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Breasts in Champagne Glasses! The Trial of David and Violet Alberts Male Merchandise Mart 1956 Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Number Eleven

Original Mailing Brochure 1954 Collection Victor Minx
A sexy come-on from Male Merchandise Mart mailed in 1954.  Using carnival pitchman techniques in his mass-mailings put owner David Alberts in some big trouble…and I have the document from the Supreme Court of California two years later to prove it.

In 1955, a year after this very brochure was mailed. Mr. Alberts and his wife, Violet, were served a warrant by the sheriff of Los Angeles county.  The charge was "willfully, unlawfully and lewdly, in the County of Los Angeles (did) write, compose, stereotype, print, publish, sell, distribute, keep for sale and exhibit obscene and indecent writings, papers, books; and design, copy, draw, engrave, paint and otherwise prepare obscene and indecent and obscene and indecent pictures, and prints; mold, cut, cast and otherwise make obscene and indecent figures."

Mold and cast? Oh, yeah.  How can I be delicate here?  " Personal massagers"

David and Violet paid the bail.  One thousand dollars each.
Now the legitimized agents of social order didn't just visit David and Violet, haul away the smut and file the papers.  This was a major effort.  Dozens of county employees were engaged full-time in the process from surveillance to arrest. No wonder California is broke today, they had to pay "experts" cops, lawyers, a jury I presume (free lunch, no biggie, but still) and all manner of bailiffs and bouncers to track, arrest, and bring to trial a fellow selling books.
First let's put a cop on the stand to verify that the chain of evidence on this yellow brochure is legit:
During the raid, Alberts was able to grind up a photo negative and force it down the garbage disposal before the cops grabbed it from his hand!

Could it have been the obscene photo which caused much alarm later in the trial?  That's right…a women with her breasts resting in two champagne glasses?   You know, that IS kinda hot.  I'm going to have to find that one.  But the one with rubber ducks?  eh.  To each his own.

Original Mail Merchandise Mart circular for mailing, 1954  Collection Victor Minx 

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