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Swanky Sleaze of over Sixty Years! Swank Outlasts Arkansawyers Vintage Sleaze Censorship (Arkansas Bans Swank)

Offbeat.  Adj. Far-out Quirky Way-out Kinky Unconventional Eccentric. Non-conformist.  Oddball, bohemian, idiosyncratic, queer.  Unorthodox.  As a noun, "he liked the offbeat in fashion" and if you like anagrams, "beat off" an arcane phrase which I guess means, um…to cheat on one's self. 

They forgot sexy. 

Swank didn't.  They did a special issue for offbeat women!  As you see, Swank defines offbeat as a nude stowaway, a balloon girl (?) a shook up women, black and blue wenches and a comely woman in a black swimming suit in apartment whatever with red hair and her own key chain with her mug on it.  Cool!  I'm going to make my own key chains, with MY mug on them, and hand them out downtown.

Swank was huge. Long lasting and quite successful.  It might even still be around, but I'm not sure.  I haven't seen it at the newsstand, but then these days I get my kicks from a computer screen.  Anyway, one can not sneer at SIXTY FIVE YEARS which is what the publisher claims.  Holy MOLY!  If anyone needs proof that the free market can sustain smut, there you go!   Sheesh…that's like when the Wright brothers invented flight, right?

Swank has comic book origins of a sort, but then as we now know most smut does.  It came originally from Fox comics.  At some point the fevered brow of Chip Goodman, son of Martin Goodman, the founder of Marvel Comics, took it under his wing and as such is a mere degree of separation from MY favorite comic books, the Humorama line of gag digests.  Since I try hard to be completely honest and 100 percent accurate on this site, in truth, I can not really claim that Chip Goodman's brow was fevered…but I like the word.

I nominate this for best magazine cover of the last SIXTY FIVE YEARS!

You know that?  In 1950, the state of Arkansas tried to stop the distribution of Swank, and "order(ed) their surrender and destruction" so I guess the free market in that state was only a rumor.  After all, no one forced any hayseed (sorry, Arkansas…I just like the word) to BUY one.  Still, Swank persisted, and I dare to suggest it has outlasted a good number of the books they DID allow in Arkansas.  Let the market decide, Arkansawyers!

In fact, Swank has even outlasted the name Arkansawyer!  Today they are Arkansans.

I would really love to link to the Magna site, who today publishes Swank,  but this is a family friendly website.  Search it up yourself and subscribe.  The times they are a'changing, and we need to support tradition.

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