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The Greatest Tough Guy in History! Tiny Tokey Wedge Kicks Vintage BUTT Diminutive Dick with the Monumental Member Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks by Jack Lynn


Here comes Tokey, buzzing out of the pages of pulp history from the back cover of TORRID TWINS, just one of the capers solved with his tiny fists and subtly implied detective dong  pounding. Tokey's secret weapon other than his quick wit was his manhood.  You want sex and hardboiled action in your reading?  Put down that limp "best summer reading" from the New York Times Book Review and grab yourself a big deep toke...of TOKEY!

A man's man and a women's dream, Tokey raced around the twirling paperback racks when the top presidential philanderer of all time, Jack Kennedy was in the White House.  Did Jack care if his "arranged" girlfriend Judith Exner was usually in bed with mobster Sam Giancana and reported back to the wise guy after every presidential performance?  HELL NO! Because Jack was a MAN'S man, just like Tokey Wedge.  Screw that, and screw THAT, organized crime.  No wonder (and no coincidence) Tokey gets involved with some Castro gun runners in BROAD BAIT...just like big Sam!   

So Tokey had a buzzcutt instead of Kennedy's Nantucket tousle...when you are racing to action in your midget muscle-car, there is no time to brush anything out of your eyes.  Here comes Tokey, nostrils flared...nay SMOKING.  Never mind that Tokey was actually no taller than 5' 4"...he was big where it mattered.  One book adds an inch to his frame...but does not specify if he had bought some lifts.
  Jack Lynn wrote the Tokey Wedge novels.  Who was Jack Lynn?  WHO CARES!  This isn't about some fussy, anonymous, elite font prissy with an underwood, it's about Tokey Wedge.  The paperback community speculates who Jack was and you are more then welcome to browse around to speculate while real men read the novels (from Novel Press) a sleazy Chicago outfit with questionable ties but outstanding fiction! 

There were at least twenty one books by Jack and all of them had a serious problem with inaccurate perspective and unrealistic rendering on the covers.  So the real question is not who wrote this stuff, but who the hell did the art?  Check out the Torrid Twins Tokey is running down...not only are they twins, their burning breasts have exactly the same flame pattern!  Tokey had a thing for twins...witness Mary and Beth in another split zygote thriller Double Seduction...which is no problem for Tokey.  He loves them and leaves them...looking exactly the same.  And yet AGAIN...there are twins in the later Desire in Duplicate...in which a $5000 a night hooker charges that much because she is...a twin! So the price is really $2500 each.  Does Tokey get a discount?  You have to ASK?

Other Jack Lynn books are listed below, but not all feature the diminutive dick Tokey.  In fact, one of them introduces a far taller character, a Danny Thomas look-a-like who actually towers over the dames who moan his name!
Wild Women is of course the Bill Ward cover I discussed HERE.  How Bill slipped one in is a mystery more curious than the Tokey Wedge case of Nympho Lodge.  In another, Tokey struggles with a trio of "women loving women"  In Wild Women.  AS you can see, another cover with burning dames for Tokey to struggle through.

Clearly Tokey's biggest challenge was Ten Shockingest Seductions, in which he has do do just that...seduce them all to determine which were guilty of murder and which were guilty of lesbianism.  There is only one man for the job...look down.


Official COMPLETE (?) list of masterpieces by Jack Lynn
Broad Bait. Novel, 1960

Double Seduction. Novel, 1959

Forced Females. Novel, 1961

Loverboy! Novel, 1960

Mad for Kicks. Novel, 1960

Nympho Lodge. Novel, 1959
The Passion Pit. Novel, 1960

Tall and Torrid. Novel, 1961
Torrid Twins. Novel, 1960

Wholesale Seduction. Novel, 1961
White Hot Woman 1961

Wild Women. Novel, 1961

Women on the Loose. Novel, 1961
Ten Shockingest (sic) Seductions 1962

Three Passionate Sisters 1962

Desire in Duplicate 1963

They Were Too Much 1963

Four Insatiable Nymphs 1963
Night Nurse 1964

Three Kinds of Love 1964

Kandy  1965

Jack Lynn Tokey Wedge Novels collection Victor Minx (and a few cribbed from the web)  

As far as I know, the list here is complete, but if you have a Tokey Wedge novel not listed, by all means get in touch.  You could have the cream of the vintage sleaze paperback crop in your hands!

