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The Seven Deadly Sins of Bernard Charoy 1958 Vintage Pin Up Sleaze

Fascinating early work by French pin up artist Bernard Charoy. Each illustrating a deadly sin, and what better day to remind you of the cardinal sins than Christmas? The artist has dwindled a bit in obscurity, but had a certain "je ne said quoi" to quote a recent McDonald's commercial about art and hamburgers. 

Charoy's official website claims he "collaborated Eric Stanton" creator of "Gondoline" which makes no sense. There was a GWENDOLINE, but it was originally done by John Willie, which influenced a later work with the same title by Eric Stanton, I think.  That must be it. Lost in translation? 

Charoy was also published in a collection called "Suffer and Obey" with Eric Stanton, but it doesn't really look like a collaboration. I think Caroy published several kinky illustrated narratives with Stanton in the late 1970s, but whether they really collaborated or even met is unclear to me. It will come out someday.
Anyway, Caroy is big in Japan…his exhibition history is here.   He is also, I believe, still alive. At least the official site doesn't say he isn't, but then you never know if he passed on and wasn't able to update. I'll assume he is still producing and hope he is.

Artnet documents some 100 of his works sold at auction over the years, and some works are available on the web for around 2500 Euros. "Limited" editions of his prints turn up on ebay. 

On his site, he seems to have learned to gussy up his pin up girls like Renoir, but these pieces here, which were reproduced in a rare sleaze magazine in the 1950s I have been researching for Times Square Smut are not really French impressionist. They were done while the artist was some 25 years old and have a stark but creative,  way ahead of their time feel. He should have stayed hungry…flowers aren't really necessary in pin up art. 

Someone named "penelope 1954" put up a 4 minute series of screenshots on Youtube, but watch it with the music turned off.  

The magazine these appeared in, which I will not name, was a pastiche of Bilbrew drawings, clip art, reprinted "obscurities" and such. How they hooked up with Charoy is unknown, but dammit I will find out. Anyway, as these works have not been shown on the web, and they are interesting, here you go. 

Mr. Charoy? Let me know what's happening. 

Books and Ebooks for iPad by the author available HERE