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The French Peep Show by Russ Meyer His First Film Now Lost

28 year old Russ Meyer filming his first film, now lost, with producer Peter DeCenzie peering over his shoulder at the talent.  Russ had done industrials, but French Peep Show was his first nudie cutie, and consisted of an elaborate staged burlesque show at the El Rey Theater.  DeCenzie slipped and fell while ogling during production and spent some time in traction.  If any copies of the film remained, it would have been a valuable artifact, not only of a typical, if torrid example of a night of Burlesque, it would also featured the acts of Tempest Storm, Lily Lamont, Shalimar and other peelers, and unlike the lame films done around the same time as Irving Klaw's, it was staged and featured more than a single figure vamping.  It would have probably also been the first example of Meyer "shooting from below" which he used to great effect in every subsequent film.

Even this  34 page program is quite scarce, but at least one or two still exist.

The French Peep Show Program 1952  Collection Jim Linderman

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