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A Hard-boiled Illustrator from South of the Border Vea Novelette artist ? Vintage Sleaze Mystery

I am seeking information on the illustrator who made these dramatic works for what was known as "Biblioteka Vea" a novelette which appeared in the Mexican "pornographic" magazine Vea in 1955.  There is no signature, and in the original magazines I can find no indication of the artist's name.  Vea was a large scale pulp magazine from Mexico  which fell victim to censorship in the mid 1950s.  The magazine, with astounding pinup photographs (some of which may have been exhibited HERE) is a prize for anyone interested in Mexico or Muchachas!

The Rare Digest #31 Hear No Evil Speak No Evil See No Evil Lenny Burtman Tana Louise and the Photo Album Vintage Sleaze

The Rare Digests #31 hears no evil, speaks no evil and sees no evil.  It will also likely be the post which puts Vintage Sleaze over 500,000 followers on Facebook, a staggering number due I am sure to my writing ability, not the dames.

But off my soapbox and on to the digest!  One of the Exotique offshoots which trickled out of Lenny Burtman's studio after the demise of the regular publication, and one which has some of the most striking photographs.  Slick!  Each photo is a potential poster for perversion. 

Tana Louise, the second most famous fetish model in history rules, of course, and there are a few equally striking photographs of Bettie Page within...but the real hero is, as always, Lenny's decor and drapes.  Didn't these tough girls ever get tired of his dump?  "Lenny, we've virtually invented an entire fashion motif and lifestyle choice...can't we get some new drapes?"

In one photo, Tana goes medieval on the cameraman while wielding a miniature spiked ball and chain!  Maybe it came from a Coney Island carnival booth, as I have never seen one so small.  Is it a flail...or charm bracelet?

In another, Tana wears a leather beret and rests her hand on early adopter Lenny's TV set along with a bull and bull-fighter china collectible.

 One day I'll do a post which will really give Tana her due.  She deserves it.   

There is one ringer in the book who appears to be a guy...and several reminders the Lenny invented the "model peers through a pair of boots" motif.

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THIS IS NUMBER THIRTY ONE IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Rapture Books (No, not the COMING Rapture) Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks

Rapture books might sound like that crap you can buy in bulk at "Christian" bookstores, virtually the only bookstores left in business today...but that may be due to their considerable trinket sales.  However, on the collection plate today is Rapture books offering a second coming alright, but of a different sort.

Rapture started out as a west coast paperback publishing branch off the pulp tree of Publishers Export Company.  Since they printed books to be read with one hand, they came to the attention of Cosa Nostra associate Rebuen Sturman, who wanted to control the ENTIRE printed sex business.  Eventually, Rapture and the whole line of paperbacks under the PEC umbrella would be distributed by Sturman. 

Class act Reuben immediately began selling them by the pound.  (See the ad below which offered 100 different for a quarter each.)  In another ad, Connoisseur (Sturman's Cleveland headquarters) proudly proclaims "We bought out the publisher's warehouse" and offers "hundreds of thousands of Nightstand, Midnight, Pillar, Ember, Leisure and Evening Readers" and promises to include their catalog of what were increasingly graphic depictions of tired models making love in dismal studios, though the copy says they will "appeal to those who desire a real lustiness..."  At the time, "real lustiness" was apparently pale hippies who should have been marching to end the war, but were instead enjoying some free love in makeshift photo studios.
At one time, I believe before Sturman muscled in, PEC even had a distributor in Amsterdam, Holland, another hotbed of hippie hedonism. 

