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Renee Boudoir Burlesque Girl, Pinup Model and #25 in the Contemporary Vintage Sleaze Series

Renee Boudoir copyright Mike Brits Photography

 Renee Boudoir represents!

I was recently interviewed by a reporter interested in the resurgence of Pinup style among today's young women.  My opinion is that the retro, cheesecake, rockabilly scene is a response by young women hoping to reclaim their own sexuality in a world now saturated with internet pornography...and maybe a bit of the lost glamor.

Feminism brought some mixed blessings. Clearly some extraordinary artists were tossed out with the sexist bath water in the 1970s. I find so much unpublished material for this site because by the tail-end of the smut years, folks working in the industry were banished from our culture.  Partly because a good deal was inappropriate, certainly, and partly because hardcore porn, often run by organized crime, quickly saturated the market leaving some far more innocent (and often talented) folks out in the cold. 

Bettie Page and the others had hard, often ugly lives, unfortunately.  But then so did many women not in the pinup or burlesque business.  All did what they had to do.  Fortunately, the new pinup lifestyle seems far more woman-friendly and positive, more inclusive and even frequently self or women-driven. 
This being the 25th entry in the contemporary vintage sleaze series (serious artists working today who are influenced by sleaze from the past) I present not only the youngest participant, but one representative of what has become an international community and scene centered around pinup glamor.

The earnest and charming Renee Boudoir found me on Facebook, of course.  Ms. Boudior is a most distinctive looking young model from Liverpool, and a walking, breathing, talking whirlwind of pinup. Not yet 20 years old, she is already a serious, hard-working model, actress, dancer and more.  An unusual representative of the emerging scene which looks backward to find beauty.  Certainly you will have to agree she is quite striking.  The photographers who have worked with her are quick to provide compliments and I am happy to provide a forum.

Along with making sure she had her mum's permission to appear here (the first time THAT was necessary)  I put only one question to the model, and provide her answer directly. 

When did you decide to pursue what we can call the "pin up lifestyle" and start dressing to match? 

The first pin-up I saw was Bettie Page, in an advert for the film The Notorious Bettie Page. I was 13, and started looking into who she was and discovered pin-ups. I cut myself a Bettie fringe and from then really got in to what pin-ups and burlesque was. I loved how she put so much of her personality in her photos, how everything she did was very tongue-in-cheek, it really connected with me a lot more than sour-faced, empty pout models in Vogue and the like. I’d look at them and their image was unobtainable and unapproachable for someone like me, whereas Bettie even in her most striking photosets was relatable, and had a warmth and wholesomeness to her. I probably started dressing in a 1950s style when I was about 16 or 17; before that I wasn’t particularly confident enough to stand out from people in my age group. As soon as I turned 18 I was started to perform burlesque and look into how to model for pin-up photos. I just felt a real connection to it very early and knew I wanted to persue that lifestyle.

Renee Boudoir Copyright Mike Brits Photography
 I am an aspiring burlesque dancer and pin-up girl - this style of golden age glamour is what interests me the most. But I love many styles, and it fascinates me how models with a definite style can put their own spin on the desired look of the photographer to achieve something unique. I always enjoy seeing the results of shoots I have done, especially when they have been edited to the best they can be - I am not much a fan of unedited prints. I enjoy working with people who want creative input from the model and who want to create something as a team, but also enjoy taking direction from photographers. I find it easy to move into poses after growing up admiring the pin-up girls of the 40s and 50s, as well as studying fashion until last year. I have a clear idea of what my body looks like, what angles and poses suit me and which will look the best in photographs.

RENEE BOUDOIR'S resume, photographs and contact information appears on several sites including Pure Storm through which she may be contacted.  Her Facebook is http://www.facebook.com/reneeboudoir


"Contemporary Vintage Sleaze" is a series which profiles artists and cartoonists working today. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series links to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. EACH POST IN THE VINTAGE SLEAZE CONTEMPORARY SERIES WAS CREATED WITH THE ARTIST'S PERMISSION AND CONTRIBUTIONS. Serious artists are participating in this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Jane Dickson, Astrid Daley, Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swartz, Rebecca Whitaker, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly, Fairfax and Emery, Elizabeth Watasin, Stephen Adams  Jane Dickson, Mala Mastroberte  William Schmidt and many more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.

