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The Year For Love 1961 by George Smith AKA Jan Hudson Moonlight Reader Vintage Sleaze

I would say science fiction writer George Smith was a hack, but I'm polite.  He was a writer of hack-like science fiction.  I have to be really careful not to besmirch George, as there was more than one George Smith writing science fiction, but only one of them wrote the stuff above.

I have to be doubly careful, as I have a cold and each tap of the keys here makes my head pound.

The story here, is of course, The Year of Love.  As you see, a sensational story of terror and sadism in lingerie.  Right up my alley.

However, that wasn't the real title of the book.  It was "1976 The Year of Terror"  Same hype…both "sensational stories of terror and sadism" and while I haven't read it, I doubt it won a Hugo OR many fans…but with a different title and additional leg, maybe it could sell a few more copies. So a new title and cover was slapped on it.  Literally!  They removed the cover and cover page and glued the new one right on.

The original book was written in 1961, when 1976 was a few years away (as science fiction is supposed to do) but the only terror from that year I remember was Jerry Ford, the only unelected president in the nation's history, who stepped in after Republican stalwart Richard Nixon and his mob-connected veep Spiro Agnew had both resigned in massive, unprecedented disgrace.  Thanks for bringing the country back together Jerry! 


So my kindle reader's don't have to click and lean in, I'm providing the description here as well:  Exceedingly scarce reprint of Smith's notorious "1976 - The Year of Terror" [Epic # 103]. One of GHS's most original tales, with an excellent mix of science fiction, political intrigue, and sleaze. PLOT: The President has been assassinated, the VP kidnapped, and the US is being terrorized by the Libertarian Party (?!) and the Secret Police. With a supporting cast of spies, hot-rodders, babes, and winos, this thriller is billed as "a sensational story of terror and sadism as ruthless mobs battle the Secret Police in the United States of tomorrow!"

George Smith is also remembered for his lurid Satan's Daughter book, shown here, which was first brought to my attention by the book Sin-A-Rama.  He wrote it under a fake name, one Jan Hudson.  Gee…I wonder why.  I haven't read it either, but with the back cover I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in Satan, who doesn't really exist…or Lesbians, who certainly do.  I have seen them with my own eyes.

Back to George.  I'm not going to read this thing, as I only read non-fiction.  But I will provide the book description from Amazon!  Exceedingly scarce.  That could be, as my copy cost ten bucks.

Just for the record, George, aka Jan Hudson, also wrote The Sexy Saucer People, and  they sure were!  They worked in the nude except for bubblelike space hats like skin-divers wear!

The Year for Love 1961 Art Enterprises "A Moonlight Reader"  No author provided.  (George H. Smith)  Collection Victor Minx

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