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Vintage Sleaze THE MOVIE Summer Blockbuster Edition

No need to pay $10.00 to see a summer blockbuster, we have them here for free!  High production values...and with that prized "Indie" cachet so desired.  Presented here, in FULL COLOR is the complete Vintage Sleaze Film Collection to date!  
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The Affordable Care Act of Bill Ward Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

Everyone needs a check-up once in a while.  Bill Ward takes on preventive care.

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Vintage Sleaze Finds Another Joe Shuster Cartoon

This is the anniversary of Superman co-creator Joe Shuster's death, as pointed out to me by the brilliant writer Brian Busby.  If I could write like Brian, I could call myself a writer instead of a "artist visual collector guy kinda" But Brian is the real deal, his latest book an extraordinary uncovering of John Glassco, a poet and pornographer.  His book is HERE.
 And A Gentleman of Pleasure is available at Amazon.

But back to Joe!  Like mining for gold,  it is a rich experience to find another previously unknown drawing done by the down and out co-creator of Superman, Joe Shuster when he was working under the pseudonym of JOSH.  

More information on the work, which was discovered and reported by Craig Yoe, is HERE in his audacious book SECRET IDENTITY.

Bunny Yeager Revisited Bunny Yeager's Darkroom and Men's Pictorial Magazine 1956

As there is a major book coming out on pioneer photographer and pin up Bunny Yeager, what better time to revisit both the multi-talented woman who broke ground, and my tribute to the artist which ran HERE a few years ago.  Plus, it provides an opportunity to show what appears to be a previously undocumented feature on Ms. Yeager which ran in the super sleazy "Men's pictorial" pulp back in 1956.  The issue provides Bunny her own photo inset on the cover...although "ARE YOU AFRAID OF SEX?" has a far bigger font I fear.

There is a four page spread inside, one which has her carrying the camera, and a brief paragraph which notes her skill.  There is no mention of Bettie Page, the model she helped discover and make famous.

The new book is titled Bunny Yeager's Darkroom: Pin-up Photography's Golden Era from Rizolli and shown HERE.  The author wrote me asking if I had any photos (likely after seeing the post and tribute above) and I am looking forward to seeing the book!

"Men's pictorial" was a curious publication.  The original title was, get this, "Fifteen Western Tales" (!)  It grew out of one of those creepy cheap pulps with gun-totin' desparados! It is hilarious!  After years of rough and tough cowboys painted by well-known artists, they dropped the "oaters" and switched to cruddy "adventure" stories and cheesecake the year before this issue.  Apparently legs like Bunny's sold more than horses. By the time this issue was produced, the magazine had run 15 years, but the times change.  Consequently, the issue is full of bogus "voodoo" stories as an excuse to show topless natives, a man having his hand sliced off for a crime in an unnamed Arab country, and sideshow performer from Japan who allows a living snake to crawl through her nasal passages.  What happened to Dusty, Sheriff Joe and the tale of Deputy Tom's missing horse?  

Sally of circa 1940 (and Hollywood and Vine) Novelty Gag

Trick Gadget circa 1940.  Collection Victor Minx

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Eric Stanton Puts Magnificent Myron Kosloff on the Guest List Vintage Sleaze

Magnificent Myron Kosloff was the world's fastest typist and was the best thing to come out of Chicago since the electric blues.  So prolific as to earn the Picasso paperback plaque of pulchritrude, his work was paired with equally perverted illustrators, packaged by prominent pornographers and peddled by the pound.  His real name was Paul and he was a demented genius.  Here Paul's words go behind the scenes at a play.  Put ME on the guest list for THIS one, Paul!

Believe it or not, a picture of Paul peering over the shoulder of chess players in his role as a reporter for The Chess Review is shown HERE.

Guest List by Myron Kosloff  (pseudonym of Paul Hugo Litwinsky)  First Niter Paperback cover illustration Eric Stanton.  Collection Victor Minx.

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Who was that Masked (Wo) Man? Female Lone Ranger by Eugene Bilbrew Vintage Sleaze

 (NOTE:)  Original Post from before when the blockbuster NOT was released) 

Who was that Masked (Wo) man?  The Lone Ranger in Reverse by ENEG!  With the Lone Ranger having been updated as a feature film out soon (with Johnny Depp playing, well, I suppose a sullen Tonto)it seems right to rustle up some masked women.  After all, the strict moral code the masked man adhered too included "a man should make the most of what equipment he has" and that applies to women as well.  So here is the first installment of "Who was that Masked Wo (man) with the entry number one going to, of course, Eugene Bilbrew and his rendition of "The Black Bandit" from 1962…we know the bad women always wear black, but she's got a white hat!

