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Webcam Girl Annabelle Baxter Secrets of a Webcam Girl Vintage Sleaze Contemporary # 27 in the Series

The first writer in the Contemporary Vintage Sleaze series!  The written word is just as important to smut as a picture, though guys only look at the visuals.  Ask Hef.  Straight to the centerfold as soon as they get home.

Well, I read and just finished the book Secrets of a Webcam Girl written by Annabelle Baxter (pseudonym) who has graciously agreed to participate in the contemporary corner of vintage sleaze thus becoming number 27 in the CONTEMPORARY VINTAGE SLEAZE SERIES.  Thanks Annabelle!

Honest, direct and funny, Secrets of a Webcam Girl is a frank confessional without guilt by one of the thousands of working women who choose to participate in the sex industry.  Being more reporter than judge, I fear not recommending the book…particularly as it is most entertaining and describes a field so widely practiced yet so widely condemned…and one I suspect is condemned by those with far more familiarity with it than they would care to admit.  Be it of need, choice or desperation, women have been catering to the anonymous desires of men in return for compensation since day one, but seldom do any of them take the time to record their encounters like Ms. Baxter.  

Indeed, she tells me "often after a session, I couldn't wait to get to my computer to rewrite the story while it was fresh in my mind" and that freshness makes the book interesting, even at times fascinating. Field work reporting direct from the front!  In that, Annabelle may be the exception among those in her profession, who traditionally do NOT kiss and tell.  (Annabelle doesn't kiss either…one of her rules.)

Annabelle Baxter was, and is, a cam-girl quickly turned erotic masseuse who safely and firmly draws a line like a germaphobe.  She has limits and sticks to them, and that limit keeps what she does a tiny shade closer to legal. But more than that she is a bright young graduate-degree holding writer with considerable skill and discipline.  One wonders how many sex workers have a Master's degree in a scientific field, and she has also produced dozens of articles for journals and textbooks.  Like all writers, however, even those with advanced degrees, the income is small.  She found a way to supplement that income in a pseudo, quasi, not-quite legal public service field which requires a bit of subterfuge but hurts no one.  

The most interesting parts of the book (though it does, as one would hope, titillate and arouse like erotic fiction) are the machinations involved in posting ads, setting up meetings, performing background checks and arranging safe locations.  The book is clearly literature more than a "how-to" but the reader soon realizes every dollar is earned with the same procedural attention required in a legit job, and like any business even an "independent" is worried about customer service, repeat customers and positive feedback. Bob Dylan said  "to live outside the law one must be honest" a truism Annabelle takes to heart.

The author likes men, a trait which may or may not be shared by her co-workers.  How she breaks the news of each step further deeper into the trade reluctantly to her patient but hapless beau is hilarious, as are her attempts to practice her talents under the (blue) noses of licensed practitioners offering "hot rock" and "deep tissue" massage.

I read the book on kindle without a picture of the writer, but one WAS forthcoming.  The above charming portrait of a most attractive young woman who would appear more comfortable sitting near an ice rink than performing unlicensed physical therapy.  But WAY cute…a bonus! 

The book is available on Kindle, and while over 300 pages, it costs less than a penny a page.  Annabelle?  Maybe you should raise your rates.

The author also writes short erotic novels based, one suspects, on her own experiences.  They too are affordable kindle reads, and from the descriptions would surely appeal to adventurous readers of either gender…something only a tricky erotic writer can "pull off."  The erotic fiction field may be getting cluttered, as self-publishing is now a platform available to all, but Anabelle Baxter has the credentials most lack, not to mention the proven sense of humor evident in Secrets of a Webcam Girl.

She has recently signed a contract with Skyhorse publishing with a release date of Spring 2013.  Until then, check out both ebook and hardcover publications by Annabelle Baxter HERE and HERE.
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