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George Boardman Unsung Hero of Photography Number Six Vintage Sleaze Shutterbugs and Walter Hale

George Boardman is the sixth vintage sleaze "unsung hero of photography" but in his case not only is the award dubious, the honor nearly didn't happen.

First of all, the award comes to George on the basis of ONE PHOTO, which for some reason the editor here happens to find highly charged and erotic…an equally unknown and unidentified model leaning down for a drink of refreshing water. There are other photos credited to Mr. Boardman, but seldom does he reach such artistic heights.

George Boardman worked for legendary huckster and promoter Walter Hale.  Hale produced a string of vintage vehicles which ran on dames, most of them in some way beholding…clients, I guess, but folks also wrapped up in his money-making schemes.  He distributed his magazines in an unusual manner…by giving them away at carnivals and strip shows he promoted.  In fact, the fine folks at Something Weird Video have even located..and generously provided, free of charge only to you, our special clients, here today, an actual film of Hale pitching his porn!  Hale Published Tom Cat, Girls, Scandoll, Hollywood Confidential and Play Girl (for which he was sued by no less than Hugh Hefner)

George Boardman's boss Walter Hale (Film on Youtube Courtesy Something Weird Video
Hale also gave an award to George Boardman!  HOLLYWOOD'S MR. LENS FOR 1957!  I am not sure Boardman would list the award on his resume if he read the portion of a lawsuit following:  The printed material to be found on the pages… is almost all prepared by defendant under various pseudonyms. The magazine makes no pretense of being a literary publication."  That Boardman had no less than 7 pages of his sepia-toned "color" photos printed in one issue of Hollywood Confidential is no coincidence, so I am afraid the award is a ruse, and for a time I was afraid George Boardman HIMSELF didn't even exist!  Maybe Hale took Boardman's photos himself, just like he ghost-wrote his copy… and there WAS no George Boardman!

How fortunate we are to have the web!  Through diligent research, I was not only able to verify George Boardman not only existed, he wrote an article in Popular Photography in 1951.  Furthermore, he wrote an article titled ""So You'd like to shoot Pin-Ups? for Du Pont Photographic News in 1954!  Best yet, he wrote an article on enlarging in Minicam Photography magazine in 1948, which indicates he had an actual BUSINESS CARD (with a picture of an eighteen year old model he "trained" printed on it!)  Her name was Shirley Ford, but unfortunately I can't find a picture of her….but here is the proof.  (Squint as though you were master photographer George Boardman peering through the lens.)

 George also wrote a long, convoluted, rambling diatribe to a magazine once claiming "Photography Fights Communism" in which he says cheesecake does more to fight the reds than the State Department!  Yep, and signed "George Boardman, West Hollywood, CA.  In the sparse few articles which mention George, he is storing his equipment in Canoga Park.

George Boardman's height of achievement was later serving as Associate Editor of Tomcat Magazine in 1958.


Boardman also wrote the much anticipated and further standard "What Cut Film Does For You" shown here
For such photographic dedication he put an 18 year old well-trained model on his business cards, for contributing to the literature of his field and craft…but mostly for taking the best damn photograph of a woman being sprayed in the face with a garden hose, dammit, The sixth VINTAGE SLEAZE UNSUNG HERO OF PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD goes to Mr. George Boardman, mystery no more!

As for Mr. Hale, his story is waiting to be told.  I would say he is the last of a breed, but then Donald Trump came to mind.  For your further entertainment, gents, I am presenting a bit more material on Walter Hale on the sister blog TRUE BURLESQUE soon!

Finally, lest I leave you with the impression Boardman only took the one "getting hosed" masterpiece above…I present one more work.  Unfortunately, it is untitled, but I have lovingly come to know it as "Indian Maiden with Ritz Crackers"
UNSUNG HEROES OF PHOTOGRAPHY is a series on Vintage Sleaze the Blog.  Previous profiles include Danny Rouzer  Russ Meyer  Wil Blanche  Benno Friedman  and Bunny Yeager