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Curt Wilson Edits Minx Sheer Spice and Sizzle Tri-S Magazines Color Covers Vintage Sleaze

Bambi Hamilton the Tri-S Minx.  For one issue anyway.   A minx, traditional but of unknown origin, is a flirtatious, bold woman.  Tri-X also did Sizzle magazine discussed earlier.

There have been several magazines with the title Minx, most recently a British one aimed at "young, assertive and rather scary women" which ran four years before admitting it was, like the one above, trash.  Today, all the Minx magazine from overseas does is make it harder to find information about the REAL Minx…the smutty and interesting one. 

Minx the sleaze was little more than a vehicle to grab some of Hef's money and to sell photographs from the back cover.  In fact the ONLY advertising was a pitch to sell photographs.   It was "edited" by Curt Wilson, who also "edited" Sheer Magazine, Spice Magazine, Sizzle Magazine, Sable Magazine…well, that's enough, you get the point.  All feel under the umbrella of "Tri-S publications" and all had spectacular, vibrant color covers  which stood out from the top row of the magazine rack like fire.

Tri-S magazines also had a color pin up stapled in the center…but that was it, the rest was all cheap black and white.  All were an excuse to show boobs, of course, and each had at least one article to meet the rigorous standard of  redeeming social value.  All came from Hollywood, and as such all were empty, shallow and vacant imitations of what came from Midwest and the East Coast…just like the movies! 

Except for the covers, which were stupendous.

Most of the models came from burlesque.  Curt was cheap, but he did pay some real photographers for the covers, including the notable (and remarkable) Art Messick, who took the cover here.  More about Art Messick later…he was incredible.

Tri-S used D-grade cartoonists and D-grade writers, but they had A-grade covers, and today the represent a period when pin-ups literally burst off the wall. 

Minx Mazazine Number One  1959  Collection Victor Minx

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