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Share but CREDIT

The Real Truth About the Raunch of Rampage Tabloid Chicago Crud and Crap

Chicago, the windy city, sure had a big load of crap newspapers blowing around the streets in the 1960s and 1970s.   Candid Press, The Exploiter, The National News Tattler…and more.  The worst, only because I am holding one currently, was RAMPAGE, which falsely claimed to be "America's Top Satire and Humor Tabloid", an honor held by  something else, I am sure.   But still, Rampage provided all the fake sex news one could want…so why buy the Candid Press?  (Another simply horrible "thing" I will write about one day.)

I only have one issue here (thankfully) but some guy is selling a handful on eBay, so I was able to crop some headlines.  For the first time in my life I am embarrassed to share the planet with others…that is, others who worked for "The Informer Publishing Company" who "produced" this stuff.  I think it was designed to trick rebellious youth who were getting increasingly political (and just had their rights denied with nightstick wielding goons at the 1968 convention) to buy THIS crap instead of the Chicago Seed.  Why worry? Make (sleazy) Love, not Trouble!

To make sure this journalistic wonder is legit, let's see who edited and published it.  Hmmm…no name or address given in the little box, but they do take the time to say "Pin Ups Posed by Professional Models" as if I would put one of these on the wall.  Professional they may be, but I am going to guess the majority of them held no advanced degrees.  Hippies.  No editor listed, no address either.  OOPS!   Here it is, in the "letters to the editor" section!  North Lombard Street in Franklin Park.  Home of the best thin crust pizza in Chicago, 2004…and this yellow paper 30 years earlier.

How the hell could this thing stay in business?  Because 50 percent of it is classifieds, and not all from lonely hearts.  There are more suppliers of stag films and rubber goods here than you would believe.  This is a family friendly website…and never have I seen so many headlines needing cropping

The funny thing (and the ONLY funny thing) about this waste of good pulp is that which I suppose it was based on the successful SCREW magazine from New York, It had no actual listings to movie show times, no contacts for "professionals" and also, as it is readily apparent, no Al Goldstein.  Consequently, even less class than low class Goldstein!

One issue (enough) of RAMPAGE "NOW 32 SEXCITING PAGES" Collection Victor Minx, the others cribbed from eBay.