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Judy O'Day Model of the 1950s Vintage Sleaze Pin Up Cypher

If for no other reason, Judy O'Day will go down in history as the first pin-up centerfold in Satan Magazine.  A good career move?  Well…I guess sometimes fellas feel like Satan, sometimes not.  The fellow with a pitchfork and ears may not be a scientific fact, but Judy was.  First of all, she was featured in one of the most lovely photographs ever taken of a woman.  She was upside down, but still.  It appears here, uncredited, in the sleaze "Nu-Art" digest devoted to Ms. O'Day, unfortunately with no date or address.  One of those fake "figure study" books intended to arouse men under the guise of teaching them photography.  Surprisingly, for an "art" publication "Nu-Art" sure has cheap printing.

She was not related to singer Anita O'Day, nor was Harry Belefonte singing about her in the Banana Boat Song. "Day O…..Daayyyyyyy O" but me wanna come home if Judy is there anyway.

She was also the centerfold for Modern Man Magazine in 1958, and in Hi-Life a year later,  so Judy was used to staples in her tummy.  She is today best known for having her images cribbed from my original posts with historical context removed and with no appropriate credit or acknowledgment.   Well…that's the way it goes.  (Amateur writer tosses hands in resignation.)

At her best, she looked like Scarlett Johansson.  At her worst, she needed a new haircut.  She also posed for sleaze king Irving Klaw, also generally not a good career move unless you were Bettie Page or Tempest Storm…but I don't think she did any of the "special" requests Irving would fill while the customers paid to watch.  Ugh. 

Oh oh…yes she did.  I find her sprawled on a dirty couch bound and gagged, but she appears to be in Lenny's place, not Irving's.  Well, that's good. Maybe only Lenny was watching, not some creep.  There are several photos  of Judy on Irving's less funky couch…but she's only looking perky, not abused. She is called simply "Judy O" for some reason.

Judy was also photographed (by James J. Pappas) for the cover of crappy LP  "A Little Spice" by Faye Richmonde, but the company later released the album with ANOTHER naked women. (According to the book "The Melody Man: Joe Davis and the New York Music Scene" by Bruce Bastin)  Maybe they found the bondage pics like I did, and thought it inappropriate.  Although the label didn't seem to mind putting things I have to black out on the cover.  I'm family friendly!  Joe Davis wasn't.  At any rate, Faye sang dirty songs in night clubs for a living.  It is fifty years later,  and I still have to put a big X on Judy's chest to keep folks from being offended.  Now that is timeless art.

Judy O'Day Digest "America's Most Sensational Pin-Up and Figure Model" Nu-Art Publications. No Date. Collection Victor Minx