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Share but CREDIT

The HOT Moon Maiden of Hardwick! The American Made Moon Maid Vintage Sleaze

Yow!  THIS space girl certainly gives ME a hard wick.  "The metric dimensions of the Moon-Maid are yet to be determined"  though she would certainly weigh less on the moon.  She is a giant step for mankind!   Buzz here has even brought his space ladder over from the ship to climb up and give her a nice kiss from earth!

Hardwick (Please…pun intended over and over and over) sold blazers.  Even on the moon, fraternities, barbershop quartets and "the sales force" needed matching duds, and Hardwick was there to supply them from the Tennessee headquarters for a good long while. 

Send coupon "for an autographed photo of the Hardwick Maid" and I sure wish I had.  Check out her Raygun!  

Moon Maid?  No, AMERICAN MADE!

Hardwick was founded in 1880, back when we made clothes in America.   Guess what?  I searched "Hardwick" adjacent to "Bankrupt" and came up EMPTY.  The factory is still in business!  A wonderful essay on the history of the company is HERE by Fletcher Hill.  Not only that, the company has employed generations of locals, just like it is supposed to be.  Seriously, in a day when even that most American of brands Levis doesn't make jeans here, that someone is still sewing is a wondrous thing indeed.  Install your flash player and see the line HERE.   

I am so proud of them, I'm going to forgive the Moon maiden.  I hope she was a local.

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