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Malaland Magazine: The Pinup Stylings of Mala Mastroberte Book Review

Book Review Malaland Magazines: The Pin Up Stylings of Mala Mastroberte

Mala Mastroberte is the Zelig of Pin up magazines.  Self-taught and created, she is an artist who reinvents vintage pin up poses from the classic (and obscure) magazine covers of 1920s to the 1960s.  Once displayed for sale on the top rack of the novelty shop downtown, each is now appropriated and recreated by the artist in remarkable replicas.   Mala morphs in meticulous detail, and all the costumes, make-up, photography and post- production is hers alone.  These are all self-portraits.  Mala takes those "put yourself on the cover of Time Magazine" mock-ups available years ago to an entirely new level.  From the top rack to a place of her own.

In turns Ms. Mastroberte is Marilyn or Bettie, brunette or redhead, a victim or criminal, a siren or vixen.  In her work, she recreates a colorful world now gone, and reminds us what magazines once were.  Every single one of the newsstand marvels she chooses to appropriate is now extinct.

I have an advantage when it comes to reviewing Malaland Magazine: The Pinup Stylings of Mala Mastroberte.  I may be one of the few who has actually seen many of the original covers Mala manipulates…and thus can appreciate the backdrops Ms. Mastroberte drops herself into.  She was also profiled in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series here where some of her earlier work is shown alongside the originals for comparison. 

Malaland Magazine: The Pinup Stylings of Mala Mastroberte is available from Binary Publications and Amazon HERE.