off.  First of all, yes, the magnificent  Pamela Green appears.  No cheeky tongue in cheek here folks…Pamela was magnificent.  I believe her first film was also a Harrison Marks vehicle, Peeping Tom in 1960.  A horror film with a premise so astounding, it is amazing some rich producer over here hasn't stolen it yet.  They will, I am afraid.  I have important followers.

Marks made shorts, documentaries, features…Sex films, horror films, comedy, nudie-cuties, children's  films…you name it.  MOMA?  Are you all SLEEPING over there?

Here is a clip from the 1961 "Nightmare at Elm Manor" which predated our own crappy Elm Nightmare by two decades.  Yes, there will be nudity.  Glamorous, astounding, damsel in distress, mind-bending nudity, a monster you will not believe and editing gimmicks years ahead of their time.  Think The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with magnificent swaying breasts.  (Do NOT tell Youtube, they will pull it and we'll be left waiting for netflix) 

Trust me, that's just ONE of his works..and you can see the whole thing in five minutes.  Marks also directed a nude film called "A Visit From Venus" with flying saucers and boobs. 

You are welcome.

MORE on Harrison Marks will be forthcoming on Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Text by Jim Linderman copyright 2012

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Curt Wilson Edits Minx Sheer Spice and Sizzle Tri-S Magazines Color Covers Vintage Sleaze

Bambi Hamilton the Tri-S Minx.  For one issue anyway.   A minx, traditional but of unknown origin, is a flirtatious, bold woman.  Tri-X also did Sizzle magazine discussed earlier.

There have been several magazines with the title Minx, most recently a British one aimed at "young, assertive and rather scary women" which ran four years before admitting it was, like the one above, trash.  Today, all the Minx magazine from overseas does is make it harder to find information about the REAL Minx…the smutty and interesting one. 

Minx the sleaze was little more than a vehicle to grab some of Hef's money and to sell photographs from the back cover.  In fact the ONLY advertising was a pitch to sell photographs.   It was "edited" by Curt Wilson, who also "edited" Sheer Magazine, Spice Magazine, Sizzle Magazine, Sable Magazine…well, that's enough, you get the point.  All feel under the umbrella of "Tri-S publications" and all had spectacular, vibrant color covers  which stood out from the top row of the magazine rack like fire.

Tri-S magazines also had a color pin up stapled in the center…but that was it, the rest was all cheap black and white.  All were an excuse to show boobs, of course, and each had at least one article to meet the rigorous standard of  redeeming social value.  All came from Hollywood, and as such all were empty, shallow and vacant imitations of what came from Midwest and the East Coast…just like the movies! 

Except for the covers, which were stupendous.

Most of the models came from burlesque.  Curt was cheap, but he did pay some real photographers for the covers, including the notable (and remarkable) Art Messick, who took the cover here.  More about Art Messick later…he was incredible.

Tri-S used D-grade cartoonists and D-grade writers, but they had A-grade covers, and today the represent a period when pin-ups literally burst off the wall. 

Minx Mazazine Number One  1959  Collection Victor Minx

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Rose La Rose the Undisputed Disputed Queen of Burlesque

Rose La Rose isn't sitting on a garbage can here, it is the pedestal Bruno of Hollywood placed her on especially for the cover of my 50 cent (marked down to 35 cents with a grease pen) copy of Cavalcade in 1952.  Bruno of Hollywood was operating out of a studio in the Carnegie on West 57th Street, Manhattan, not Hollywood, but by now we should know burlesque had as much smoke and mirrors as magic.  Rose was the "undisputed" queen of burlesque, which means it WAS disputed, or she wouldn't have to print it in her printed ballyhoo.  The stag she made was called "Tops in any League" for some reason. 

Offspring of the ultimate "show biz mother" stripper Rose La Rose traveled the circuit with her mother for 18 years.  I'd say her mom was either devoted or demented…but then it was a different time.  Rose was born in 1919, so she came of the first baby boom… the one after the "war to end all wars" which didn't.   Rose La Rose was really Rosina De Pella, a nice italian girl, and Mother De Pella was Jennie.  A good mom, that Jennie.  She let little Rosina drop out of school at 15 to  work at Minsky's burlesque as a cashier. Of course she was soon put on the boards.  One of the Minkskys ( there were a few) is credited with "discovering" Rose, but that means he encouraged her to undress in public.

Rose was in an act which included "Stinky" Fields.  No comment there.  