Coal MIner's Daugher Annette Johnson A.K.A. Annette Scotson British Vintage Sleaze

Harrison Marks, well-sodden British photographer of stunning nude women is better known over the pond, but with increasing interest in "Glamor" photography, a phrase Mark coined...we can expect to see more of his swinging sixties sleaze arrive on shore soon.  Harrison was the Brits Russ Meyer, and they were lucky to have him as we ours!

One of Harrison's regular models was Annette Johnson, and yes, she was a coal miner's daughter but she didn't sing country songs.  She posed nude. Her career was similar to many models in the US...she started with camera clubs and was posing by age 16 (Upstairs for the owner of the shoe store in which she was working)  Soon she was posing for groups and Harrison Mark picked her out as his own.

By 1970 she had finished nude work for good, a short 9 years of blue-eyed blond body shots.  She worked professionally under at least three other names, quite possibly more.  Her blond hair was real and so was everything else.

Annette is shown here on the back cover of Pepper Magazine...one of those packaged deals Leonard Burtman sold to Health Knowledge, Inc. in order to keep himself out of trouble. 

Annette had two notable screen performances as well...one for the big screen and another for the tube.  In 1966 she appeared as herself in The Naked World of Harrison Marks  Harrison plays two roles, one as Al Capone (?) and Toulouse Lautrc, which I presume he played on his knees.  Annette Played Naked.
Then surprisingly Annette apeared in a TV Series 30 years later!   I love it when strippers live long enough to return decades later to see who has cheated them!  The show was What About Brian in 2006 and the IMDB claims it belongs in her credits. but they have been wrong many times before.  It says she played a character named Jasheika. 

She is shown here catering to a well-groomed Marks on a sober day.  It must have been taken early in the morning!

Bettie Page Without Bangs Before Bangs and With Bangs Vintage Sleaze Series the Rare Bettie Page

It's Bettie Page without Bangs, and right next to Bettie Page WITH bangs!  

For a few months now, the Vintage Sleaze page on Facebook has been running a series called "The Rare Bettie Page" which shows seldom, if ever, seen photographs and ephemera from the career of the 50's icon.  They don't usually make it to the regular blog, but in this case it has to.

Pictures of the model without her bangs are scarce.  A beautiful woman either way, but one could certainly say bangs made Bettie.

The Photo above is a page from the Virgina Stockings Scrapbook, a huge tribute to legs found in a dumpster in the 1960s.  Many of the pages were subsequently published in my little book from Blurb GALS GAMS GARTERS which was done as an art project as much as a book...plus the pages of the original were falling apart and I wanted to document the anonymous, obsessive, outsider art fetishistic collage before it turned to dust as God (and the nutjob artist's family) intended.

I suspect the original photograph here ran in one of Robert Harrison's Leg magazines of the 1950s...Titter or Wink or the like.  As I do not have the original, I can't confirm this...and the artist (or perv) drew from various sources to make his book of favorites.  Why Harrison ran Ms. Page with bangs and not right next to each other is unknown.

Anyway, if you were wondering if YOU should "go bangs" here is a little help from the past.
This page does not appear in the little book (or $5.99 download for iPad) but you can click and enlarge this one.

Page from the Virginia Stockings Scrapbook  Collection Jim Linderman circa 1955  

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Bob Rieker (!) Cartoonist Mystery SOLVED Vintage Sleaze Gag Cartoonist

The brilliant and supportive reader Harold H. Gaines has solved a Vintage Sleaze mystery, and since I believe he has already won a t-shirt, I am going to have to figure out a suitable prize.  Mr. Gaines has identified the mystery cartoonist  HERE.  And like many puzzles, once you know the answer you could slap yourself.
Gaines not only figured out the work was drawn by one Bob Rieker...he found his freakin' University of Colorado Yearbook!  Wonders never cease!  I was speculating the artist may have been African-American (based on my perceived "looseness" of line and jazzy situations) but Harold guesses not.  Like all great cartoonists from the glory days of the Men's Mags, Rieker was a WW2 Vet, likely.

Here are Harold's notes in total, and damn good work it is.

"When I looked at the signature, I read "Bob Rieker".

