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Share but CREDIT

Eric Stanton draws the Logo for Forty Plus Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze # 11

Fetish artist Eric Stanton creates one of the most memorable logos in magazine history, but no one sees it except pervs.  

A short anecdote from the editor.  I once worked at a prominent news organization, and was asked to obtain some issues of a senior market magazine titled "Fifty Plus" aimed, I suppose, at the aging baby boomers.  I had to call around and try to find some issues, and placed one to a newsstand I had luck with often.  I asked the gentleman, who was of Indian descent (as are many of the newsstand operators in New York City) if he had any issues of Fifty Plus.  He answered, with a questioning, thoughtful "no...but I have Forty Plus."

I've often wondered if he tried to stock "Fifty Plus" after that.

The logo is a stylized image of Tempest Storm busting at the seams.  Bless her.

Logo for Leonard Burtman's 40 plus digest by Eric Stanton.

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