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Bizarre Desires Burmel Leonard Burtman by Edith Reynolds THE RARE DIGESTS #27 Vintage Sleaze Paperbacks in Digest Form

Burmel provided Bizarre Desires in the form of a jaguar who chewed the lower right hand cover of my book!  I can't complain...it's old.  One of the rare Burmel books Leonard actually took the time to DATE.  1958.  Ike was in office and while he didn't particularly care what folks read, some of his minions did.  So did a bunch of religious fanatics in Manhattan.  Consequently, Lenny had to be careful...and in once case was arrested trying to slip dirty pictures through customs by claiming they were "cups and saucers" on the bill of lading.  Nice try Lenny. 

Anyway, a story for another time and place, hopefully one I can sell rather than give away.

Bizarre Desires was one of a series of astounding titles published by Burmel with no dirty words, but remarkable illustrations by Eric Stanton and Eugene Bilbrew, both then at the peak of their weird powers.  The text purports to be written by  "Edith Reynolds"  (uh huh) and consists of endless paragraphs detailing what the participants were taking off and trying on.  I particularly like the phrase "her heel was as thin and narrow as a hypodermic needle" which I intend to use in my hard-boiled detective novel forthcoming.

I have only seen this title for sale once and I bought it.  However, there are still like ten results if you search it up...all say "currently unavailable" so I assume they were all multiple listings for my copy.  I'm happy to add the image to the universal brain...where henceforth each image which multiplies on the web will have a torn cover.

Bizarre Desires by Edith Reynolds  Burmel Publishing New York 1958.  110 Pages Five illustrations by Eugene Bilbrew, Cover illustration by Eric Stanton.  COLLECTION VICTOR MINX

THIS IS NUMBER TWENTY SEVEN IN THE SERIES 'THE RARE DIGESTS' Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Bill Ward Wee Hours Inside Job Vintage Sleaze Paperback

I haven't posted any Bill Ward in a while.  As I would like to retain my vintage sleaze paperbacks tradition and creds, here is a nice 1967 Wee Hours title not often seen.  

Inside Job by Jon Parker  Wee Hours 545 Buffalo, New York 1967  Collection Victor Minx

Bettie Page Crawls Out of the Frame Film


Bobby Brown and Bare's Boulevard of Burlesque Bronze Atomic Bombshell Typo!

 Oh oh...Bobby Brown pulls a boner!  Bobby Brown was Bare's Boulevard of Burlesk  columnist, reporting on the babes of burlesque.  But he messed up.  As you can see, Bobby provided the wrong name for the "Bronze Atomic Bombshell" when he reported her name as Pricess Tira Brown instead of Princess Tina Forney.  

"B...b...b....Boss!  The stage manager told me the bronze bombshell broad was Brown!"

Bare Magazine Bobby Brown scandal!  Bare Magazine "The Naked Truth" November 1955 issue.  

Vintage Sleaze Retrospective 2 million hits

The three blogs which comprise the Dull Tool Dim Bulb empire went to two million hits yesterday. To celebrate, some images from the first year.

Dull Tool Dim Bulb


Thanks! Jim Linderman

Rene Bond Performance in Necromania Omitted from Biography Vintage Sleaze Polaroid

A polaroid photo from the mid 1970s. I'm not sure if Rene Bond brought Dad onstage in this performance, but she might have (see below) As you know, I usually write a story for each image here, but I simply can not do a better job than the biography by Craig Anthony HERE from the IMDb website. Except that he left out her performance in Necromania, an extraordinary and horrible movie directed by no less then Ed Wood jr. Heck, to me that's the primary reason for including Rene ANYWHERE! Rene played young in skinflicks...she had a baby face like Candy Barr. She also died young.

Rene Bond dominated early '70s Los Angeles porn, appearing in about 300 films and loops. She entered porn in the late 1960s for the usual reason, money. In her own words "I had some friends who were working in porno, and I needed the money. So they said they'd introduce me to some people, and they did. I got used to the money." Rene began her career in the low budget schlock of producer Harry H. Novak, often appearing with her long time boyfriend Ric Lutze. They would be a regular cinematic pair in both softcore and hardcore films for most of the 1970s. An industry observer described her as "a sinfully sexy and youthful looking little strumpet whose well-rounded acting skills and vivacious approach to on-screen sexing made her an instant favorite." She had a petite, trim body that made her the choice to play teenagers or farmers' daughters. She also had a deft touch with comedy. Her landmark linking segments in Teen-age Fantasies: An Adult Documentary (1971) epitomize her knack for coming across as sweet and winsome in even the raunchiest material. Rene was one of the first porn starlets to have breast implants to cater to what she called the "North American Breast Fetish". She got even more work after that. Rene incorporated herself in the mid 1970s and sold photos and slides of herself through her own mail order company. She also sang, danced and stripped at the Ivar Burlesque Theater in Hollywood. She often brought her father on stage and sang "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." Her mom went everywhere with her. She happily signed autographs in the lobby for a dollar each after her performances. Rene and Ric vanished from the film scene in 1978. Rene stayed out of sight until the mid 1980s when she was spotted as a contestant on the TV quiz show "Break the Bank" (1985). She was introduced as a bankruptcy specialist and had a new husband in tow. (She won over $9,000 in cash and prizes.) Rene was seen around Las Vegas throughout the late 1980s and 1990s. She died of liver problems in the late 1990s. Biography by Craig Anthony HERE