A web search shows a Bob Rieker credited with cartoons in the 1942 Coloradoan yearbook at the University of Colorado.  He's also listed in the book Fighting Words: Stories and Cartoons by Members of the Armed Forces of America published in 1944.  The biographical note in that book for Bob Rieker reads, in part:

Cartoons have been accepted by Flying & Popular Aviation, Skyways, Air Progress, Army Laffs, American Legion, Outdoor Life, Our Army, Our Navy, Sea Power, and Yank.

Here's a link to the book on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/Fighting-Words-Stories-Cartoons-Members/dp/1417989513#reader_1417989513

Seems like a pretty solid bet to me.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any actual cartoons, so I am not as sure as I'd like to be.

Hope this helps.

University of Colorado?  1942?  Black?  I don't think so.  Good cartoonist, though.  Odd that there's not more about him floating around the InterWebs.

Look here:  http://www.e-yearbook.com/yearbooks/University_Colorado_Coloradan_Yearbook/1942/Page_151.html.  He's listed as "Cartoons".  He's back in 1947.  War hiatus, probably.

I don't subscribe to e-yearbook.com, but the thumbnail doesn't show anything black but the suits."


THANKS HAROLD!  DAMN fine work and future generations will be thankful as well.  The examples here are from "Pepper" (aka A Pocketful of Pepper 1945 - 1955)

SCARCE Eugene Bilbrew Gay Paperback Vintage Sleaze Cover Queen of the Road

Queen of the Road.  You would have to look through posts a plenty to find a Gay image on this blog, not that there is anything wrong with it...and there is a first for everything.  Likely one of the most scarce digest size covers by Eugene Bilbrew, African-American fetish artist.  As I have profiled Bilbrew and his work many times, I can't let this one go by without sharing it.  The book, circa 1960-1970 by an unknown author (and unknown publisher) recently sold on ebay.  As such, one of the few books I have posted here which I do not own, but again...what a cover.  Vintage Sleaze Paperback Book art of the highest / lowest order!

More information on the artist, who appears here often, is also seen HERE and in numerous posts on the blog.

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Top Notcher Bawdy and Risque Vintage Sleaze

The cover of one of those "cartoon booklets, the kind men like" advertised in the back pages of magazines way back in the 1920s to the 1950s.  Top Notcher comes from "top notch" a now arcane phrase meaning good.  The jokes inside were cribbed from Smokehouse and Whiz Bang, early Fawcett publications...and likely without permission.

Top Notcher 12 page mini-comic risque booklet.  Collection Victor Minx

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Cherri Knight Sherrie Knight Cherrie Knight Cherry Knight Sherry Knight Big Boobs Vintage Sleaze

Cherrie Knight (real name Sherrie Knight, BFD...) was ample.  That will suffice.  She started dancing in the 1940s, apparently.  Read on.

Knight's greatest fame, I suppose, other than that achieved due to her notable chest portfolio, is that she appeared as herself in the film Teaserama  in 1955.  That certainly isn't her only accomplishment, as FORTY YEARS LATER she appeared in two documentaries on the history of striptease. In a field which, let's face it, "faces" came and went pretty fast, that she could remain upright that long proves something.  I am not quite sure what.

In Teaserama, Sherrie shares the stage with Bettie Page and Tempest Storm, not to mention horrible stand-up "comic" Joe E. Ross, the porcine buffoon.  Oh...and "Pepe" as half of the castanet wielding team of Pepe and Roccio.  Whadda show!

But old news.  Let's find some Cherrie Knight obscurities!

First of all, the IMDB entry which claims she is on the cover of Modern Man Magazine in February 1957 is wrong.  That's Sophia Loren, you boobs...and Sophia is only half the woman Cherri was.  Figuratively speaking, that is.

She appears on the cover of her own Proto-Porn booklet in 1959 published by Leonard Burtman as by Phoebe Publishers as "Cherri" (now the third spelling)  in a series of outdoor shots with no photographer credited.  In most of which she cavorts on a chenille blanket.  On the cover, which I think is a bit too risque for Facebook (The potted palm leaves barely cover Cherrie's double-palm sized attributes.)  As usual, there is no text at all, so we have to look elsewhere.  I'm trying to tear my eyes away.

Celebrity Sleuth provides her measurements.  Of course, she is listed on LinkedIn, the world's largest business network, helping professionals like CHERRIE KNIGHT discover...Umm.  No, I'm not going to join your stupid site.  Stop turning up in my Google searches, you piece of crap social slog site.  I don't want to join, and I NEVER want to join.  Go trick someone else.  Linked in my rear.