Rapture got in on the "swap" bandwagon.  Hilarously so.  In one book which prints their new slogan "A RAPTURE NOVEL: Exploring New Sex for Husbands and Wives" they even quote  "Dr. Sara Greenbert" on the value of learning about sex..whether she was referring to "Orgy Island" or "My Wife for Yours"  is unclear.

Oh, wait...My Wife for Yours has a quote from Eisenhower!  (The "unpopular books" speech he gave in 1953.)  The quote runs just before an ad for their next swap masterpiece, one "Swap Massacre" which is hyped as "The Orgy of the Century" and says you should go to your bookseller and ask for it now. 
"Dammit, I've been coming in here for three weeks. WHEN is Swap Massacre getting here?"  Ike said it was on the way!
For another big laugh consider the covers, many of which were painted by super-grumpy artist Doug Weaver (tracked down with ferret diligence by Britney Daley HERE.)

Weaver is still inhaling paint fumes, and now peppers his website with new age platitudes and sells cheap giclee prints of his dreadful "old west" scenes to rich republicans.  Weaver's skeleton in the closet was curved, rounded and ripe. if featuring his particularly askew perspective and only amateur skill.

Vin Saxon, I believe, wrote Rapture number one, but it was called R201.  I am not sure of that, their numbering "system" was as wacky as the trippy Escher-like psychedelic swirl they put on the back covers.  (Though the only acid was in the pulp paper, note yellowing and foxing.)  That old trick to imply the smut soup had been cookin' a while.  Miriam Linna of KICKS has done the lion's work on Saxon.

There appears to be no definitive bibliography of Rapture titles online.  Graham Holyroyd lists precious few in his Paperback Prices and Checklist.  I am sure there are complete collections somewhere, but for the meantime you can enlarge the list they provided in one of their books.  The titles are hilarious enough, but you should see the covers!  As for the text?  Who knows.  I don't read this junk, but someone did.  Some fellow wrote "excellent" on the lower edge of one of my copies in ink, and he did NOT mean the condition.
Once Sturman sleazed up the series even more, it seems they stopped running a checklist on the back pages, but I think there were around two hundred titles eventually.

Group of Rapture Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks collection Victor Minx
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Bettie Page Private Peeks NOW AVAILABLE FOR KINDLE

A lovely note from John Razan informs me the beautiful Bettie Page Private Peeks books which collector J.B. Rund put together way back in 1978 - 1980 are now available on Kindle.  These books were at the time only available in adult book stores or through mail order.  Still they were responsible for sparking the Bettie Page revival and the enormous interest in her today.  The original printed books are now quite pricey, so this is good news indeed for fans of the pinup icon.  Combined, all four volumes contain some 450 photographs (including the infamous "party" shots) and are highly recommended.  The link HERE provides ordering information to purchase the kindle versions.

(MORE INFORMATION (which just might turn out to your advantage) is HERE

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Delilah Eve Tom Jones and Sampson? Vintage Sleaze Eve Magazine

Delilah Publishing and Distribution Company, Inc. put out crap like Eve, Joy and Jolie.  One word titles which were a dame's name.  They had very little content other than pussycats...and just enough to provide some "redeeming social value" like articles on how to use a metal detector.  Most of the magazine was black and white photo layouts of tired strippers posing like their feet hurt, with fake names like Lee Lane, Marlena Montand, Shirley Skates and Honey Harmon.  Some of the models were imports, the modeling grass being greener on the other side of the pond...but look like they had already worn out their talents over there.  Eve here is issue number one but there was no number two.

(For those of you who read fast,  there are three references to hit songs by tight pants crooner Tom Jones in the above paragraph...can you spot them?)

This magazine had no date (to provide long shelf life?) and was sold on 42nd street in dank shops.  This copy had the pages stapled together to prevent gawking.  Pages are printed in the wrong order but no one cared.

There was absolutely no pretense.  These were printed and sold for one reason. If you were a healthy male of that reason in 1962, you know what it was.

