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Ladies Secrets Book Daring Revealing Illustrated Book RARE Vintage Sleaze

Ladies Secrets Fully Illustrated Risque Gag Book Undated (1940?) with some 50 pages, cutout, plastic inserts Collection Jim Linderman

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Bamforth British Big Boobs Big Bouncy Sacks of...MAIL! Postcards by Bamforth

I have always felt the Brits have an obsession with breasts which borders on the extreme. Witness the "Page Three" girls, a creepy Sun newspaper generic term for newsprint dolls, but it isn't generic. Murdoch TRADEMARKED the phrase! What a skuz. Not as skuzy as his buddy Roger Ailes who runs Fox News, but still. HERE is the story on Page Three women. Send it to your Fox viewing friends! But back to the postcards here.

There may be no better indication of the Limey love of luscious lady bits than the popular postcard series produced by Bamforth and Company. I am the first to admit to a healthy interest in a curvy chest, but do we really need dozens? THOUSANDS? Bamford apparently has an image collection of 50,000. They may not all come in pairs, but that's still plenty of postal baggage and boobage.

Trashy tawdry tits for Brits. Over there they call the Bamforth cards "seaside humor" but that's no excuse, It's an ISLAND...it's ALL seaside!

Most of these would, I think, date to the 1960s or so. Bamforth had a team of illustrators all versed in gags, a little industry of double B-grade British Bill Wards cranking them out.
I would say they are hilarious, but they aren't. My post, however, is! More amazing is that they are still churning them out!  Bamforth's website is HERE.

Let's Go to the Movies! Stag Film Mug Shot Vintage Sleaze


"Settle down fellas...we'll get this show going as soon as Bobby gets it rolling."

Stag Film Projectionist Mug Shot 1953 Collection Jim Linderman

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Exotik Books List Reuben Sturman and his brother Joe's Soft Core Paperback Books

Exotik books was one of the early lines of paperbacks published by the simultaneously revered and reviled Reuben Sturman (or his brother Joe actually.) I earlier prepared a bibliography of Satan Press, another of his sleazy lines. Writer Mike Resnick has a wonderful profile of Joe HERE in his essay "Me and the Kingpin" I have yet to see a complete list of the Exotik series, which I believe consisted of 24 titles, all published from 1963 to 1966. The three big gaps are numbers 9, 15 and 16. One of them is "Loves Lash" I believe, but I am not sure the number. Any help out there? (See NOTE below)

Exotik Books 1963-1966
1 Naked Sinner

2 Young Studs
3 Killer Dyke
4 House of Perversion
5 Stud Ship

6 Sex Swap
7 Passion Pills

8 The Rape Club
9 (Missing in Action)

10 The Gay Game
11 Seed of the Beast
12 Sex Fever
13 Portraits of Pleasure
14 Joy House
15 (Sorry, checked out)
16 (Missing from the Shelf) (FOUND...see note below)
17 Motel 69
18 Strange Bondage
19 Nightmare in Leather
20 Sweet Sexteen
21 Young but Willing
22 Sex A Go Go
23 Night Lust

24 Campus Capers

NOTE: Expert(s) at FRINGE POP confirms # 16 is Loves Lash. Now THIS is how the game is played. By the way, if you are looking here you have to look HERE...B. Astrid's extraordinary site FRINGE POP



Redrup, Redrup, Send Over Redrup Lust Pool Shame Agent and the Supreme Court Vintage Sleaze

Redrup v. New York, 386 U.S. 767 (1967) was a May 8, 1967 ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States, widely regarded as the end of American censorship of written fiction. Robert Redrup was a Times Square newsstand clerk who sold two of William Hamling's Greenleaf Classics paperback pulp sex novels, Lust Pool and Shame Agent, shown above, to a plainclothes police officer. He was tried and convicted in 1965.

It went to the Supreme Court and Redrup won. Why? Basically because he forced no one to buy the books. You want them? Here they are. You don't? Pass. The cop should have passed...he had plenty of more important work to do than protecting us from what some want.

At the time the plains clothes officer arrested poor Redrup (who had no financial backing with which to pursue his case to the Supreme Court, being, after all, a news stand clerk) the year of 1965, New York City had the following:

58,802 violent crimes
495,248 property crimes
836 murders
27,464 assaults
183 Burglaries
58.452 Stolen Vehicles



Eight Pagers what ain't Tijuana Bibles Tijuana Bibles History #21

Same size, same eight pages...but something is wrong. These aren't filthy, they are only RISQUE! A rip-off from the 1950s. You'll see the ads for these little booklets in virtually every men's mag from the era. "JOKE BOOKS! THE KIND MEN LIKE" and such. They were cheap imitations intended to trick pop-eyes who thought they were buying real Tijuana Bibles. They weren't. They were buying these cheap, stolen gag cartoons from other sources (there is a Bill Wenzel or two in these here) but with the artist's name rubbed out, no publisher, no date and no class. A gambit. Send in your dough. These are actually as scarce as the real Tijuana Bibles. Why? Because everyone who received a set threw them away instead of passing them along at the bar. They even have similar names...Maggie and Diggs instead of Maggie and Jiggs and such. Lord Pushbottom!