Eugene Bilbrew "The Black Bandit" from Fantasy in Fashions Issue Number One 1962 Selbee Publications

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Camera Club Girls Bettie Page and the Work of Rudolph Rossi Book now an Ebook for Ipad

Just a note to let you all know CAMERA CLUB GIRLS : BETTIE PAGE AND THE WORK OF RUDOLPH ROSSI by Jim Linderman is now available as a $5.99 Ebook download for Ipad.  The book tells the story of the amateur camera clubs in New York City during the 1950s through the work of one man and his over 100 photographs of Bettie Page and many other models willing to pose nude at a time when it was illegal.  The photos were discovered 50 years after being taken.  The origins of modern day erotic photography and pin ups.  Over 100 pages, over 100 illustrations and the story of Cass Carr, Harlem photographer who arranged the outings!  

Burlesque Beauties by Leonard Burtman Phoebe Publishers drops a Burlesque Bomb

Collection Victor Minx

Lenny Burtman cobbles together yet another quickie cash-in using somewhat tired photos of even more tired hardworking burleskers in 1959.  Published under the Burtman umbrella through the little known "Phoebe" offshoot which has not been documented at all.  Like them all (this is number 28) some thirty pages of black and white shots of workers who lugged their tired dogs and their costumes to an amateur studio to supplement their meager, but hard earned wages on the boards.

Sande Marlowe was a Minx centerfold.  She also appeared on the cover of the second SIZZLE, a big favorite here at Vintage Sleaze as it was primitive and haphazard, and they always make a great post when the temperature rises above 100 degrees.  Sizzle was the "so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk" smut magazine.  She called herself "The Venus of Stageland" and spent much time doing the dance in Mexico City for some reason. 

Evelyn West we have made fun of before.  Look her up!  Check out her battle with a bible-thumper at the link.

Baby Lake posed for Irving Klaw.  She was no baby.  In fact, to me anyway, she not only looks grown up, she looks kinda scary.  And quite possibly insane as well…check out her, well…gosh.  I mean, how often am I at a loss for words.  Umm…check out her, umm…German beer stein bra?  Will that work? 

By comparison Jessica Rogers looks safe and pleasant.  She worked under the name "The Texas Tantilizer" She worked in Hollywood, but it must not have worked out as she was back in front of the footlights after three years.  The girl next door, if you lived next door to a strip dive in the 1940s.  She was known as "The Wow Girl" to the troops, she goes back that far.  Lenny?  Can you provide us with some newer pinups?  The war has been over for 15 years!

Burlesque Beauties Number 28  Phoebe Publishers (a Leonard Burtman enterprise) 1959 Collection Victor Minx

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Irving Klaw and Bettie Page More of the Early Years series by Jim Linderman



As these scarce envelopes indicate, while Betty Grable was being reported as the pinup our boys favored in their foxholes, the REAL soldiers were writing to Irving Klaw, self-styled Pin Up King and soon to be major distributor of bondage photographs.  Klaw made money on tired, dreary Hollywood cheesecake long before hitting on the harder stuff…but it was the stuff he sold the soldiers when they got back home which put him in hot water.

In the first example, you can see the Klaw office notes: one dollar for one 4" x 5" still.  I hope it was a Bettie.

Klaw had been peddling gams and gals for quite a while before Bettie Page came along.  In 1950, Eye Magazine reported "Klaw advertises his wares in more than fifty domestic magazines and about two dozen foreign publications…" so business must have been doing fine.  (It was…by 1950 Klaw was reportedly selling a million cheesecake photographs a year.)  And yes, Klaw sold Grable in the early days…but as you can see, he was hot on his own discoveries as well.  Here Klaw inspects the talent of a hopeful.  He could make even more money on his own photos.

No less than Dr. Kinsey paid visits to Klaw.  (Three times!)  Perhaps because Klaw also sold John Willie material.  I can't even link to John Willie on this site, you can look him up yourself.  Trust, they were trussed.  Seriously knotted and trussed.  Klaw sold Willie drawings for fifty cents each and also the series on photographic paper for $5.00.  Five dollars in 1950 would be $47.81 today.  As I have reported elsewhere, that was more than the entire weekly wage for the Average worker in 1950.  Look close at the yellowing clip below to see some of Klaw's other early "cheesecake" of fighting women in high heels.

Eric Stanton began selling work to Klaw as early as 1947.  Eric Stanton was influenced by Willie and more information on Stanton will be on Vintage Sleaze soon.