In "Tops in any League" Rose dispels any notion the old timers never went topless. You have to endure some bad antique jazz…turn the sound down, it has nothing to do with her moves anyway.  In fact, Rose claimed to be the first burlesque dancer to use the classics on stage.  Rigoletto, Clair de Lune and the William Tell overture (!)  Let those canons GO Rose! 
Rose was arrested for the peel more than once,  but her gig was lucrative.   At one time she was bringing home $2,500 a week, although you must realize that was showbiz hype, and some went to her two agents Lou Miller and Milt Shuster…and then there was Mom.  Initially,  Rose hated the name Rose La Rose, so she worked under the name Connie Ray  (or Connie Rae) until big bag of wind Walter Winchell ran a story revealing her real fake name.  It brought crowds, so Connie gave in and had Rose become her legal name.  Not long after, Damon Runyon "dreamed we nominated Miss La Rose for President."  Well…this year the Republicans did worse.

She was no crooner…one review in 1950 said her "sultry contralto" was her least attractive feature.  That means her voice likely ranged from the G below middle C (G3) to the G two octaves above middle C (G5).   Which translates to "shut up and dance" unfortunately.

Double Rose was married double times.  One of her husbands, a toy manufacturer, would play harmonica at home and insist she strip to it.  Rose told the judge "Finally I got tired of doing this every night.  When I didn't want to do it, he would keep me up until all hours by playing weird tunes on the harmonica."  Divorce GRANTED!  1942

During the early 1940s Rose toured in a show called T.N.T of Teasers.  Later, in the 1950s she performed a "Polynesian love dance" on stage.

Rose ended up in Toledo, the hotbed of Ohio grime, and opened her own place, The Old Town Theater.  She later added The Esquire Theater to her holdings, prompting the officials of Toledo to fear a burlesque blitz…so they shut her down.  She had to complain to the feds who let her reopen.  She is also reported as the owner of the "urban revival-doomed" Town Hall Theater.  Rose had a plan to dance a few gigs, but settle down at her base in Toledo.   Mom died around the time she purchased a building.   Rose became a good citizen, speaking at local events, but sadly passed away young.  Age 52.

Her memory is in good hands HERE.

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Tempest Storm Photographs by Russ Meyer 1952 A Match Made in 8 x 10 Glossies Vintage Sleaze


THIS is a scarce little thing, and I would actually not be surprised if it was the only one in the world.

Why, did Tempest Storm,
according to Jimmy McDonough, the biographer of Russ Meyers report that Tempest called Russ "her photographer" for years after the two of them had gone separate ways? Well..just look.  In these photographs taken in 1951 or 1952, Meyer has already figured out the camera angle which would sustain his career, and forever change the way breasts are seen in photographs.  Just, um...look up!  Of course, with Tempest Storm as his model, could it be any other way?  

The object above is a priceless, literally, one-sheet pitch to sell original photographs of Tempest Storm taken by Meyer, as such among the first "boob work" he did!  The yellowing one-sheet titled, I guess, "Wolf Bait Girl" reproduces the photos in question. 

The sheet, which was produced by P.A.D (or PAD) Productions was one P. A. DeCenzie, a major player and P-Hound who was in cahoots with Russ in the early 1950s.  DeCenzie ran the El-Ray Burlesque house for 8 years in LA, and it was at his club Meyer actually filmed his first (and now lost) girly film.

Tempest danced there, DeCenzie ran the joint and Russ Meyer found his first busty muse!  If ever there were a match made in boob heaven, this is it.  Tempest does the Shimmy while Russ lies below shooting up.  History and an entire film genre is invented.

The photographs shown here not only display the fetishistic regard Meyer had for Ms. Storm's torpitudes, but also truly date back to the very earliest days of the work for which he is known.

Original order form with photographs of Tempest Storm taken by Russ Meyer.  Distributed by P.A.D. Productions 1952 
Collection Jim Linderman

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Eugene Bilbrew Lost and Found (Excerpt from Times Square Smut by Jim Linderman)

In 2011, a surprise appeared on the website of a fairly obscure gallery and boutique in Santa Fe, New Mexico of all places…some 15 pristine, large, original Eugene Bilbrew drawings and paintings from the late 1950s.  They were as sharp as the day they were produced, and by one of the most unusual (most would say taboo) African-American artists of the 20th century.  Several were original illustrations used as covers for the notorious Exotique publications, the extraordinary prescient fetish digest produced by Leonard Burtman for a brief period in the late 1950s. That they exist at all is an astounding story, as even the magazines are scarce today.

The paintings, and they ARE paintings, not the cartoonish demented line drawings the artist is best know for, are striking.  

