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Jim Linderman interview on "Silent Porn Star" Website

Highly regarded website Silent Porn Star has printed an interview with your faithful editor HERE

Vintage Sleaze Postcards from the French! Bell Salesman Sample Sheet

Most of you probably think "vintage" means "old" but it doesn't. The word only means "of the period" so something could be "vintage 2011" if you want it to. These images however are vintage as in antique! They also make Lady Gaga look like a schoolmarm...credit the French, although the distributor is a Brit. The French did one thing right...they invented the French postcard, a cheap technology which made it possible for poor people to see goofy women dressed like antique tramps instead of just the rich. Anyway, here is a splendid look at what our boys were fighting for...In 1918!

Bell "French" post card sheet. Circa 1920 Collection Victor Minx


The Black Pinups #7 TAN N' TERRIFIC REUBEN STURMAN GOES BLACK Afro Antics Series on Vintage Sleaze Number SEVEN

Women of Color from...
By Jim Linderman

I am guessing Tan N' Terrific was the very first smut periodical devoted solely to African-American women. Digest form, that is 6" x 8", and produced by Reuben Sturman's WWNC World Wide News Corporation circa 1965.

Reuben Sturman is a controversial figure long after his death, and I am certainly not going to laud him. Porn to him was pure product and generally a product lacking any class. He had absolutely nothing to do with erotic art unless there was a buck in it...so he must have been convinced there was a market to support a Black sleaze digest. Or maybe Leonard Burtman did...at some point Sturman (based in Ohio) was distributing Burtman's product (based in New York) and one of the photographers here is credited as "Len Barton" who happens to have Burtman's initials. I'm not sure...but the magazine is a fascinating little artifact.

I have heard there is a major motion picture based on Reuben Sturman entitled "Rube" in production. It will be interesting if THEY laud him. By the Mid-1960s he was probably the largest distributor of smut in the world, with some questionable connections to crime families, though he always denied it and to some he is a freedom of the press kind of folk hero. That is a big leap.

During the 1960s when these came out (there is no date) the racist past, in fact a VERY recent past makes Tan N' Terrific a milestone of sorts, but certainly not the kind of progress civil rights leaders advocated. These are not Jet Pinups or the beauty work of Howard Morehead by any means. Progress of an ill-sort! Soft-core but sleazy to the core...this little rag prefigured "Black Tail" and the other real African-American porno of the 1970s and beyond.

I prefer then to think of them as little historical relics. They are soft-core after all, ony breasts were exposed. I believe only three issues were published, but as soon as I write something like that a number 4 turns up.

Black Pinups Afro-Antics is a regular feature of Vintage Sleaze the Blog, this is the number 7 entry. The goal of the series is to tell stories and present a history neglected for too long...the Black Pinup.

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Stephen Adams Artist Cartoons and Comics for Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #14 in the Series


Stephen Adams is following in the footsteps of fetish illustrators like Eric Stanton (as if anyone could be "like" Eric Stanton) but he has his own path to follow as well. An illustrator and commercial artist working for a major publishing company, he studied art but learned as much from the comics. In particular Silver Age comics, but as you can see he is also deeply influenced by Little Annie Fannie. So who could be more appropriate for the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series?

Steve does a monthly strip and is a contributing editor for Safeword Magazine. The strip is called The Crop. I mean he REALLY does a strip...Bright, bold, lively, funny and professional as hell. Classic, quite extraordinary stuff. I guess one should expect good work from someone with two decades of drawing behind them, but still the work is surprising, with regular characters (including "Master Zinger" who bears a resemblance to a particular fetish illustrator of the past) and the lovely Miss Frolica Cage.

I am reminded of the illustrated fetish drawing sets which used to be available from Irving Klaw, but the humor here is more in line with Stantoons, though funnier and more light-hearted.

Mr. Adams blog is here, with numerous examples of his work, character sketches, work in progress and more.

Safeword is serious...an elegant and artist friendly magazine devoted to alternative lifestyles and the fine arts. It is adult, so don't visit unless you are, but it is a model for what an online magazine should be. Sophisticated and enveloping, it manages to create a whole world, and is obviously not just a print magazine trying to figure out how to transition to the web.

Stephen's paintings are something too, and you must take a look at his superheros. As you will see, not all his work fits into the sleaze category...but as he told me "my friend...if I had any trouble with being branded a sleaze I wouldn't be doing this comic strip!"

The Artist's Website is HERE

"Contemporary Vintage Sleaze" is a weekly series which profiles artists and cartoonists working today. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series will link to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. You need only ask! Serious artists are contributing to this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Astrid Daley, Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swatz, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly and more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.

If you are a cartoonist and/or artist and would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com



Kozy Books Carnal Confiscated Cleaned up and Returned Vintage Sleaze Paperback Pulp A True Story

What to do if a bunch of sleazy, poorly written and lurid looking books offend "normal" folk waiting for the bus and buying the Times? The answer in 1961 New York City was to send a contingent of police to the distributor and seize as many as you could. In this case it meant 276,178 copies of Kozy Books.
I am going to guess, given their size, that the books were packed by the hundred, which would mean the cops confiscated 2761 boxes of books, the likes of which appear above.