Delilah operated out of West 46th Street, like so many other smut mags of the 1960s, but only for a year.  There was also an Eve magazine (and others) which used a West 37th Street address.  The site Vintage Girlie Mags explains this by saying they published an initial issue to establish a trademark on the name, then commenced the REAL Eve magazine a year later, but I'm not sure. 

There were no ads except for a page or two promoting their own stuff, or stuff of their associates such as the full-page ad here offering Bettie Page salon prints.  What exactly is a "Salon" print?  A CRIME!    Four prints for FIVE BUCKS.  A 1962 dollar is worth over seven dollars today, so that set of  four 8 x 10 glossies would have set you back nearly thirty bucks.  Explain THAT to your wife.  "I can't figure out why we keep coming up short, honey." 

The average take-home pay for a factory worker in 1962 was around one hundred bucks a week, so those pics would have been an expensive meal that should have gone on the kid's plate.  "Herald" certainly paid no royalties to the model...Bettie having split for cleaner ground by then.

The cartoonists were no names and also a big no funny.  Phooey on these guys. 

Delilah's (apparent) parent Sampson printed "legs and stockings" cheesecake smut like Black Satin (with layouts titled "Black Nylon Bongo Beat and "Bohemian in Black Satin" for guys seeking free-spirited beatnik chicks.

Eve Volume one Number one  No Date (circa 1962) Collection Victor Minx

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She's Got Limbs and She Knows How to Use Them Leonard Burtman Limbs Contest! Vintage Sleaze Eugene Bilbrew Eric Stanton

So Leonard Burtman spent years inviting audience participation in his fetish magazines, but most of the letters to the editor were fake.  That's not new...Penthouse did it 25 years later to great success and notoriety.  But I suspect Lenny's real motive was to get some free photos.  Unfortunately, the few he did receive were of guys, and some of them not very convincing.  

Now this contest was offering as a prize worth kicking up your heels: "An Original Portrait of the Winner's Legs by Famous Leg-artist Stanton!" along with fifty smackers.  That he used a drawing by Gene Bilbrew at the end of the arrows is problematic, but not to worry, I'm sure Lenny delivered the prize in person.  

Loveliest Limbs Contest entry forms from Leonard Burtman 1960s.


Rare Bettie Page of the Day Bettie Catches an Eight Inch Crappie

Bettie Page with absurd story filler about fishing (anonymous) in Snappy Digest from Humorama / Timely Features March 1957  "Snappy Man's Gag Mag is published as an act of kindness for Mankind and Kind Women"  As with all Humorama Digests, the photograph is uncredited, but the same issue contains a full page illustration of photographer Bunny Yeager as well.

Justin Kent Revealed! Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks SEIZED in the 1950s The Most Scarce Smut © Jim Linderman

Raw Dames by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman

Woman Impelled by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
The Violated Wrestler by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
Who was Justin Kent?  A writer and a stool pigeon!

Everyone paid the nut and everyone had a price.  The average annual income of a writer in the mid-1950s was a blip above nothing, and few made it to the big time.  So for some, a quick hot read might be pounded out and turned in for cash while waiting for the big break.  When your great American novel found a real publisher, no one wanted the blurb to read "by the author of "Mistress of Leather" after all.  Use a fake name.

Justin Kent did just that,  but they caught him anyway.  Tracked down and rounded up by investigators working for the Senate who wanted to grill Eddie Mishkin, publisher of overpriced soft-core bondage fiction with sexy covers.  Kent's story, and his real name, come to us courtesy the U.S. Government.
Kent was one of the more prolific writers paid by Mishkin. I suspect no less than ten books were written for Eddie and friends, and he also churned out a few spicy novels published by other New York sleaze publishers around the same time, including Mavis and Fast Curve for Gil Fox and his curious line of hardcovers under the imprint of Vixen Press.  Kent used other pseudonyms as well, and surely other works will be identified in the future.

