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Have a Nice Knight, Sir! Vintage Sleaze

Subscribe to Knight Magazine! Not only will you receive a luxurious heavy art paper nude photograph of Parisian movie star Silvia Sorrente, if you are willing to list two of your men friends on separate pieces of paper they'll send each of them a free nude photo!

Clearly subscribing to Knight was the only way to go, as listening to a check-out cashier say "Have a nice KNIGHT" while winking would be embarrassing. There was earlier a SIR Knight magazine...and at least then the clerk would have said "Have a nice Knight, SIR!"

As for Silvia, a partial list of her film credits follows.
Bikini Paradise

Castle of Blood

I know I only listed the good ones, sorry.

Subscription order form Knight Magazine collection Victor Minx

Bilbrew Original Drawing for Stocking Parade Magazine Eugene Bilbrew ENEG

Very few original drawings by Eugene Bilbrew remain. Initially as prolific as his friend Eric Stanton, Bilbrew had by far the shorter career and he left little, if anything behind. This piece survived, but only through a most fortuitous set of circumstances.

Earlier Bilbrew had created quirky bondage serial drawings for Irving Klaw, which he sold along with photographs of Bettie Page and many other models in still shocking poses. It has been widely reported Klaw was pressured into destroying his bondage negatives and accounts estimate as much as 80 percent of the material was burned. Whether the original serial story panels Bilbrew drew for Klaw were destroyed at the same time is unknown.

This piece was done for the cover of Lenny Burtman's slick and glossy Stocking Parade in 1965. The issue is peppered with Bilbrew's and Stanton's work, as well as a full-size centerfold, in color, of Anita Ventura and Darlene Darcel. It is also not known how many color illustrations Bilbrew created, but the Exotique covers, also published by Burtman, were painted like this piece.

The original drawing is slightly larger than 8" x 10" and is signed prominently. The signature appeared on the cover as well which might indicate the artist had acquired a good following by then.

To show the artist's technique (as many of the followers here are illustrators and cartoonists) some enlargements are here, but I've watermarked them. Sorry. If you are going to share them I'm at least going to make you lift them off. Won't take long.

Original untitled drawing by Eugene Bilbrew, circa 1965 and Stocking Parade magazine Volume one, Number one Collection Victor Minx



Vintage Sleaze contribution to Cyber Monday Smut by Mail $5.99

As my modest contribution to Cyber Monday, I have finished converting the book SMUT BY MAIL: VINTAGE GRAPHICS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF OBSCENITY to an ebook for iPad or iPhone for only $5.99.

Previously only available as an expensive Hardcover or Paperback (which it is still) you can now download it for the cost of a latte.

Smut by Mail: Vintage Graphics from the Golden Age of Obscenity collects 160 pages (!) of catalogs, brochures and inserts which were mailed (often against postal regulations) in the 1950s and 1960s to households all over the land. Not simply ads from the back of magazines, actual smut by mail! Illustrations from over 50 years ago from the most prominent purveyors of postal pulch from rare and virtually non-existent erotic ephemera. Stag Films, 3-D viewers, Photographs, Novelties and more.

Now comes in an invisible digital plain brown wrapper!

Click the links to be taken to the order form, Pick book or download. Contains an essay on censorship, hypocrisy and the post office, which once actually delivered things to your house!


Misogyny Photography Glamour Photography Magazine Packs a Trailer and Takes a Trip Vintage Sleaze

There were only five issues of Glamour Photography, but I am not sure if I should be grateful or not. Number one was from Fall 1954, back when, apparently, goons would drive around while photogenic opportunities literally fell from the trees or came stacked like cord wood in a trailer.

"Glamour Studio on Wheels" was an early incarnation of the "man with van" theme, and sure enough, in one issue photographers Duane Tasker, Harvey Turtz and Ben Willard embark on a cross country hunt with gear and gals stowed in a primitive U-Haul. Advice for photographers includes "The Art of Picking up Female Hitchhikers" and "Shoot me Tender" along with a map showing a route across the country.

California here we come!

The remarkable paintings were done by R. Pesoto, and as you can see, based (sorta) on reality. They are crammed in there like a Tokyo subway! Click to enlarge and give them some breathing space!

Models participating in the magazine were Jayne Mansfield, Mamie van Doren, Anita Ekberg (the usual suspects) and one Corky Silver.

Glamour Photography number three reprises the "beauty by the roadside" scenario, but adds a particularly brutal and misogynistic "Strange Case of the Dead Model" layout for those who might find that glamorous. Another issue is notable for having a model standing on her head (with the byline "Why Girls Flip for Photographers" and adding "Teenage Beauties" on the rear cover in "Tyco Label Maker" text just like the shutterbug would use on his shoebox of negatives.

Glamour GIRL Photography quickly filled the vacuum a year later with the cover story "How to Stalk Pretty Picknickers" as though they were game. Lasting only two issues, it was published by "Dingbat Publications" (!) on the West Coast, so maybe the photographers stayed out there after the drive?