Kozy "Cozy up with Kozy" books were the brainchild of John Musacchia and Irwin Stillman. A representative group is shown here, but there were more. Each is 160 pages and contains about as much smut as a belly button at Coney Beach. In other words, the text is less offensive than a love story in Ladies Home Journal...but the titles and covers were clearly a problem. To be fair, the books do contain various couplings, each carefully depicted in a manner to arouse the reader, but then so does any book, even if the arousal is a call to action rather than carnality.
The big haul consisted of 39 different titles, which in order to prosecute the publisher had to be read in full by the prosecutors. They divvied them up and came back with the most prurient 8 titles which were in turn given to members of the grand jury.

The result? Eh. Not so bad. The best they could come up with was the titles violated a state law requiring books to clearly indicate the publisher's true name and address in each volume.

The upshot? Kozy agreed to destroy 70,000 books. The remaining 200,000 were returned to the defendants, where most, after reading, ended up in the trash anyway. A few were wrapped in protective mylar bags on book collector's shelves. Yet another true story from the front lines of censorship.

For the record, there were some 100 titles published by Kozy from 1960 to 1963. A partial list appears on the WIKI page, which clearly needs some help...and a more complete list appears in Graham Holroyd's book Paperback Prices and Checklist.

I will, however, list my favorite titles:

Virgin of Spare Rib Hill
The Nude Senorita

Split Level Love
Ski Gigolo
The Girl with the Golden G String and finally, "When Men Meet" by "anonymous" which as it was the last one published, appears to have killed the series.

A legalese and undecipherable document relating to the case appears below.

19 A.D.2d 802 (1963)
Kozy Books, Inc., et al., Appellants,
Irwin Stillman et al., Respondents, et al., Defendant
Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Department.
October 3, 1963
Concur — Botein, P. J., Rabin, McNally, Stevens and Steuer, JJ.
Order, entered on March 19, 1963, unanimously modified, on the law, to the extent of reinstating the cause of action on behalf of plaintiff Kozy Books, Inc., and is otherwise affirmed, without costs.
803*803Plaintiff pleads in such cause of action that for a valuable consideration defendants agreed to render legal services to the corporate plaintiff, a book publisher. One of such legal services was to advise plaintiff whether certain passages of books intended to be published should be modified or deleted, to avoid prosecution for violation of the law. Plaintiff alleges further that all manuscripts, including books to be revised, to be published by the corporate plaintiff were brought in or mailed to the office of defendants, and at least one of the defendants was to read and advise plaintiff respecting the contents thereof. It is further alleged that one book was read by one of the defendants and advice given to the plaintiff as to modifications to be made, and that such modifications were thereafter made. Plaintiff asserts that defendants failed and refused to read any of the other manuscripts and advise plaintiff upon them. As a result, the plaintiff sustained certain damages. It is alleged that the plaintiff relied upon the use of legal skills of said defendants to censor prepublication materials, and that there was a breach of duty on the part of the defendants in failing to perform the service, all to the plaintiff's damage. Giving as we must a liberal construction to the pleadings, without in any way reaching the merits, we find that a cause of action is stated.
Order, entered on March 22, 1963, unanimously affirmed, without costs. No opinion. Order and judgment unanimously affirmed, without costs. No opinion. 

Books and ebooks by Jim Linderman available for purchase HERE

Tijuana Bibles Jack Webb and Dragnet go after Eight Pagers! True History of the Tijuana Bibles #18 the series on Vintage Sleaze

Part 18 in the Vintage Sleaze series on Tijuana Bibles!

Sgt. Joe Friday tracks down the smut king supplying "6 local high schools" with Tijuana Bibles. Dragnet 1954! Watch as a young Martin Milner denies he has any in his locker...then sheepishly claim "Oh these, why they're just JOKE BOOKS" once Friday has yanked them from behind the school books. Joe flips through them in disgust and sneers "Is this what you call Joke Books? They're ROTTEN Steve, and you know it...now where'd you get 'em." HAW! Now THIS is a TV show. I was watching this as the rest of you were watching Oprah's farewell!

The clip here is literally fogged and clogged with Chesterfield commercials. In retrospect the REAL murderers Friday should have been chasing were the advertising executives selling kids smoke, but it is worth waiting for. Later in the episode, which you will find online if you look, a burned-out, spaced-out film director from the silent days has turned his Manson-like Spahn Ranch into a porno studio.

The Tijuana Bible History Series by Jim Linderman Runs once a week or so...make sure to bookmark to enjoy future (and past) posts. Some groundbreaking original research, government documents and rare examples.