The late 1950s were conservative times, yet the works depicted women in black leather garb which revealed every muscle.  In fact they revealed a considerable amount of anatomy which had hardly ever been seen at all.  In several examples the women depicted were observing or participating in extreme bondage and sadistic activities.  Burtman used the artist for his fetish magazines and digests, having apparently arranged to hire the artist from Irving Klaw, the "Pin-Up King" best known for posing fashion icon Bettie Page in bondage.  At one time, the artist was even listed as "Art Director" on Burtman's publications.  As such, he was one of the earliest examples of an African-American artist placed in an executive position in a publishing endeavor, though he hardly "uplifted" the race.  That, and he hardly "directed" anything.  He drew.  Still, the artist remains virtually unknown today.

For Irving Klaw, Bilbrew drew a number of graphic cartoon serials depicting what have become noted examples of the "femdom" branch of sexual proclivities.  The works are increasingly being appreciated as the forerunners of modern-day graphic novels, but at the time were only sold, undercover, to a small but particularly "devoted" group of aficionados.  They have been reprinted, most notably in the "Bizarre Comix" series in 2002 by Belier Press.

Most of the work Bilbrew did for Leonard Burtman's line of smut was one-panel works, although he also churned out a few comic strip pieces for the magazines.  Filler for the most part.  He also created a few fairly traditional "gag" cartoons similar to Bill Ward and a hundred other illustrators working in the 1950s for the "Humorama" Timely Features line and other pin up men's cartoon publications. Most of Bilbrew's paintings were illustrations intended as covers, and later (as photographs became affordable and practical for smut covers) as pieces to run inside along bad fiction.  Horribly bad fiction, some of it written by Lenny himself.

Nearly all original works the artist painted are long gone.  Discarded in haste as censoring zealots descended, or simply tossed after being printed.  The artist worked on commission and did not keep his own work.  Despite having studied for a time at the forerunner of the School of Visual Arts in New York, his career never really emerged out of the sexual underground in which he worked.  In which he may have even participated…but then very little is known about Mr. Bilbrew.  What is known, or speculated rather, is that the artist for part of his brief life was a heroin user.  There are those who say heroin, at least initially, allows one who draws the ability to concentrate on fine, detailed lines.  At least initially.  

Bilbrew was certainly not much of an archivist in any case. 

Bilbrew's friend Eric Stanton worked in a similar vein, and even at the two "publishing houses" at the same time .  He was a bit more responsible, and he continued to create exaggerated fetishistic drawings well into the 1990s.  Stanton's contribution to the invention of no less prominent a superhero than Spiderman is increasingly being recognized, but his friend Bilbrew passed away in 1974.  

How did these unusual works end up over 50 years later in a women's sex-friendly shop two thousand miles away?

The person who kept the drawings in such good condition for decades was kind enough to share his story, and a remarkable story it is.  Mobsters, a night club performer,  a millionaire pornographer and peep show operator, an early "swing and swap" club created long before the notorious "Plato's Retreat" and more...and all representing a percolating period of sexual expression and experimentation in New York City most could not even imagine.

EXCERPT FROM TIMES SQUARE SMUT (forthcoming) by Jim Linderman

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The HOT Moon Maiden of Hardwick! The American Made Moon Maid Vintage Sleaze

Yow!  THIS space girl certainly gives ME a hard wick.  "The metric dimensions of the Moon-Maid are yet to be determined"  though she would certainly weigh less on the moon.  She is a giant step for mankind!   Buzz here has even brought his space ladder over from the ship to climb up and give her a nice kiss from earth!

Hardwick (Please…pun intended over and over and over) sold blazers.  Even on the moon, fraternities, barbershop quartets and "the sales force" needed matching duds, and Hardwick was there to supply them from the Tennessee headquarters for a good long while. 

Send coupon "for an autographed photo of the Hardwick Maid" and I sure wish I had.  Check out her Raygun!  

Moon Maid?  No, AMERICAN MADE!

Hardwick was founded in 1880, back when we made clothes in America.   Guess what?  I searched "Hardwick" adjacent to "Bankrupt" and came up EMPTY.  The factory is still in business!  A wonderful essay on the history of the company is HERE by Fletcher Hill.  Not only that, the company has employed generations of locals, just like it is supposed to be.  Seriously, in a day when even that most American of brands Levis doesn't make jeans here, that someone is still sewing is a wondrous thing indeed.  Install your flash player and see the line HERE.   

I am so proud of them, I'm going to forgive the Moon maiden.  I hope she was a local.

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Tijuana Bibles.  Eight Pagers. Maggie and Jiggs.  F-Books. Call them what you will, the little buggers flourished during the 1930s to the 1950s and taught many a young man the sleazy, perverted facts of life at a time when schools and parents didn't dare. 