Original Polaroid Photograph of Handmade Poster for Rene Bond on Stage. Circa 1975 Collection Victor Minx


DROP IN to The Timbers! Girlie Parachute Cartoon Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Circa 1940 Advertising / Business card for The Timbers Tavern (Home of the Internationally Famous Miniature Railroad) on Route 97 ten miles south of Lapine, Oregon. Visit Soon!
Collection Victor Minx

Willie's Bookshop in the Baltimore Block (Photo by Curly)

Willie's Books located in "The Block" in Baltimore. Clarence B. "Curly" Garrett took this photograph of Willie's in 1966. It was cropped at the shop, but I can not verify if it was used in the paper, or papers actually. The Baltimore Sun is often known as "The Sunpapers" as they publish a handful of regional editions and websites covering the enormous Baltimore market.

Curly Garrett was was trained as a photographer at the Eastman Kodak Photography School in the Navy after serving as "Photographer Mate" on an aircraft carrier in 1944. After the war, he went to work at the Baltimore Sun where took magnificent pictures for 40 years. A native of South Carolina, and the son of a preacher, Curly was of my father's generation. Unlike the sleazeballs who ran the shop he snapped here, he was by all accounts a gentleman who served with distinction and left a significant body of work. Curly had a few photos run in Life Magazine and Sports Illustrated, and he also won some regional awards. Interestingly, they same week Curly passed away, the Baltimore Sun announced they were putting their web content behind a pay wall. I much prefer the notion of Curly's work being printed on newsprint, then bundled and dropped on street corners for newsstands and rolled up in the morning by sleepy paperboys than being digitized on a website for which I have to sign in and provide a credit card number, but progress in progress.

I can't find much of anything about the bookstore here, or why Curly was sent to take a picture of it. It was located in "The Block" which was, and is, Baltimore's adult district. In fact, when I search the phrases which might tell me about the shop, Google thoughtfully provides an ad to the Hustler club there now!

The photo is dated 1966, right smack dab in the middle of the time period I write about here, so it is a gem. It appears "Willie's" bookstore was textbook smut. "Official Nudist Mags" (Official?) "Art Photos & Film" (Art?) "Girlie Mags" and more. This was taken years before smut shops went hardcore and moved to converted gas stations out by the highway exit. In 1966, the most on display here was probably cheesecake, but if you asked you might be shown some of the good stuff. They don't even have peepshows.

A remarkable relic. I don't think Curly would have ranked it among his best work, but it means plenty to me.

Original Press Photograph, Embellished with hand-painted crop marks. Photo by Clarence B. Garrett, 1966 The Sunpapers. Collection Victor Minx.

Eric Stanton Goes into ORBIT with Space Dolls

Eric Stanton draws Space Dolls for Leonard Burtman's attempt to capture the market for astronauts into legs in this 1962 piece which ran in Orbit Magazine. Note fantastic Out of this World space jargon thought bubbles of inter-planetary gibberish!

Eric Stanton illustration from Orbit Magazine 1962

Books and $5.99 ebooks by Jim Linderman available HERE.

Bill Ward and the Hippies Adam Stag Humor Free Love and Big Boobs

Bill Ward takes on the Hippies. Bill was far from hip, being a mostly stay-at-home Uber-geek with pop-bottle glasses and a drawing board, but he survived more social movements than Allen Ginsberg. Ward drew World War Two helmets staring at boobs, Madison Avenue fedoras staring at boobs, goatee wearing beatniks staring at boobs and here, one of them is in the process of morphing into a hippie man staring at boobs.

Adam magazine is as familiar to 1960s men as JFK and James Bond, but less known are the cartoon specials. Special they were! Ward takes 6 full pages to tell the story of "Hippies of All Nations" in which beret-wearing Tour-de-France bikers flip over their bicycles for boobs, Russian dissidents paint love slogans on the Iron curtain while looking at boobs and a stiff British guard tries not to break his stance by looking at boobs. He does, of course, out of the corner of his eye.

Later in the same issue, Ward is back with "Hippie Takeover" in which a hoard of busty mini-skirted women with big boobs take over a building site usually occupied by Nixon hard hats.

I believe there were 5 annual issues of Adam Stag Humor. This is number three from 1968. There are LSD jokes, Wenzel and Lynn Harrison gag cartoons along with the regular assortment of clip-art filler, tired film stills with "contemporary" gag-lines added and several pages of filthy ads in back.

The whole she-bang proves neither Adam or Bill had any idea at ALL what was going on. They did suspect that they were missing out on all the free-love...and they knew women had boobs.

