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Marty Winters Certified 2 Satisfy Contemporary Vintage Sleaze the Series #26

"Busty Butterscotch Beauty" by Marty Winters

"I Do It ALL Baby" by Marty Winters Private Collection
"Very Busty & Voluptuous" by Marty Winters Private Collection
"I Know You Want Me" by Marty Winters

"Certified 2 Satisfy" by Marty Winters Private Collection

Marty Winters found inspiration in an unlikely place, and he brought his skills with him.  There are two "oldest professions" that I know of.  One is the one you think correctly is portrayed here.  The other oldest profession are the fellows who painted on walls in caves.  Marty combines both ancient endeavors in an entirely new way, and how many new ideas are left?

I love this work, and what better contribution to the contemporary "wing" of the vintage sleaze museum than Mr. Winters splendid portraits of internet escorts? 

Working women in a hard profession, and one brought to life in bright vivid colors which belie the drudgery, danger and despair usually inherent in their work.  An artist has to see as well as render, and with his extraordinary portraits of, let's face it, hookers…Winters not only follows a tradition which goes back to Toulouse Lautrec and the Storyville portraits of E. J. Bellocq, he brings it right up to the digital age by using the self-posted photographic ballyhoo employed as eye-candy for lonely men as inspiration.  Colorful Craig's list come-ons.  

Who else painted prostitutes?  No less than Cezanne, Degas and Renoir. 

Marty is influenced by John Singer Sargent and Gil Elvgren, but these are not Edwardian portraits or glamorous pin up paintings…Winters takes what are originally cheap and dirty settings, clumsy cellphone self-portraits in mirrors,  and "adds value" with his eye and hand.  White gallery walls replace rooms where the rent is due and life is hard.  Through his work, Winters not only documents the women, he lauds them by adding pathos and artful humanity…not as much tribute as simple recognition…and these are women working in a field with little of both.

He allows these anonymous virtual sitters to participate by using the very captions the "performers" use to advertise their assets.  Anonymous women unaware they are being painted, and while they have been repurposed, they participate in the process with their own highlighted skills, needs and body parts enhanced which they have already chosen to market with.  There is no irony or judgement.  If a woman claims "Hot Curves That Won't Stop" so be it.
"Hot Curves That Won't Stop" by Marty Winters

"36DDDs And Natural" by Marty Winters collection Jim Linderman

"Busty Knock Out - Let's Party!" by Marty Winters
Mr. Winters is a Detroit based artist with a BFA from Western Michigan University who has worked with the figure a long time. He has also painted signs in his career, quite remarkably in fact,  and for years had a regular feature in Goldmine Magazine doing caricatures of prominent musicians called "Five Star Records" which you can see examples of HERE.  Installation views of his recent show "Certified 2 Satisfy" at the Funhouse Gallery are HERE.  He shows at several Detroit area galleries regularly, and also participates in the Dirty Show which has become a Michigan institution.

The artist's Website is HERE where his affordable paintings are available.  In full disclosure I own two shown.  Many are barely larger than postcards…but we need not enter the "does size matter" controversy. 

"Sweet Young Ebony" by Marty Winters Collection Jim Linderman

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