Most of the sites I find with Cherri are those which won't let you back out of them, or give you a pop-up that locks you into an endless loop of modern-day smut.

I see "RealXProduction" is selling Cherrie Knight Wallpaper.  No again, but thanks.  Who would possibly want Cherrie Knight beaming down on them from the wall from the 1950s?

Certainly Irving Klaw photographed her, or his surrogate Paula Klaw did, and there she is under another nom de plume "Cherry" Knight, ten photos, each with her initials scratched into the negative.  Cherry cavorts on a black and white couch long enough to get the role in Teaserama.  Of course Irving would have hired her anyway, and as soon as she walked into "The Pin-up King's" makeshift studio...but she was there, so why not take a few.

Oh oh...a FIFTH spelling!  Sherry Knight, on the classy website Big Breast Archive.  Looks like they have stolen every photo of her they could find...including one in which Cherri's face aged, but her breasts didn't...seriously.  There is also an attributed quote that she made undergarments out of parachutes! 

When will I learn to ignore the internet and go directly to Russ Meyer's HUGE autobiography?  There she is..."a stripper named Sherry Knight busting in on the Southern California scene."  Russ also calls her...get ready...BROBDINGNAGIAN, and GOURDINE, as well as "The USS Ticonderoga" and furthermore describes her as "defying any earthbound gravity-pull!" with " skull-numbing accoutrement." 

Why do I even try?

Meyer shot her on Malibu beach.

Cherri Knight "Number 29"  Phoebe Publishers (Leonard Burtman) 1959 New York City  32 Pages.  Title "Logo" by Eugene Bilbrew. Collection Victor Minx

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Many Feathers in the Lili St. Cyr Headdress! Vintage Sleaze

The more feathers in your headdress, the greater your number of victories according to plains tribes.  Stripper Lili St. Cyr wins alot.

Jada Janet Conforto Stripper Witness Who Knew Too Much Vintage Sleaze by Jim Linderman

Jada was an animal before the camera.  She was an animal on stage.  Jada drove a pink Cadillac convertible around Dallas while not dancing in Jack Ruby's club.

Questioned by a reporter two days after the assassination, a reporter encourages Jada to say on camera that Jack Ruby loved Jack Kennedy so much, he would be capable of avenging his death by shooting Oswald.  She pauses and replays dark nights in a seedy club.  Nope...the best Jada can come up with is that Jack didn't like Bobby Kennedy.

No one connected liked Bobby. Bobby was trying to put the outfit out of business, and Jack knew plenty of men in the outfit.  Jack swam with big fish in mob waters. 

Jada was a stage name of course.  Jada was Janet Mole, not nearly as sexy as Jada.  Over the years Janet Mole acquired more names than Eskimos have for snow, so let me help the intentionally inept investigators and provide her real name.  Janet Mole Adams Bonney Cuffari Smallwood Conforto Washington.  

Jada was well-known in the strip club world of New Orleans, but Jack wanted her talents on display in Dallas.  He brought her in and they signed a contract.

Jada worked at Jack's club for three months in 1963, quitting over a dispute with the sleazy owner three weeks before Kennedy visited Dallas.  Jada was known to "go a little too far" on stage and Jack had to kill the lights a few times during her act.  She left, and It probably saved her life.

Jada appears in the Warren Commission Report, but only by her stage name, and later they "couldn't find her" for questioning.  Um hum.  The commission seems to have given short shrift to a whole lot of folks connected to Ruby who might have things to say other than that the club owner with no friends other than members of the Dallas Police force was so distraught for Jackie he shot Oswald to save her the trouble of attending a trial.  We bought THAT?

Unlike many in the Dallas vicinity within reach of Jack Ruby's fat but extended trigger fingers, Jada was smart enough to get out and live a relatively long life.  That is if you consider 44 years a long life.  A motorcycle accident killed her 17 years after Ruby killed Oswald.

The digest above was published by Leonard Burtman under his "Phoebe" imprint, but it was a Burmel book.  It came out shortly, or immediately before the assassination.

Watch Jada here share what has pretty much become the commonly understood relationship between JFK and the mob...Jacob Rubenstein, the mobs's man in Dallas had nothing to say about Jack, but like all guys in "the family" he HATED young Bobby, the Attorney General.  Bobby was hurting business far more than Jack.  And therein lies a story far more interesting than Jada.