Klaw's success was also his downfall.  Or rather, his failure to disclose his tax receipts and business records was his downfall.  He was cited for contempt by the United States Senate (along with Eddie Mishkin and Abraham Rubin, both organized crime figures) for failing to comply. 

Although Irving Klaw is today best known for the photographs of Bettie Page he distributed, she was but a minor part of the millions of photographs which went out...and millions of dollars which came in to the Klaw offices.

Rare Book Sale at Norton / Kicks NOW! Pure Adulterated Vintage Pulp Fiction Sale

Miriam Linna, grand Poobah of cool, informs me Norton Records is having a vintage pulp fiction sale.  I checked it out and some real obscurities are on the block!  Rare paperback books you would have to go back in time to find, and you won't have to skulk back to your time machine with them in hand…they'll mail them to you!   From worse to worser, i.e. all great.

Many of you book collectors will know of Kicks Books, the sprout of Norton, so you know the book bona fides are firmly in place.  You need only browse, and a few of those available are shown above.  


Rare Bettie Page of Week Rhapsody of Bettie and Brother Buster In North Zulch Vintage Sleaze from Delilah

Rare Bettie Page of the Week is the slime balls at Rhapsody Magazine, which would be Delilah Publishing Corp,  folks who ripped her off more than once.  See another greedy transgression HERE.  Anyway, the sleaze move here was A. Creating this absurd story from a fake brother name "Buster" and B. Having an extensive "Letters to the Editor" section when this is ISSUE ONE NUMBER ONE.  How dumb do those guys think we are?  What's that?  The Penthouse letters were fake too?  Even the one in the laundromat? 

Bettie did have a brother, Jimmie.  No, not Jimmie Page the guitar wizard, just plain Jimmie. As far as I know, neither went by the name "Buster" as that is a name for a bulldog.

ON the other hand, Rhapsody had a considerable layout, 13 illustrations.
Rhapsody Magazine, Issue Number One 1961 Delilah Publishing New York  Collection Victor Minx

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Breasts in Champagne Glasses! The Trial of David and Violet Alberts Male Merchandise Mart 1956 Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number Eleven

Original Mailing Brochure 1954 Collection Victor Minx
A sexy come-on from Male Merchandise Mart mailed in 1954.  Using carnival pitchman techniques in his mass-mailings put owner David Alberts in some big trouble…and I have the document from the Supreme Court of California two years later to prove it.

In 1955, a year after this very brochure was mailed. Mr. Alberts and his wife, Violet, were served a warrant by the sheriff of Los Angeles county.  The charge was "willfully, unlawfully and lewdly, in the County of Los Angeles (did) write, compose, stereotype, print, publish, sell, distribute, keep for sale and exhibit obscene and indecent writings, papers, books; and design, copy, draw, engrave, paint and otherwise prepare obscene and indecent and obscene and indecent pictures, and prints; mold, cut, cast and otherwise make obscene and indecent figures."

Mold and cast? Oh, yeah.  How can I be delicate here?  " Personal massagers"

David and Violet paid the bail.  One thousand dollars each.
Now the legitimized agents of social order didn't just visit David and Violet, haul away the smut and file the papers.  This was a major effort.  Dozens of county employees were engaged full-time in the process from surveillance to arrest. No wonder California is broke today, they had to pay "experts" cops, lawyers, a jury I presume (free lunch, no biggie, but still) and all manner of bailiffs and bouncers to track, arrest, and bring to trial a fellow selling books.
First let's put a cop on the stand to verify that the chain of evidence on this yellow brochure is legit:
During the raid, Alberts was able to grind up a photo negative and force it down the garbage disposal before the cops grabbed it from his hand!

Could it have been the obscene photo which caused much alarm later in the trial?  That's right…a women with her breasts resting in two champagne glasses?   You know, that IS kinda hot.  I'm going to have to find that one.  But the one with rubber ducks?  eh.  To each his own.

Original Mail Merchandise Mart circular for mailing, 1954  Collection Victor Minx 

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Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze is a series on Vintage Sleaze HERE by Jim Linderman. This is post number eleven.

Mirthquake Showgirls in Amusing Dances Vintage Sleaze Smut by Mail

For Mirthquake, hold to light and crank!  Saucy, sophisticated showgirls in sensational amusing dances!  FOUR STARS!