Not really from Tijuana (except for the REAL Tijuana Bibles shown here for the first time) this hilarious book is a trip through the forbidden hand-drawn smut your grandfather studied with shame and Uncle Sam tried to stomp out with force!

Over 100 illustrations!  Available in Ebook, Hardcover and Paperback. 

TRUE HISTORY OF THE TIJUANA BIBLES is the newest in a series of Dull Tool Dim Bulb Books by Jim Linderman



Love and Passion Under Hypnosis Banned Magazine Circa 1955 Vintage Sleaze

"Love and Passion under Hypnosis". Trial Ct. held magazine obscene. App. Dept. reversed, held trial ct. used proper standard re "obscenity", but reached wrong result, following Harlan, J. thinking that each obscenity case involves delicate questions of constitutional judgment."

From a forthcoming series on
Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  

Love and Passion Under Hypnosis (No Date, circa 1955)
Collection Victor Minx

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Bandana Butt Kerchief in a Keyhole Hanky Signal Sign Sexual Preference and Celebration

Before being appropriated by gangs and gays, the bandana was already versatile, as this cover painted by Peter Driben illustrates.  In 1950, when Whisper put the bandana butt on their cover, they were used mostly to blow a nose and wipe a brow, to hide a face during a bank robbery and to keep the dust out of lungs during sandstorms or smoke out during a prairie fire.

Now, a bandana is a "color" used by gangs the Bloods, the Crips, the Nortenos and the Surenos.  Although it is no longer necessary, it was a signal used by gay men to indicate sexual preference.  I think the correct name for the square, paisley rag is "kerchief" but I can safely say the gays called it a hanky. 

In Bob Dylan's new song "Early Roman Kings" it is used as a signal and location device, as well as a celebration: 

If you see me comin'
And you're standing there
Wave your handkerchief
In the air

Every culture has used the bandana.  The best use is in New Orleans, where traditionally white hankies appear at ALL the hot spots.  A party, a funeral, a church…to wipe sweat and then be waved in the air to dry them off.  If you have not been to a New Orleans dance and seen white hankies waved in the air, you have not lived.

Whisper Magazine with Peter Driben illustration January 1951

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Dolores Del Raye "Savage" Spit Curls of "Exotic" Burlesque

Dolores Del Raye, originally from Mexico, or maybe even further south, as one unreputable source claimed Brazil,  but then one reporter in Miami definitively reported she "comes from the Dunes in Las Vegas."

Heh!  Barrump!

Maybe that was a joke used by her "putty-nosed, baggy pants buffoon" Billy Ainsley, who headed her show.  Billy was an old Vaudeville clown, who once busted his back when a prop chair was pulled out from under him on stage.  He ended up, apparently, in a house in Columbus, OH with a dog named Dukey.  Why am I padding this story with patter about a buffoon?  Because no one wrote about Dolores.

But Dolores did make a stag film titled "St. Louis Woman" so I guess she really was from everywhere.  Most of the time when she was shown in a magazine she was called "exotic" which was the 1950s burlesque promotional word for "not white" as unappealing that is.  Not only that, the layouts usually say things like "fiery" or "crazy" and made fun of her diet (enchiladas and tortillas) and said not to miss her bullfighter dance.

Racism isn't pretty, even in spit curls.

Miss Del Ray appeared often in the pages of the regulars.  Adam, Follies.  Rogue.  But most of her pictures appear in cheaper crap like the Tri-S and Hale rags.  She was a stripper, not a model.

Peak years of dancing 1955 to 1960, and yes, she performed with a big red cape she swirled around her like a bullfighter.  She also wore a tiara atop her spit curls on special occasions. 

Her biggest role was in color on the cover of the bible of burlesque, Cabaret Magazine, in May 1957, where, of course, she was referred to as "savage"  instead of a woman.

Dolores is often seen on tumblr or pinterest, but no one ever adds content.  When they do, they just crib the crap from the few men's mags who ran her publicity photos and tell two sentence lies.  They just use her.  That would not come as anything new to the performer.  No one knows where she ended up.

She may have "appropriated" her stage name from Dolores Del RIO, a legit actress who was famous.  Dolores Del Raye was not.  Today you can see her dance on the Something Weird DVD Grindhouse Follies #21.


Lorali Lily Ayers Icel Condon, Stripper and the Greatest Underappreciated Artist / Painter of the 20th Century Vintage Sleaze Weldon Kees

Lily Ayers was really Icel Condon.  What kind of name is Icel?  Who cares.  She was also the famous Lorali, as shown here, and The Princess of Peel.  Nice!

