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Sunbathing for Health?  A Canadian magazine intended to help Canucks make it through the long winter…just aim a heat lamp on your knees and hunker down, you'll make it.  What makes Sunbathing for Health good for this family friendly blog is that while it was a nudist magazine, the professional models, hardly representative of the folks inside,  kept their clothes on for the covers!  I can show them without attracting the ire of angry moms.  Things must have eased up, as later covers have, well…more tan.  But they still air-brushed the brushes.

What we have here is a double hypocrisy.  First of all, the sun hasn't been too healthy since we broke the ozone layer.  Better to stay inside and read the magazines.  Second of all, the women on the cover only undressed to earn their modeling commission or to go to bed.  None of these women were really card-carrying Canadian naturists.

Canada.  The Mexico of the North.  Vast sprawling lands of cedar-shingled saunas filled with pasty el-boffo for 9 months of the year…whereas this magazine went year 'round.

Sunbathing for Health famously used Bettie Page twice for the cover, but I don't think she ever went to the frozen north…though it was before cellphones, so we can't look up her "tower pings" to confirm it.

The publisher was Rex in Toronto, and I believe they started publishing in 1940. 

Now one would think if anyone could get along, it would be naked volleyball players.  Nope.  Check out this crib from Wiki, which seem unusually preoccupied with naturists to me…but we all have our predilections.

Most of those clubs united in the Canadian Sunbathing Association, which affiliated with the American Sunbathing Association in 1954. Several disagreements between eastern and western members of the CSA resulted in the breakup of CSA into the Western Canadian Sunbathing Association (WCSA) and the Eastern Canadian Sunbathing Association (ECSA) in 1960. The ECSA endured much in-fighting over the next decade and a half, leading to its official demise in 1978. The WCSA continues today as the American Association for Nude Recreation - Western Canadian Region

War of the Naked Candians! 

Personally, I love skinny dipping, but I'm not a "joiner" so have never felt it necessary to belong to a club,  Canadian or otherwise.  Just put up the clothing optional sign and leave me alone,  I'm trying to read here.

There were two types of nudist magazines. Real ones, which promoted a healthy lifestyle, and fake ones which promoted only a way for sleazy gangsters to sell spicy pictures.  I think Rex sat on the fence.  They claimed "sun worship" status, and yet most of the inside pages were women.  After all, only guys are gawkers.  I am going to bet 99 percent of their subscribers were dudes.

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