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Brandee Kase Suspected Sad Story of Sonny Hayes and Brandee Kase Times Square Smut

Brandee Kase worked under a few names, but her real name is unknown, and she exists today only as bootleg product on sleazy pay download sites which cater to old time fappers.  She will be one of those models I post and hear from a relative 6 months later.  "That was my great aunt, she was married to her agent" I suppose, but we will see.  If it happens, I'll dutifully update the post. Yes...we get mail.

Midget journalistic ham Earl Wilson once reported she was working on a film deal, but his "reports" were usually crap he was fed by show business pimps.  Hayes used to work out of West 47th Street in Manhattan "a personalized service in the Heart of the Theatrical District" as they said, but it was mere answering service.  They lasted into the 1980s, advertising in the Village Voice for some twenty years. Being 5 blocks up from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, you can imagine how much Minnesota meat dropped in fresh from the fields looking for fame.  Straight up 8th Avenue and two blocks over.  Twenty years…I am surprised the sidewalk isn't worn from the newly purchased heels for their first interview.

Owner Sonny Hayes was as much answering service as agency…but he had show biz creeds, mostly in the advertising field.  A former singer and vaudevillian, he once had a minor hit singing "It's a Cruel, Cruel World" in 1949 and later, apparently, he either wrote or had a piece of the Campbell's soup jingle :"Mmm Mmm Good"  through his early "Selling with Sound" company.  I suspect the song lasted longer than Brandee.  Sonny was so sure of his genius he built a tape recorder into his automobile so as not to forget any brilliant ideas…and this was back when tape recorders were huge, so you can imagine the size of Sonny's dashboard!

Oh well…we are all about stories here.  Sorry there isn't more of a story for Brandee…but it would likely be one without a happy ending.

In her nude shots, some taken by Tom Kallard (who also shot Bettie Page nudes)  she would define the term "pert"  I guess…the term used when a model wasn't too busty.  Pert or not, she pushed them up and leaned towards the camera to make them bigger.  Kallard's shots appear in Modern Man in 1959.  Thanks for the gig Sonny! 

Brandee also appears in Ace and Scamp, two stalwarts of 1950's poon.  

Unfortunately, work must have been scarce, as a bit later she worked for Lenny Burtman in fetish gear, looking far more savvy, far more slim and far less naive in perky boots with eight inch heels and laces up to her knees.  Oh Brandee.

Gorgeous Model Brandee Kase Proto-Porn digest.  Nu Art Publications No Date  Collection Victor Minx

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