REKOJ Rejok Humorama Cartoon by Frank Beaven Humorama Hoodoo

Light post today...I am working in the garden, turning big stones into little ones. Some support of the notion and speculation HERE that Humorama cartoon girlie gag cartoonist Frank Beavan worked under the name "REKOJ" (Joker spelled backwards.) See also HERE

Original Cartoon "Nothing Thanks, I'm Just Goofing" by Frank Beaven (?) Rejok
Collection Victor Minx

A Natural Pair (of yo yos?) I'll Let you Play with MIne Vintage Sleaze

Group of three novelty items (plastic cases with "answers") Circa 1950 Collection Victor Minx


Damsel in DOUBLE Distress Vintage Sleaze

Two pulp magazine paintings, same model, different problems! This woman has bad luck.

I have some work to do, so it is a good day to post these two pictures from my TUMBLR site. I have a little community of several thousand misfits following, and I love them all, (seriously) but some have odd taste. Browse at your own risk.

Back Tuesday.

TRUE Tijuana Bibles (!!) Actual Sleaze from Tijuana! Soft-Core Handmade 7 Zephyr and Estorica Press History of Tijuana Bibles Eight Pagers # 17

Entry number SEVENTEEN in the series on the history of Tijuana Bibles by Jim Linderman. So far, we have documented the books came not from Tijuana, but from the Mob In Pennsylvania. That members of the Senate enjoyed reading them. And more...Make sure to see the entire series, which is not hardly done yet....HERE

We break new ground here as well...REAL Tijuana Bibles, with the return address! Some most rare books here, and quite a story!

7 Zephyrs Press was a soft-core and medium-core handmade book publisher operating out of Mexico in the early 1950s. They had no photos, just spicy text and wonderful amateur and primitive line drawn images...think the digests artist Richard Pettibon put out but mimeo in purple print. Typewriter paper 8 x 11 and often individually numbered. As such, they are limited editions, and in fact since it has been well over 50 years and their "print run" was likely around 100 copies per title, certainly under 500...virtually none exist today. A shame.

Artifacts from a sexually repressive climate, they operated just out of US law in two places now both overrun with gun-toting drug gangsters. Tijuana and Juarez. Another shame.

As these are, in fact, the REAL Tijuana Bibles...the only ones which actually came From Tijuana with the addresses to prove it, Enjoy.

As I research further, I would welcome any and all additional information on these curious and most scarce publications. A few things I do know...the publisher operated a primitive "READING ROOM" where for a quarter an hour, one could read them in place. A Lewd Library! Maybe the Christian Scientists stole their idea. Another thing I know is that submissions from amateur writers were welcome...and if your story was good enough, you would be paid in trade!

Quite a business model. More on 7 Zephyrs and Esotorica Press Later.

The Tijuana Bible History Series by Jim Linderman Runs once a week or so...make sure to bookmark to enjoy future (and past) posts. Some groundbreaking original research, government documents and rare examples.

Examples of 7 Zephyrs Press / Estorica Press Handmade Smut circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman


The Black Pinups #6 Cass Carr Pioneer and Camera Club Operator Afro-Antics

Today's installment in the continuing series "Afro Antics" the Black Pinup discusses a groundbreaking African-American photographer, musician and entrepreneur seldom given credit...yet he was one of the first people responsible for Bettie Page. Cass Carr hired Bettie Page as a model in 1952 for his nude "Camera Club Outings" in which amateur and professional cameramen would pay ten dollars to photograph nudes. In fact Ms. Page was once arrested at an outdoor Camera club meeting with Mr. Carr in 1952.

There was another notable aspect of Mr. Carr, and it relates to the Black Pinup as follows. Despite the law and racist attitudes, Mr. Carr, An African-American who lived in Harlem and performed as a jazz musician, hired inter-racial models. Black models, Latino models, Caucasian models...a whole rainbow of women willing to pose in the nude for camera bufffs. Note this was in the early 1950s at a time when segregation was the rule and proper female models simply did NOT remove their clothes, ESPECIALLY with members of other races. The cropped photographs above show and unusual time and place, but more importantly, they show women undressed in early "glamor" photographs when simply taking a photo of a nude woman of any color was illegal.

Cass Carr, in effect, started a revolution. From dingy studios in Harlem, Hell's Kitchen and rented farmland, he arranged naked photography for the first time in the modern era, and in the process provided the beauty of women in all races to be seen, shot and appreciated for the first time in the 20th century. Many of the photos found their way to men's magazines, others to smutty under the counter photos...but until Carr came along nude photography was a dingy thing indeed.

I tell the story of Mr. Carr and his cohorts in the book Camera Club Girls: Bettie Page, her Friends and the Work of Rudolph Rossi (Which prints some 100 original photographs uncropped)

Included here are excerpts from Jet Magazine September 4, 1952, the most prominent Black magazine of the day, which describes Mr. Carr and his exploits and several examples of women of color photographed at one of his interracial outings (Taken by participant Rudolph Rossi, whose work is featured in the book)

Black Pinups Afro-Antics is a regular feature of Vintage Sleaze the Blog, this is the number 6 entry. The goal of the series is to tell stories and present a history neglected for too long...the Black Pinup. Dull Tool Dim Bulb Book Catalog HERE