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Share but CREDIT

Tura Satana R.I.P One Year On and a Noble Project Needing Your Help Vintage Sleaze

TURA SATANA as 'MISS JAPAN" (Cropped) by John Bennewitz 1957

Since I have come to have modest success here at Vintage Sleaze, I have decided to use it on occasion as a bully pulpit.

Tura Santana, AKA (but not very much) as Tura Luna Pascual Yamaguchi.  She was born in Japan with the most lovely and distinctive ethnic heritage.  You know her.  You have seen Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, and if you haven't, you haven't lived fully. 

Tura passed away a year ago today.  February 4, 2011.  It is a shame, as we like to think those who made a difference are here forever.  In my mind she is…stomping her foot on an accelerator in the desert.

Tura IS being kept alive by her friend, manager and advisor Siouxzan Perry.  From what I see Tura is being protected legally after her passing with trademarks and such, which is good…and remarkably her Myspace page has been kept intact. 

MOST IMPORTANT is that folks connected with the legitimate endeavor are working a documentary, which is where this post comes in.  They have no shortage of astounding material, rare television footage, you name it.  The story deserves to be told, and told right.  They need funding for the film. You can help.  Tura was no angel, but apparently needs them.  Be a Tura angel.

To license a product, contribute to the film project, support Tura's memory or anything else, contact Siouxzan Perry at: 

siouxzan@girlwerks.com  OR siouxzan@turasatanaproductions.com


Tura Satana Myspace Page, still up, is HERE