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Eyeful Tower of Sleaze Eyeful Magazine, Robert Harrison Deja Vu Vintage Sleaze Cheesecake Peter Driben Bettie Page and The Cover Used TWICE

An Eyeful of consumer disdain! Two issues, same cover, but one published 4 years after the other with entirely new content! Did they think the readers wouldn't notice? No wonder the notion of Deja Vu persists, it is perpetuated by purveyors of pinups! How cheap do you have to be to reuse the same cover twice? Robert Harrison cheap.

"You know...I think I've seen that dame before..."

They have no excuse, but Eyeful was quite a magazine. Seriously. Not only for the Bettie Page centerfolds they started running in the 1950s, but also because the owner, Robert Harrison, often featured HIMSELF in the photo spreads goofing with the gals! Harrison was also behind the notorious Confidential Magazine. That gossip rag made him a wealthy man, but during the Eyeful days things were tougher. So tough he had so drive the models out to a golf course in New Jersey and photograph them himself (where he was arrested.)

Harrison was a real sleazeball (An Eyeful TOWER of sleaze) but it was a handsome magazine. Big, bright and funny. Witness the photo he ran here of Bettie Page as Madame LaZonga.

However, he also had the sleazeballs to put a Hungarian actress (Ava) on the cover of a rag he claimed glorified "the AMERICAN girl."

Eyeful also used the talents of Peter Driben, one of the most famous "Good Girl Art" Cheescake artists. But the photo covers were obviously cheaper...and he could RUN THEM TWICE.

Eyeful Magazine December 1950, August 1954 Collection Victor Minx
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Lynn Montone Pinup Model and the Pinup Lifestyle Contemporary Vintage Sleaze #11 Vintage Sleaze

AK Black photography

This weeks Contemporary Vintage Sleaze is number 11
in the series, and the submission is a human! A performance artist of today who aims to recreate the past.

Lynn Montone is a Pinup Girl. A living, breathing pinup whose profession is just that. A photographer's model, although she is much more...mother of two, hard working, thoughtful and part of a huge subculture and community you may not be aware of.

I joined the website Pinup Lifestyle and they couldn't have been nicer. I received a wonderful email from the owner and Big Kahuna Edson Carlos (an excellent photographer, a bright young man, a common sense consultant and friend to all.) He welcomed me for my scholarship, but really to warn me not to post any nudes. You see, there IS no nudity on the site, and Edson seems to watch over his artists like a father.

Pinup Lifestyle is a good name. It functions as a meeting place for models and photographers to arrange shoots, share portfolios and more. Tattoo artists, burlesque performers, vintage automobile collectors and musicians..the whole bright colorful retro vintage circus which makes up the lifestyle. The site is worldwide and has 10,000 Facebook followers My own profile is HERE, and you will note I am wearing jeans, not a come hither look.

Which brings us back to Lynn Montone. Lynn kindly submitted her work, recognizing that the art of the pinup is valid as any art form presented in the Contemporary Vintage Sleaze series thus far and we proudly present her insights.

AK Black photography

How long have you been modeling? You came to this fairly late by comparison?

There is always an eye for the beauty you carry. I have been modeling for a year now. I always wanted to model when I was younger and mom did send me to a modeling agency but being so young, I was too scared to follow through. Anything is possible if you try, and better late than never. I truly LOVE it. I enjoy myself at every shoot and I do each one to the best of
my ability. Modeling gives me an escape from my everyday routines of being a mom and wife. I get to dress up and become someone completely different for the day. How cool is that?

What motivated you to join Pinup Lifestyle?

Pinup Lifestyle is a great place to not only meet photographers, but other pinup models, clothing designers, hairstylists, makeup artists and more. I post questions, receive tips and it is nice to have a place to go for help and contacts.

Are you influenced by any particular models of the past? I have LOTS of pinup idols. Marilyn Monroe is still the greatest sex symbol of all time, and I base some of my themes on her. Bettie Page, a goddess in the fetish/bondage aspect of pinup modeling. Audrey Hepurn in Breakfast at Tiffany's...and Lucille Ball! I think of myself having her sense of humor and glamor.

Your profile indicates your partner accompanies you to shoots. Is that common among pinup models?
My husband almost always comes with me to a shoot. The only time he doesn't is if I've worked with the photographer before. In all honesty, its much safer to always have an escort with you for shoots. I recommend them for any model, whether they are just starting out or if they've been in the business for a while. The escort is there for added safety and comfort. Lord knows who you will be meeting and working with on a shoot.

What appeals to you most about your art?
My main reason is to keep it alive. The women of that era were sexy and appealing without showing too much. I swear i was born in the wrong era. I have that classic look and curves to match. What women wouldn't enjoy getting dressed up in cute outfits and making funny faces to the camera?

