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Share but CREDIT

NEW Russ Meyer Product! 4 unreleased films on New DVD Vintage Bodies Vintage Sleaze

Word comes to Vintage Sleaze that the Russ Meyer Trust has released VINTAGE BODIES which compiles 4 early works that were never planned for release.  All from 1960 to 1963, a period when the director was experimenting with what would become trademark techniques.  Of considerable interest to film collectors OR film students, as there is much to see in a Russ Meyer film (not the least his gut tough, ham-fisted editing…)  Included in the release is a 65 minute feature titled "Erotica" and an even long title "Heavenly Bodies" as well as two shorts, one which is titled Skycrapers and Brassieres from 1961.  Sounds in character.

While these are indicated as "the beginning of "exactly how Russ began his career" the lost film French Peep Show is not included. 

 Must see for Russ Meyer historians, fans and thrill-seekers!

LINK to the Russ Meyer Store is HERE.  Spend some time.  There is an amazing body of work available.