Mishkin was a mob-connected perv who helped spread the infamous "Nights of Horror" digests with Superman illustrator Joe Shuster doing the dirty drawings.  The books here published by Mishkin are every bit as scarce as the Nights of Horror titles.  Miskin figures in other places here, and will figure prominently in Times Square Smut.

As a government subcommittee investigating Mishkin in 1960 revealed, Justin Kent was the pseudonym for Kenneth Johnson.  Johnson was an unsuccessful writer living in Harlem and Mishkin paid well.  There is speculation Kent was African-American (like one of Mishkin's favorite illustrators Eugene Bilbrew, who did half the covers here.) When introducing Kent's deposition to the Senate he was described as  "..a man who came from the South with a considerable writing ability and settled in Harlem."
The Strange Empress by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
Eyewitness by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
Frustration by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman

Jay Gertzman, a scholar I admire and author of Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica 1920-1940 wrote in an essay a few years ago saying Kent was "held as a material witness for over a month" but I don't really know what that means.  Literally held?  When is the last time you read about an author imprisoned for writing words in America?  Well, apparently it happened, and for books Barnes and Noble could even store on the bottom shelf today. 

His words were turned into tripe for digests which would be paired with sexy drawings, printed in the boroughs at night, wrapped in cellophane and trucked into quasi-legal operating bookstores in Times Square, Pittsburgh, PA and other industrial towns with ham-fisted readers.  With no real imprint and with few illustrations other than the super racy cover, the books were priced ten times over cost and sold to fellows looking for the rough stuff...but of course they got gypped.

Justin could follow orders.  As the transcript to a Supreme Court ruling five years later reveals, Eddie Mishkin had specific instructions for his writers.  Mishkin "insisted that the books be full of sex scenes and lesbian scenes... the sex had to be very strong, it had to be rough, it had to be clearly spelled out.  I had to write sex very bluntly, make the sex scenes very strong. The sex scenes had to be unusual sex scenes between men and women, and women and women, and men and men.  He wanted scenes in which women were making love with women.  He wanted sex scenes in which there were lesbian scenes. He didn't call it lesbian, but he described women making love to women and men making love to men, and there were spankings and scenes—sex in an abnormal and irregular fashion."  Another unnamed author testified that Mishkin instructed him 'to deal very graphically with the darkening of the flesh under flagellation."
Queen Bee by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
Run Girl Run Hard by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman
Mavis by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman

Fast Curve by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman

OUCH!  Rough stuff indeed for the 1950s, but then not today.   Some dozen of Kenneth Johnson's potboilers were published under his fake name by various made-up publishers as directed by Mr. Mishkin.  Some are a bit more graphic than others, but for the most part his books were tame and lame...they would hardly raise the hackles of a watchdog today.  Sleazy but soft.  Kent didn't write all the 70 books listed in the Supreme Court case which upheld Eddie's New York State conviction ...but he did write quite a few. 

I hesitate to call Justin Kent a failed author, as his books DID make it to the Supreme Court in a way.  But I don't think he could share his success with his mother back home.  One title, Strange Solace, was even printed in a paperback in the UK.

The books here are all by Justin Kent and for the most part written for Eddie Mishkin.  As they were printed in small editions and frequently confiscated, they are quite scarce today and shown here for the first time.  Nearly all are digest-size.  These are some of the most scarce paperback books existing today, and represent censorship by the United States Government which seems absurd today.  It should be a far better known story.  Unseen relics of a time and place  Dangerous Years, Satin Satellite, Queen Bee and Eyewitness appear on the list of some some 70 Mishkin (and other)  books which were entered in testimony for his trial.

As the books here are all in the private collection of  Vintage Sleaze and quite scarce, please leave credits and a link to this article if you quote or share.  It's only fair!  Thank you.

© Jim Linderman 2012  All books Collection Jim Linderman
Strange Solace by Justin Kent Collection Jim Linderman

ANYONE WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON JUSTIN KENT / KENNETH JOHNSON should please get in touch, it would be much appreciated.