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Irma the Body Magna Cum Laude Graduate (TRUE) Vintage Sleaze Genius on Men: The Cabaret Essay

The magnificent Irma the Body reads Aristotle.  Now you might think this one of this "ironical" shots of a big blonde bimbo posing, but I am here to set you straight…as Irma the body not only had an IQ higher FAR greater than the combined total of her three primary measurements (39 + 23 + 39) it is safe to say it was larger than mine and yours. 

Personally, I believe her only "less than genius" move was changing her name.  I admit Irma the Body looked great on a marquee, but her real name?  Mary Goodneighbor.  That's right.  Mary Goodneighbor.  Guess what else?  Irma the Body graduated from Hunter College magna cum laude.   

The photograph here accompanies a considerable and thoughtful essay Irma wrote for Cabaret Magazine in 1956 in which she explains male behavior the Kinsey Report missed.   From her (very tall) perspective on the stage, you can be sure she has a few bits of knowledge Kinsey didn't, and the article is not only thoughtful, full of insight and practical sense, it is as  good a read as I've had since a recent article from "Atomic Ranch" in which I learn those prototype Eames couches my folks tossed in a dumpster would have been nice to keep.

Anyway, Irma divides men into several distinct personality types, which you will have to find a copy of the October 1956 issue to appreciate.  Try to find a copy in better shape.  Some kid scribbled on mine.

"The Jekyll-Hyde boy or the steamed-up-schizophrenic"

"The tsk-tsk-she's brazen-but there's-something-about-her type"

"The Pussyfooting pornographer with the pretty passive purpose"

"Furtive Fertie, frustration's friend"

The show-me-what-I-don't-see-at-home type"

Cabaret Magazine October 1956 Copyright Feldon Publishing Company  Cover photograph Irma the Body by USFeatures, Irma read Aristotle by David Workman