There ARE some beautiful and striking photographs contained in these issues, but I do not think I have to go out of my way to "be fair" given the super sleazy editorial slant. Jeez...I hate to say it, (shudder) but Andrea Dworkin may have been right!

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Eric Stanton Dreams of Winning the Lottery Exotica number 3

Eric Stanton dreams big in an illustration from the correspondence digest EXOTICA number 3. Not to be confused with Exotique, but coming from the same publisher Lenny Burtman, Exotica purported to print letters from kinky fans of fetish wear. The soft-cover publication is undated but was printed in 1954, the year before Exotique appeared. Burtman published the short lived digest under the name B. Leonard.

Saber Books a Pseudonym and Ground Zero for Censorship vintage sleaze Super Scroll of Saber Paperbacks

A super scroll of Saber Sleaze!

Smut is endless, and so is this blog. Do I have trouble coming up with stories? Nope! Every one of these is a story, and there were literally THREE HUNDRED of them. Saber Books, the most prominent and notorious of which I discussed here, churned them out like a conveyor belt with too much grease. You would think the state which produced Henry Ford would appreciate the quantity if not the quality.

There has to be a payoff for showing all these titles, and it is this. I am ashamed to admit that not only was Saber Publisher Sandord Aday convicted for obscenity a mere 25 miles west from where I sit, the SAME DAY 30 miles north a town banned the reading of the Pulitzer Prize winning civil war novel Andersonville! You can find the AP Wire Stories both from December 13, 1963, one in Grand Rapids MI and the other in Whitehall, MI. I could drive from one city to the other with a gallon of gas.

I am in the ground zero of censorship! And you wonder why I use a pseudonym from time to time?

Come on guys! Let the market decide! I mean please...Saber published three hundred of these, SOMEONE must have been buying them!

Keep going!

More below!

Vintage Sleaze

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Girl Gangs Max Padell and Pulps Peppered with Poon Vintage Sleaze Scam of the Literary Kind

A rip-off from New York City proto-sleaze publisher Max Padell. At one time having an inventory of hundreds of titles, Padell specialized in publishing great lurid covers with nothing inside. A step up from vanity publishers, but a step down for anyone who shelled out the dough to buy one. On occasion, Padell published a mistake, like the Kenneth Patchen "See You in the Morning" book but by far his trade consisted of enticing covers which could as well have been filled with air.

Padell peppered the pulps with come-on ads at a time when the glimpse of a thigh was good for a week of self-abuse. He capitalized on men with little money but much curiosity...men who hoped the book would arrive Saturday when they were home to grab the mail before the wife looked up and asked "is that the mailman?"

Padell also supplied resellers...folks like "Denmark Imports" who hoped to trick the buyer into thinking this was hot stuff from across the pond. It may have been imported from the printer in Queens to a vendor in Brooklyn by way of car trunk, but it was clearly not from Denmark and certainly shows no "compromising positions"..in fact there are no illustrations at all.

Denmark Imports also doubled the price for their spicy ad here. Who cares...the fellow who was tricked into buying it got exactly what he deserved. By the way? If I came across the "girl fight" shown in the ad here, I'd stop and watch too.

Girl Gangs : The Shocking Problem of Teenage Delinquency by William Allen Brooks Padell Books 1952 Collection Victor Minx
Vintage Sleaze

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Times Square Photograph 1960s versus 1970s The Shapely Sex versus Anita Nymphet Vintage Sleaze

PLAYLAND ENVIRONS CIRCA 1960 anonymous photographer Vice Squad magazine 1961

Nights of Shame? Nothing special, except that the plot revolved around French prosties, hence, worthy of the deuce in the 1950s. The Shapely Sex? Now THAT is another story! Except that I can't find it. However, I am sure "every second scorches the screen" and that it is "girlesque as you like it!"

Both grinders are now just an excuse to show a picture of Times Square from the era anyway. Pictures of the seedier center of Manhattan from the late 1950s and early 1960s are fairly hard to come by. If you were a tourist, you were too scared to stop and snap the shutter. If you had business there, you certainly weren't going to waste time lining up a shot.

By the time I showed up, the deuce was pretty druggy. Gawd, the number of times I walked around one of those marquees as a dolt was placing the letters with his giant shuffleboard stick. For some reason, the person doing it always had to climb down and get some distance to see if he spelled the smut right.

Playland lasted a long time. In Marty's flick, this same angle is shown briefly, but the marquee reads "Anita Nymphet"... a Swedish sexer and a perfect porn name.

Playland was LOUD. I used to take visitors in just to feel the din.

Everyone exaggerates about the area. A million people passed through every day and very few had trouble. Those lingering were, however, likely selling fake drugs or furtive sex.

Jim Linderman

NOTE: I AM SEEKING ORIGINAL SNAPSHOTS OF 42nd Street and Times Square Bookstores and Magazine Shops during the late 1950s and early 1960s. Please forward images you may have? J.Winkel4@gmail.com

"Now Showing| The Shapely Sex




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