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The Films of Harrison Marks Vintage Sleaze Across the Pond

The Films of Harrison Marks ?

Time to cross the pond and fire up the projector!

Americans are particularly ethnocentric.  If WE didn't make it, it's no good.  This is particularly true with smut, although we are certainly not above putting a "made in France" label on it if it will help sales.  You know…those French girls.

Anyway, there was a market for bouncing boobs and stockings in the UK too, and the foremost  public advocate for same was the prim, proper pornographer Harrison Marks, master, nay, some say INVENTOR of "glamor photography" and an artist long overdue his retrospective.  A genius, if troubled soul…and truly an artist of the highest "order" (using he royal order here) though I don't think the prudish monarchy ever gave him his deserved knighthood.  Do they do that posthumously?  They should.

I briefly mentioned Mr. Marks in an earlier post on his muse and mate,  the astounding Pamela Green.  Another artist due a revival, and another victim of critical glasses which automatically filter out sex, particularly in this country. 

One day a suitable tribute to Harrison Marks will appear here (or elsewhere) but of the meantime let's just examine a few of his films.  Of which there were TWENTY ONE.  Umm…Academy?  You missed a few, and I am guessing several might have even shown an oscar…hanging.

Can you say auteur?  Marks masterpiece is probably "The Naked World Of Harrison Marks" (AKA "The  Dream World of Harrison Marks")  in which he not only  plays himself in SEVEN ROLES…it is in full color and stars George Harrison!  Oh, wait…that is the auteur's full name.  George Harrison Marks.  Never mind, no Beatle.  But still! 

Just for the record, and because I aim to be thorough, the film was also released as "Alastomat hunajapupuni" in Finland.

From 1969…the cultural high point of the last 50 years, so it might  have been neglected a bit…let's dust it off.  First of all, yes, the magnificent  Pamela Green appears.  No cheeky tongue in cheek here folks…Pamela was magnificent.  I believe her first film was also a Harrison Marks vehicle, Peeping Tom in 1960.  A horror film with a premise so astounding, it is amazing some rich producer over here hasn't stolen it yet.  They will, I am afraid.  I have important followers.

Marks made shorts, documentaries, features…Sex films, horror films, comedy, nudie-cuties, children's  films…you name it.  MOMA?  Are you all SLEEPING over there?

Here is a clip from the 1961 "Nightmare at Elm Manor" which predated our own crappy Elm Nightmare by two decades.  Yes, there will be nudity.  Glamorous, astounding, damsel in distress, mind-bending nudity, a monster you will not believe and editing gimmicks years ahead of their time.  Think The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with magnificent swaying breasts.  (Do NOT tell Youtube, they will pull it and we'll be left waiting for netflix) 

Trust me, that's just ONE of his works..and you can see the whole thing in five minutes.  Marks also directed a nude film called "A Visit From Venus" with flying saucers and boobs. 

You are welcome.

MORE on Harrison Marks will be forthcoming on Vintage Sleaze the Blog

Text by Jim Linderman copyright 2012

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