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Previously Unknown Rare Candy Barr Burlesque Film Found VEGAS VIXON 1

A scarce original 8mm film of Candy Barr, the legendary Texas burlesque queen has been found by Vintage Sleaze the Blog. Turned up in a lot of stag films with what appears to be a hand-stamped title "VEGAS VIXON 1" the pictures here were scanned from the original film.

The film was shot at the same location as the famous, remarkable and now familiar "My Tale is Hot" sequence, but the dancer is wearing white, not black...though very little clothing of any color. Could this, the "white" version, have been a test (or outtake) from the four minute clip available from Something Weird? The film has been dated as circa 1956. The dancer wears pasties and there is no nudity.

Ms. Barr (Juanita Dale Slusher) made one pornographic film, the notorious "Smart Alec" which has circulated under various titles for decades. Far more interesting are her performances in which the performer is revealed as an extraordinary dancer.

Candy Barr's life, which took her from a small Texas town to the Mob in Vegas, with stops along the way with Jack Ruby and a sentence for Marijuana Possession is well-known. As these stag films in the 1950s were not only of questionable legality, there is virtually no documentation of their production, distribution or origin. That this short film uses the same stage (or set) as the far better known film linked below could add quite a bit to the stripper's story.

Other versions of Candy's films have circulated under the titles Boudoir Belle, Delicious, Texas Terror, Big Time Strip and Bitter and Sweet. Whether this film
has been anthologized or reissued is unknown at this time, but collectors and scholars are invited to contribute.

More information on Candy Barr, as well as a link to My Tale is Hot is HERE.

Stills from "Vegas Vixon" circa 1956 Stag Film 8mm Collection Victor Minx.


Additional information on Candy Barr on Vintage Sleaze which details her interview with for the Warren Commission is HERE