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Women's Boxing Strikes a Blow for Abstinence The Olympics, the Debut and Vintage Sleaze

A comely young athlete models a Ralph Lipschitz designed China-made wardrobe while striking a blow for abstinence in this "Natural Color Postcard" in the "Girl Series" from E.F. Kropp, Milwaukee circa 1940?  Collection Victor Minx

Perfidia's Jungle Ordeal The Rare Digest Series on Vintage Sleaze #32

Perfidia comes well-armed in this crappy, cheap, likely purloined digest slapped together I suspect on the West Coast around 1970.  Aha, I am correct…here it is credited to "Flag Publications"  with a question mark on another site…and their guess is 1960 but I think that a decade too early.  Penned by one "Don Osbourne" with no date, no publisher and what I believe is a stolen Eugene Bilbrew illustration on the cover.  I would give this a "must to avoid no stars" rating but you won't find one at the corner newsstand anyway.  I didn't read it, but the word "loincloth" springs out.

The woman with the cat was was named after the song written in 1939 by Mexican Alberto Dominguez and popularized by Xavier Cugat  a year later.  Everyone from Trini Lopez the Lawrence Welk has done it since.  Even King Tubby did it!  Mel Torme gave it the velvet touch, and the Ventures gave it waves.

Perfidia is faithless, treacherous and false…so it comes as a mystery why anyone would name their kid that…but maybe the author is referring to the cat!

About 35 pages, digest form, with 7 anonymous illustrations.  They aren't any good either.

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THIS IS NUMBER THIRTY TWO IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Erotic Fantasy Comic Drawings of African-American Artist Asa "Ace" Moore c. 1935 Comic-Con Special Vintage Sleaze Collection

A group of the recently discovered erotic fantasy comic illustrations by Asa "Ace" Moore, African-American from Ohio, circa 1935.  First time ever shown!  Share them around the joint, Comic-Con Folks!

All Original Drawings collection Jim Linderman


Unsung Hero of Photography Number FIVE Danny Rouzer Vintage Sleaze Non-Essential Garments

The first (and last?) issue of Glamour Photographer Danny Rouzer's Figure Photography, 1958.  It was published by Walter D. Rouzer, which was Danny.  His real name.  If you are thinking of going into the nude photography business, here are a few of Danny's tips, taken verbatim from this slim volume:

"…extreme care should be taken so as not to overdress the model with meaningless and non-essential garments…"

"for some reason or another…very few models seem to have photogenic backs."

"By printing the finished photograph upside down, a feeling of graceful suspension in mid-air is  created"

All good advice!

Danny Rozer studied under controversial photographer William Mortensen, who was in vogue, then out, then in again.   Mortensen survived savage career attacks by, among others, bearded Spanish flu survivor Ansel Adams, who called him "the devil" and worse.

Mortensen was also criticized for his "mildly erotic hand-colored prints...", "...bowdlerized versions of garage calendar pin-ups and sadomasochist entertainments..." by critic Larry Lite.

No WONDER Danny loved him!

Danny's most famous portrait is probably the fishnet stocking model in Frolic October 1954 (an issue which also included glamorous glamour photographs of Tempest Storm, stripper, Lili St. Cyr, stripper and Bettie Page, icon.  However, unlike the titles given other layouts in the issue (Robbin' the Cradle, Bandana Anna, Lots of Ginger,  Shore Pretty and A Living "Dahl") his was simply titled "Masterpiece" and compared to "Minneapo-lass" I guess it was.  

He was official photographer of the Miss Universe contest for a year, sold work to Playboy and others to Fawcett Publications.  His photographs were always artistic stand-outs (truly) and were always naked women.

He later became an advocate of Pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager, also profiled in the series HERE.

In 1963, Danny was cinematographer the television series "Hollywood and the Stars" but for only one segment, I believe.  For a while there was a "Danny Rouzer Studio and School of Photography" but I am not sure if it is still in business.

Danny, to my knowledge, never sold work to the sleazy, cheap and frequently illegal digests I reveal in Proto - Porn: The Art Figure Scam of the 1950s.

The best (and only?) biography I find online is HERE on the Glamour Photographers of the 1950s and 60s site.

UNSUNG HEROES OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  Previous profiles include Russ Meyer  Wil Blanche  Benno Friedman   and Bunny Yeager 

Best Butt Joke Ever Vintage Sleaze Novelty Joke Cards

Novelty Risque Joke Cards, the type frequently advertised in the back pages of magazines from the 1930s to the 1960s, and frequently with the phrase "The Kind Men Like" so you could infer they would have boob or butt jokes. They do. These are advertising handouts as well...the reverse has the name of a tavern in Oregon. Each 2.5" x 3.5" and from a set of ten.

Collection Victor Minx

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