Carl Pfeufer Kefauver was RIGHT Damsels in Tasteless Distress Vintage Sleaze by Jim Linderman

Carl Pfeufer (1910 - 1980) was yet another of those comic book illustrators who proved the Kefauver Committee on Juvenile Delinquency was right to keep them out of kid's hands.  Although he had a long career in the "legitimate" comic book industry, his true colors were blood red and bruised black and blue...and they came to light in the illustrations he did for Off Beat Detective stories from 1958 to 1963. 

The fine folks at Pontiac Publishing didn't think the current men's detective pulps  were sleazy enough, so they added more brutality and bondage.  I don't mean "comic book"  bondage, in which, let's say, a damsel in distress is tied to a tree while cannibals dance around in front of a boiling kettle.  I mean real bondage.  Chains, whips, suffering and even in one case a toady fellow with a can of gasoline preparing to start a nice toasty woman fire. 

"Hi Kids!  Recognize my work from Marvel's Sub-Mariner?"

Pfeufer goes way back to the golden age of comics.  He even drew at least one issue of Captain America.  He studied under American impressionist painter William Starkweather (no...not THAT Starkweather,  though it would make sense) and attended art school in New York City.  By the 1930s was using his skills for virtually every comic publisher of note and then some.  Dell, Marvel, Harvey, Fawcett...all benefited from Carl's cartoons and he was there at the beginning.

His masterpieces of newsstand mayhem were later shown on the covers of Off Beat Detective (simply reverse the title for the intention of the publishers)  and under the original title Sure Fire in 1957.  To separate themselves from the pack of detective fiction magazines already on the stands, they added gruesome, violent sex. The formula worked for a few years, but barely.  The digest hardly rose from the pack and are quite scarce today.  As far as I know, Pfeufer did all the covers, and if that wasn't enough he also did tawdry little line drawings for each story inside.

A typical story titled "Scream For Me Darling" by Steve Lawton in a 1961 issue allows Pfeufer to draw a damsel in lingerie being lashed across the bare mid-section, with the caption "The whip swirled around Melody bringing an ecstacy of sheer agony."  In the same issue, the caption for an illustration for "Lust of the Damned" by William H. Duhart reads "Betty forgot the awful cramps as she saw the killers stalking across the pier." At least we know he understood women.  The Edward Hoch story "Hell's Handmaiden" has a Pfeufer illustration of a women watching a knife at her throat in the reflected bathroom mirror, and Hoch writes "And the blade went snicker-snack...so much blood."

Snicker - snack?

Prominent writers did the words, often under pseudonyms.  Harlan Ellision, Robert Silverberg, Ed Hoch and Lawrence Block.  One has to presume the cover illustrations were done by the artist witn instructions and based on the stories but that isn't necesarily so, and the relationship between picture and word is often tenuous.  It was, after all, the days before fax machines.  Maybe the editor would call Carl up on the blower.  "Okay Carl...today we need a dame chained to the wall and  knife thrower tossing a few her way.  Pronto!"

Off Beat Detective Stories were published by Pontiac Publishing Corporation on lovely Appleton Street in Holoyke  Massachusets.   They were also responsible for Two Fisted Detective Stories, just as sleazy and with the same lurid Pfeufer paintings, but that is certainly not all.   The magazines changed titles as often as the women being tortured changed their undies.  Guilty Detective Story Magazine, Hunted Detective Story Magazine, Trapped Detective Story Magazine, Fast Action Detective, Terror Detective, Hunted Detective Story Magazine and no doubt more.

They have not been well documented today, one suspects, because no one wanted to carry one up to the cashier.  They were also small, "digest" sized rags and less splashy than the"real" pulps.  Pontiac was not the only name they used.  Star Publications,  Arnold Publications and others have been traced to the address.  A huge misanthropic printing press!

I believe we can blame one Everett M. Arnold for the whole shebang, pun intended.   Arnold was a printing press salesman who obviously saw potential in the comics and pulp business. (To the extent his nickname was "Busy" Arnold!  Though he actually acquired the moniker as a child...he must have been A.D.D.)  He has subsequently been assigned a Facebook page, but as of this writing it has NO followers!  It will one day...Busy Arnold seems to be crying out from the grave he entered in 1974 for a full biography.

