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Darlene MacNeil Street Art Gig Posters Vintage Sleaze Contemporary #28 in the Series

Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Artists Series Number 28 

Advertisers and promoters have known a pretty girl grabs customers for a long time. It should come as no surprise that some of the most compelling street art being done today manages to put them together in a way which grabs the eye AND fills the hall.  Meet artist Darlene MacNeil, poster artist and the 28th profile and participant in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary series!

Ms. MacNeil works in the time-honored medium of telephone pole and abandoned storefront.  She creates rock posters.  She thus follows and builds on a show business tradition going back to vaudeville,  and she does it better than anyone working at it today.   In doing so, she has already built a consistent, strong body of work as good as the masters of Haight-Ashbury and the punk D.I.Y movement, and with as much  color, vibrancy and style.  She has also been at it for some eight years.

If you were a performer, which would you want advertising your upcoming gig?  A digital "tweet" or one of THESE?

Darlene was, for some reason, initially hesitant to participate in the series.  Thought she wasn't "sleazy" enough.  Pffft!  She is clearly following in the noble tradition of the gals and gams artists so appreciated here. 

Now that is not to say her work is all pin-ups, but in going through her portfolio to select images of the site here, even she was surprised at how sexy they were!  Darlene selected some work and some sketches.

Like most artists who have a clear grasp on their own work and create in a thoughtful and painstaking manner, Darlene MacNeil describes her work, influences, and motivation, in an articulate manner, so I'll have her do the rest of the piece here.  Further down, you can see the artist herself in a video.

"I'm influenced by so many artists and genres. Mostly I like ad work. A lot of the posters that I need to do in a pinch are ads from the 30s to the 60s and reworked to promote an event today. I love the San Fran rock posters of Griffin, Moscoso, Mouse, etc. It's amazing what they did.  There are still poster artists today that blow my mind. Frank Kozik comes to mind, as well as Coop, and Art Chantry."

"While most of my peers create their posters while sitting in front of a computer, I have a drafting table from the 60's (a beast!) and bottles of ink, Rapidograph pens, hundreds of markers. My work is dirty. My hands aren't manicured. My back gets sore. Often I will spend 20 hours to create something that I'm happy to put my name on. It gets hung for two weeks - on the street.  I aim to have my work stolen from walls & poles. I want to sit amongst a sea of ads and make people stop in their tracks. I want to combine fine art with graphic art."

"I showcase my work on the street.... and I showcase my posters in galleries. They sell. I have people who collect my work, yet I have no interest in high art. My work is on the street level, I connect with the people who walk in the core of the city. It's not for the elite. It's mine and yours. It belongs to the punk bands. The rapper. The songstress. The creatives. It belongs to the past and the present. It has a place in the future and in history. I love my work because it tells a story. It's a love triangle: the bands, the fans and me!"

Darlene has a website HERE and her Facebook page is HERE.  Friend her up, she accepts commissions, bands…and you would do well to hire her.  She has also started doing album covers.  She will work with clients from afar through the web, and will ship original work or prints.

Contact the artist HERE or HERE

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