Collection of "Joke" 8 page booklets circa 1950 Collection Victor Minx

The Tijuana Bible History Series by Jim Linderman Runs once a week or so...make sure to bookmark to enjoy future (and past) posts. Some groundbreaking original research, government documents and rare examples.

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Courtney Ryley Cooper, Brenda Starr, J. Edgar Hoover, Teen-Age Vice and a Scrambled Male Quartet Vintage Sleaze

Quick. Name me a circus clown who wrote Teen-age Vice, suggested the first story line for Dale Messick's comic strip Brenda Starr, ghost-wrote J.Edgar Hoover's articles and hung himself in a New York City Hotel closet.

Need a hint?

Um...he also also wrote "The Quick Lunch Cabaret, a Versical Omelette in One Scramble for Male Quartet" Whaaa?

Give Up?
Okay another...he also wrote dozens of stories about "Old Mom" the circus elephant, then left to chase imaginary Nazi Spies in Mexico.

Courtney Ryley Cooper (A.K.A Courtenay Ryley Cooper, Courtnay Riley Cooper, Courtney Riley Cooper...just pick a spelling you like) was born in Kansas City and joined the circus at 16. It wasn't long before he was the press agent for the remains of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and began a journalistic career. He wrote the first biography of Annie Oakley.

But it was sleazy expose type crud which buttered his bread. He hooked up with J. Edgar Hoover (does ANYONE think Hoover was a hero anymore?) who let him sneak into the files for his tales. He wrote Marijuana, Assassin of Youth, Here's to Crime, Ten Thousand Public Enemies and Designs in Scarlet (Which became Teen-age Vice when reprinted shamelessly to cash in on the juvenile delinquency craze ten years after his death. It was an authorized version by his wife MRS. Courtney Ryley Cooper.) The reissues came packaged with 50s era hood bad kids, but it was originally published in 1939.

"Ask Joe at the filling station. He sells them."

A year after the original edition of Designs in Scarlet came out, Courtney hung himself in a hotel in New York City leaving nothing behind but a note asking his hotel bill be paid.

Or did he?

Rumors developed. He was investigating German spies in Mexico. There is suppressed correspondence with J. Edgar Hoover. There is also an insane, rambling bizarre letter from Hoover to Mrs. Courtney Ryley Cooper for sale on an dealer's website but he won't me link to it, fish it up yourself if you are interested. In the letter the Loony FBI director mentions Mahatma Gandhi, Alcatraz and wanting to attend a wrestling match (???.) Whatever...I have just added Courtney to my "who would I like to have dinner with" list.



Portal to Porn! Gorelick's Door to Detroit's Book Shack Vintage Sleaze

The entrance to Burton Gorelick's "Book Shack" in Detroit, circa 1973. At the time, Gorelick and his brother owned a few more prestigious businesses: The Playboy Theater, The Pussycat Theater and The Lido Theater. In 1986, when Burton was indicted for conspiracy, racketeering, arson and mail fraud, he reportedly had 19 bank accounts, land in the Netherlands Antilles and had added a few more businesses.

I'll give Gorelick a prize for persistence. In the town of Ferndale, prosecutors confiscated the film "Naked Came the Stranger" from Gorelick's theater FOUR times but he kept right on showing it. After the second raid, he vowed "to use 100 prints if necessary" to keep the film running.

Naked Came the Stranger was a curiosity of the "Porn Chic" days. The book was written by a handful of substantial and serious writers such as Harold Robbins and Sidney Sheldon, each taking a chapter...but it was released as by "Penelope Ashe" who didn't exist. What was initially intended to be a protest and statement on the sleazy nature of contemporary literature, it became a surprise best seller!

Of COURSE it was then made into a film, a real stinker and most notable for a sex scene on a double-decker bus in Manhattan!

But back to Gorelick. I don't know the outcome of his arrest, nor am I presuming him guilty of anything other than giving the folks what they want. After all, someone had to be going to the bookstore and sitting in the theaters.

Original Press Photograph (cropped) of the "Book Shack" by John Collier, 1973 collection Victor Minx


The World's Most Interesting MAN Vintage Sleaze

Advertising circular for Mr. Madam Collection Victor Minx

Kenneth Marlow was an active homosexual, a female impersonator, a male whore in an all femaie cathouse and the "madam" of a homosexual whorehouse that "serviced" an exclusive Hollywood clientele. He was kept in sexual bondage by the Mafia and escaped. He was drafted into the army and raped by fourteen men. He was a mark for every form of sexual atrocity, the lumberjack's darling, the sailor's pet, the "bar girl" who could be had. Mr. Madam is... THE WORLD'S MOST INTERESTING MAN!

Original Advertising circular for Mr. Madam 1965 Collection Victor Minx