Adam Stag Humor III Knight Publishing Company Los Angeles, CA 1968
Collection Victor Minx

Magazines Ain't What they Used to be Vintage Sleaze Stare Digest 1959

Mara Velous heats up a pool, Big-time Burly promoter Johnny Robinson pours over pictures and Lili St. Cyr draws a bath. Rear cover of Stare Digest 1959.

Stare Digest "Exciting & Lively Picture Pleasure" Humorama Timely Features October 1959 issue collection Victor Minx.

For more Humorama see Humorama Art HERE

Is She HOT? Amateur Pinup Generates Some Heat Vintage Sleaze Vintage Photo

Looks like the photographer couldn't pay the heat bill. Here a hapless model hovers near a radiant space heater while trying to appear hot for the camera.

Original Photograph, Anonymous circa 1950 Collection Victor Minx

Crazy Kopeefun Cuties! Comic Transfer Rubbings for Rubbing from the 1940s Earliest Pop Art ?

If I have learned anything producing these vintage sleaze posts, it is that the first application of any new technology, even one as silly as a rubbing transfer piece of paper which predates the silly copying technique of silly putty...will be to fiddle around with the female form. Even if she is only a paper doll in comic form.

A selection of some young, impressionable young man's attempt at reversing the image of hot comic book babes in order to get additional views.
Kopeefun Paper (which was "magic") was produced in this batch from Embree manufacturing company in Elizabeth, NJ. in 1941. So I am going to guess these cartoon ladies came from comic books circa 1941-1950, assuming the magic portion of the sheets would wear out at some point.
Any comic book scholars out there care to identify the artists or their spicy creations?

Group of Kopeefun transfer rubbings, circa 1941-1950 Collection Victor Minx

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UPDATE COMIC (AND OVERALL) GENIUS DEVLIN THOMPSON CONTRIBUTES THE FOLLOWING (AND WINS A T-SHIRT) : The blonde with the forelock is "Suzie," from the 1945-54 Archie Comics series of that name (http://www.comics.org/series/13221/). The first and sixth image are her fellow Archie-published character Katy Keene (http://www.comics.org/series/11875/). I'm inclined to think the last are from another publisher, and the blonde in the third example MAY be as well. On the other hand, Archie's house look before the fifties was a lot less uniform, so it's possible that it's actually Betty Cooper (Bill Ward actually drew a couple of "Betty & Veronica" stories in the forties that looked like this). "Suzie" and "Katy Keene" stories were both featured in PEP COMICS and LAUGH COMICS through the years, so it's possible that those are all from the same comic, but I doubt it.  AND  For the record, after checking through a box of Archies, Binkys, Scooters and the like that came in at work today, I can tell you that none of these are from Suzie #52, 54, or 57. Also, there are Katy Keene stories in those, as well as Suzie stories drawn by Woggon, so that increases the likelihood that both characters' images are from the same comic. I'd either forgotten or never known how shamelessly cheesecake-oriented Suzie really was. Not that Archie Comics has ever been that shy about the female form, but there are panels of things like a close-up of her gluteus maximus in a short skirt that's riding up that would not appear in an issue of Betty & Veronica, then or now! I'll scan some later, if I get the chance.

Let's Go Fishing for DAMES! Vintage Sleaze Fishing Bobber

A mermaid from the 1950s Fishing tackle box.

Nude Risque Fishing Bobber circa 1950 Molded Plastic, Hand Painted Collection Jim Linderman

Edward Mishkin School for Passion The Rare Digests #26 by Jim Linderman on Vintage Sleaze the Blog

School for Passion is an extremely scarce book published and distributed by Edward Mishkin early in his pornography career. A career which becomes increasingly evident (as I research it) to have continued a long, long time. This is true especially considering his arrests, but also most surprising as no less than the Supreme Court affirmed his conviction! Some folks don't learn. Or maybe they do.

With extraordinary illustrations by Eugene Bilbrew, one shown here, the book by "H. Tennob" is circa 1955.
I plan to have many more illustrations and revelations in the forthcoming book TIMES SQUARE SMUT which I am plugging away at.

"School for Passion" H. Tennob No publisher, No date (Edward Mishkin circa 1955-1959) Collection Jim Linderman

Small essays on hopelessly obscure and scarce soft-core publications of the 1950s. Enjoy them All!

Books by Jim Linderman HERE

Pepper Magazine Digest Humor Magazine 1957 Wenzel

As good pair, front and back. Both by Bill Wenzel.
Pepper March 1957 Minneapolis, MN Collection Jim Linderman

Dooto Does It! Long Players for the Segregated Race Party

Think you've heard it all? Nope. "All" would include these records which primarily made it only to the hood when it was segregated, not gentrificated. Plus they were sold under the counter.

Dooto records was created by Walter "Dootsie" Williams, and their primary function was to release funky and filthy.

This material is every SHADE of off-color. There is even a ventriloquist act who recorded as Willie and his Rising Dick. The great late Redd Foxx was the staple, but there were others and they were just as filthy.

HERE is the full story as well as one of the most amazing discographies you can imagine. Compiled by Dave Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries, it is a great story and the best reason for you to rush to the nearest flea market and buy a record player.