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Fetish Sleaze of Manique Lenny's Line Extension of Lingerie Lust and Typed by Hand Trash Vintage Sleaze (excerpt from Times Square Smut the Book)

Fetish workaholic and over-achiever Leonard Burtman attempted to expand his underground empire with MANIQUE, a failed attempt to own more shelf space at the smut shop.  Consisting, I believe, of one issue only, Manique was an over-priced digest (by the time crooked retailers got around to marking them up (what Lenny wholesaled them for is unknown, but likely less than 1/5 of the cover price here) and was only available a short time, as the following year he received what was likely his first charge for distributing obscene material.  Published under an imprint which has not been written about before.  

The magazine was subtitled "A Review of the Sassy and Taboo" which meant black and white photographs of lingerie and shoes.  As you can see, Lenny was getting desperate for help writing the short fiction he churned out himself…there are numerous pleas for reader contributions.  He was also trying to figure out what the hell the fetish market WAS.  "If there is any particular subject you wish to learn more about, drop us a line addressed to the editor (who was unnamed, read Lenny) and we will assign one of our staff to the project (again, Lenny or possibly his wife)  We are certain that this is one way to better educate ourselves and our readers.  All ideas, no matter how strange sounding, are most welcome."

Of course there really was no staff, unless you count all of Lenny's pseudonyms and a few of his wives.

The digest contained a full page drawing by Eugene Bilbrew advertising another Burtman obscurity,  Exatique (not to be confused with Exotique) and hilarious "returns of the typewriter" on the title page.  Several short stories (one titled "Lucy Manique" which probably came about after deciding on the magazine title) and some 30 black and white illustrations.  Interestingly, it also contained a snarky reference to "infamous competitors" which, of course, are covered here.

Lucy Manique tries on a corset in Manique  Original digest Collection Victor Minx

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