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Tempest Storm Photographs by Russ Meyer 1952 A Match Made in 8 x 10 Glossies Vintage Sleaze


THIS is a scarce little thing, and I would actually not be surprised if it was the only one in the world.

Why, did Tempest Storm,
according to Jimmy McDonough, the biographer of Russ Meyers report that Tempest called Russ "her photographer" for years after the two of them had gone separate ways? Well..just look.  In these photographs taken in 1951 or 1952, Meyer has already figured out the camera angle which would sustain his career, and forever change the way breasts are seen in photographs.  Just, um...look up!  Of course, with Tempest Storm as his model, could it be any other way?  

The object above is a priceless, literally, one-sheet pitch to sell original photographs of Tempest Storm taken by Meyer, as such among the first "boob work" he did!  The yellowing one-sheet titled, I guess, "Wolf Bait Girl" reproduces the photos in question. 

The sheet, which was produced by P.A.D (or PAD) Productions was one P. A. DeCenzie, a major player and P-Hound who was in cahoots with Russ in the early 1950s.  DeCenzie ran the El-Ray Burlesque house for 8 years in LA, and it was at his club Meyer actually filmed his first (and now lost) girly film.

Tempest danced there, DeCenzie ran the joint and Russ Meyer found his first busty muse!  If ever there were a match made in boob heaven, this is it.  Tempest does the Shimmy while Russ lies below shooting up.  History and an entire film genre is invented.

The photographs shown here not only display the fetishistic regard Meyer had for Ms. Storm's torpitudes, but also truly date back to the very earliest days of the work for which he is known.

Original order form with photographs of Tempest Storm taken by Russ Meyer.  Distributed by P.A.D. Productions 1952 
Collection Jim Linderman

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