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Jada Janet Conforto Stripper Witness Who Knew Too Much Vintage Sleaze by Jim Linderman

Jada was an animal before the camera.  She was an animal on stage.  Jada drove a pink Cadillac convertible around Dallas while not dancing in Jack Ruby's club.

Questioned by a reporter two days after the assassination, a reporter encourages Jada to say on camera that Jack Ruby loved Jack Kennedy so much, he would be capable of avenging his death by shooting Oswald.  She pauses and replays dark nights in a seedy club.  Nope...the best Jada can come up with is that Jack didn't like Bobby Kennedy.

No one connected liked Bobby. Bobby was trying to put the outfit out of business, and Jack knew plenty of men in the outfit.  Jack swam with big fish in mob waters. 

Jada was a stage name of course.  Jada was Janet Mole, not nearly as sexy as Jada.  Over the years Janet Mole acquired more names than Eskimos have for snow, so let me help the intentionally inept investigators and provide her real name.  Janet Mole Adams Bonney Cuffari Smallwood Conforto Washington.  

Jada was well-known in the strip club world of New Orleans, but Jack wanted her talents on display in Dallas.  He brought her in and they signed a contract.

Jada worked at Jack's club for three months in 1963, quitting over a dispute with the sleazy owner three weeks before Kennedy visited Dallas.  Jada was known to "go a little too far" on stage and Jack had to kill the lights a few times during her act.  She left, and It probably saved her life.

Jada appears in the Warren Commission Report, but only by her stage name, and later they "couldn't find her" for questioning.  Um hum.  The commission seems to have given short shrift to a whole lot of folks connected to Ruby who might have things to say other than that the club owner with no friends other than members of the Dallas Police force was so distraught for Jackie he shot Oswald to save her the trouble of attending a trial.  We bought THAT?

Unlike many in the Dallas vicinity within reach of Jack Ruby's fat but extended trigger fingers, Jada was smart enough to get out and live a relatively long life.  That is if you consider 44 years a long life.  A motorcycle accident killed her 17 years after Ruby killed Oswald.

The digest above was published by Leonard Burtman under his "Phoebe" imprint, but it was a Burmel book.  It came out shortly, or immediately before the assassination.

Watch Jada here share what has pretty much become the commonly understood relationship between JFK and the mob...Jacob Rubenstein, the mobs's man in Dallas had nothing to say about Jack, but like all guys in "the family" he HATED young Bobby, the Attorney General.  Bobby was hurting business far more than Jack.  And therein lies a story far more interesting than Jada.