More?  Just plain Rochelle in piece of crap film called "Everybody's Girl" and just plain Lily in "B-Girl Rhapsody" which no one really lined up for either.  So much for Hollywood.  By the way, in both films, Icel plays….wait for it..a stripper! 

Lorali was one of Lillian's girls.  You can read more about Lillian Hunt, AKA Mrs. Devoe HERE on True Burlesque.

Was Icel pretty.  HELL yes. Talented?  Eye of the burlesque beholder.  In 1955 the New York Times called her a "curvy blonde stripper" and if she was good enough for the paper of record, she was good enough for me.  Why would the esteemed paper review a stripper?

Additionally, Harper's magazine, in a profile of  poet and artist Weldon Kees in 2004 called Lily "the most famous stripper in Oakland"  and I think she was.

Who was Weldon Kees?  Influential critics have been asking that far longer than I have been wondering who is Icel Condon.  Wendell created a burlesque review in 1955 which featured  a stripper reading poetry…ICEL!   Cool!  Unfortunately Weldon died (by suicide) shortly before he could become a really cool beatnik, but he sure could paint.  I mean GREAT paintings.  I mean, let me look up the prices and suffer for one great.

Author James Reidel has written a book about Mr. Kees, and he is also fortunate to own the astoundingly beautiful painting above.  I cribbed it from Wiki 

As Icel is the unknown stripper, Wendel is the unknown painter…and poet…and filmmaker…and jazz musician…and MORE. I am seriously humbled.  This guy was REALLY the king of all media.

Plus, he picked the hottest stripper on the PLANET (ok…in the Bay area) to perform for him.


Top photograph taken by Keith Bernard and manipulated by Hollywood Confidential 1955 (quite possibly without the photographer's permission) Collection Jim Linderman 

Painting by Weldon Kees property of James Reidel, from Wikipedia.

Bobbi Lyn Pasties Painted in the Production Process Burlesque 1955

A long forgotten Burlesque Beauty Bobbi Lyn has her points painted on patches applied in the production process.  If you have seen as many magazines from the 1950s as I have, you will recognize the zebra skin, if not the model.  Just for the record, while these pasties have been expertly tinted by a photo editor, the actual objects were glued on...hence, the name.  Paste.  Pasties.  Usually gum arabic.  They used to last a while, now many are disposable.  Yes, they were used to skirt the law. 

L. B. Cole Love Above All and the Eyes of War Vintage Sleaze Pulp Illustration by a Comic Book Master

Super cool illustrator L. B. Cole proves once again the best sleaze came from comic book illustrators.  Cole had a doctorate degree in anatomy and used it to good advantage by rendering hot bad women and the occasional throbbing rocket ship. 

Love Above All  (which unlike nearly every book posted on the site I have actually almost read) is  FILTHY. 

In the steamy novel, Les Carver returns from war to the "simple, little plump girl" he once promised to marry.  Her weight is discussed frequently in the book.  His eyes wander.  Les is "irresistibly drawn into a whirlpool of drink, debauchery, wild sex orgies…" and more.  HOT.  Author Eliot Brewster is due a revival, and also wrote the spicy little numbers below.

But who cares.  Guys are visual, the cover sells the book, and it's all about the artist, not the author.  On Love Above All the author's name doesn't even appear, but Cole's  certainly does.  He places his signature so prominently on the filthy ashtray it can't be rubbed out.  Remember being told not to judge a book by the cover?  Go ahead.  You can't read drunk anyway.  Buy the artist.
Leonard Brandt Cole was one of the best.

Like Bilbrew ten years later, Cole's men have greasy, troubled hair falling perfectly down their troubled foreheads.  Smoke initially rises towards the wedding, but swirls over to the dame…the same hot dame nearly impaled on a bottle of whiskey.  What man returning from the war wouldn't drift like smoke to the dark side? 

After the unspeakable horror of war, many men had a choice.  Do what is "right" or pound it away, literally, against a loose bed board in squalor.  Is there a cheap motel shown on this cover?  Does there need to be?  Look into his eyes.

Not all Cole's digest covers required a bad woman and a troubled man, so Cole would add some dripping blood.

Cole is responsible for some of the most striking comic book covers you will ever see.  An outstanding sample is HERE on the Monster Brains website.  Lean back before you click.  But Cole was at his best when things in the head were at their worst.

Love Above All by Eliot Brewster (cover by L. B. Cole) 1945 Palace Promotions (Phoenix Press) New York Collection Jim Linderman

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