Everett referred to the fiction as "sock stories" whatever that means.  Stockings?  Taking one in the chin?  There is no Dewey Decimal category for  "sock stories" so I am going to assume these are not held in your local library.

Apparently the artist Pfeufer spent his later years creating for the art market...sculptures and paintings.  I don't believe I have ever seen any in a museum.

Essay by Jim Linderman  
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Bettie Page Sunbathing for Health (in CANADA)

Sunbathing for Health Magazine was Canadian (hence the sled dog here) but it is difficult to see if the beach is snow.  Whether Ms. Page would have been posing on the cover of Tanning Bed for Health Magazine today is speculation.  They were starved for it up there...Sunbathing for Health Magazine ran over 15 years!

Sunbathing for Health March 1956    (The Canuck nudists purchased a picture of Bettie Page to run on the cover of their August 1956 issue as well...this one must have increased membership.  In general, their covers were the standard "volleyball" shot of not particularly healthy looking ball-players)

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Vintage Sleaze Spanking Snapshot

Hmm.  1949.  I hesitate to post this snapshot because we are women friendly, but the guy certainly qualifies as a sleaze and everyone is smiling, even the pooch.  No deep research today, I'm taking a nap instead. However, this photo, I am SURE is going to appeal to a certain sub-culture of readers.  I have no idea why, but every time I post a woman being spanked, my click rate goes through the roof. 

Anonymous Snapshot, 1949  Collection Jim Linderman

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Breaker, Breaker Good Buddy, Grab My Handle Smutty Ham Radio Cards

Coming in loud and clear good buddy, it's some countrified risque banter on the airwaves, don't cha know, good buddy?  A group of girlie gag ham radio cards from the 1960s and 1970s I presume, which I grabbed off the screen of eBay, home of all things goofy. 

Eric Stanton Self-Portrait Eric Stanton Tries to Concentrate

Master Fetish illustrator and artist Eric Stanton concentrates on his work 1960.  An illustration from the seldom seen digest Fantasy in Fashions Issue number one. Selbee Associates (Original digest collection Victor Minx)

Will Candy Barr Wiggle Out of Jail? Um...not really

Well, yes and no.  Candy Barr COULD wiggle out of jail!  But did she?  Not for three years, and when she got out she promptly struck up a friendship with Jack Ruby.  Bad Move.

Confidential Detective Annual, 1960  
Front Page Detective 1958  
Gala 1958


Pinups of the Past New York Times article quotes Jim Linderman of Vintage Sleaze

"A Sly Wink to Pinups of the Past" by Ruth La Ferla in the New York Times 5/17/12 quotes Jim Linderman and discusses contemporary Pinup style, Bettie Page, Bunny Yeager and more.

Leonard Burtman and the Elbe Club New Discovery? Vintage Sleaze Digests and Mail-Order Photographs


Did Leonard Burtman, who along with a small circle of friends virtually invented modern day fetish publishing, run a mail order photography swap of pinup shots as well?  I think so. 

A letter here from the "ELBE CLUB" which was not really a club, but it could make you feel special!  Elbe offered to send fifty photos a month and to let you select the ones you wanted to keep for a dollar each.  Pretty steep Leonard, especially in 1960 dollars, but then there wasn't too much competition then.

Many of the companies and publishers Lenny set up were variants of his initials, and you can hardly get more (or less) variant than Elbe if yours are L.B. He used several other pseudonyms composed of his initials for photography and publishing endeavors.

I believe Mr. Burtman was also responsible for the little digest obscurities shown here as well, these published as by Elbee. (Maybe they added the extra "E" for EXCITEMENT!  Satin and Silk ran at least two issues, and Broadway - Hollywood, who knows.  Following the typical format of the bogus figure study" publications I discuss in the brand new book/Ebook PROTO-PORN: The Art Figure Study Scam of the 1950s these are digest-sized 32 page booklets with a page on how to take your own photographs.  Yea Lenny...and Libby Jones and Virginia are on their way right over.
Other models you may recognize appear in the digests... but who was in the photo-sets he sent out on approval from his apparent maildrop on Broadway?  I'm going to assume the regular stable.

Satin and Silk, Broadway - Hollywood, both Elbee Publishers 1960 Collection Victor Minx  Original Elbe Club letter, no date (circa 1960)  Collection Victor Minx

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