How do you determine your rates?
On my own personal experience and what is involved in the shoot. I charge less on an hourly basis if everything is available like hair, makeup, wardrobe and transportation. I also charge less if no implied shots or nudity are involved. If the shoot calls for any nudity or if I am responsible for things needed in the shoots I have a higher rate.

Lynn Montone's Website is
Lynn Montone's Pinup Lifestyle Profile is

"Contemporary Vintage Sleaze" i
s a weekly series which profiles artists and cartoonists working today. All art is copyrighted by the respective creator, distributor or publisher and therefore should not be reproduced WITHOUT PERMISSION OF THE ARTIST. NO cribbing and I ain't fibbing! Each and every post in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series will link to the artist's portfolio, website, publisher or representative. You need only ask! Serious artists are contributing to this series, please respect their efforts and intellectual property. Artists who have contributed so far include: Lena Chandhok, Gary Panter, Vanessa Davis, Astrid Daley, Antonio Lapone, Leslie Cabarga, Trevor Alixopulus, Paul Swatz, Denis St. John, Zahira Kelly and more. If your work is influenced by the girlie cartoons or pinup models of the past, we would love to see your work.

If you are a cartoonist and/or artist and would like to participate in the Vintage Sleaze Contemporary Series, submit work to: j.winkel4@gmail.com



Cup Bra Here to Stay Enchanting Poses Has You Covered! Vintage Sleaze

I know there is nothing inherently sleazy about lingerie, but since we at Vintage Sleaze are about telling stories and clogging the web with forgotten crud, we present here the "HERE TO STAY" Cup Bra from 1949! Now we could have taken the easy way out, and done a post on Howard Hughes and Jane Russell...snore. Or we could have revamped the tired story of how Herminie Cadole invented the bra in France in 1889 and called it "The Gorge" but we aim to inform, not retread.

As you can see, the bra came in colors to match every skin-tone, even Martian. Given their Detroit origin it is hard to fathom problems in the city today. If my post helps bring back the "here to stay" cup bra, it could mean a Motor City rebirth.
' The "Enchanting Poses" slogan was "Just place them, press them, and forget them!" Not bad...though it might have been usurped by an air freshener by now.

Fashion and science worked overtime to bring forth this miracle in style.
You can, and should, click and enlarge the photos here , but this being a "value-added" blog, I can aim to "fill your cup" with additional information not found in the ad.

First of all, have no fear of embarrassing malfunctions! Lest you think Edison Distributing was leaving it up to mere suction or physics, trust they had you (and your breasts) covered. Each set of Enchanting Poses came with two replaceable PLASTAPES (Patents pending) I looked up one of the patents. It "covered" the glue and was granted in 1932.

Now if you look very, very close, you can see here that a woman (I presume, anyway...unless it was an industrial spy seeking secrets) in La Grange, Illinois considered ordering a pair. I have discretely erased her name, and she didn't clip the coupon anyway. We do know she was a size "B" medium and was opting for the "Pique" fabric. "Rayon Satin" in 1949 still having a somewhat flammable reputation.

The Enchanting Poses bra was invented by Charles Lange of Detroit, and hopefully now the Book of Facts will include him alongside other prominent Michiganders.
By the way, "Poses" as you can see has a LONG "E"...it was meant to be pronounced like the flower "posies" despite what the models here are doing. They are posing in Poses.

Although the ad copy here claims "nothing will slip out of place" I think the tennis racket is a prop. However, If Serena Williams is planning to wear a pair at Forest Hills this year, I will be there to report.



Conquering Goddess by Ed Wood Jr? The Rare Digests #9 Vintage Sleaze

This week's entry into The Rare Digests series is rare indeed, and it might be quite a surprise. You see, the author, one "Carlson Wade" is in fact Ed Wood Jr. Or so some say, anyway, so "in fact" is inappropriate.  The angora-wearing director of "Plan Nine from Outer Space" and the person responsible for Johnny Depp's best performance since 21 Jump Street. In the greatest irony of my own lifetime, The biopic on Ed, the worst film director in history earned two academy awards, and Tim Burton did it the same way Ed did...by hanging fake flying saucers in front of the camera on strings.

Ed Wood Jr. was quite a fellow. Not only a truly putrid film director (an honor he worked hard to achieve) but much, much more. Take a minute to read his wiki entry and you'll smile all day.

Now how scarce is this book? Mega. The Wiki bibliography lists FORTY SEVEN books he penned and over thirty more he might have. They missed Conquering Goddess...it is that rare.  Or?  It may have really been written by Carlson Wade.  Or, it could have been writtten by Leonard Burtman.  Or ?  I have a few more ideas, but I have to READ it to determine for sure, and I really don't want to do that.

One reason for the scarcity of the book is it was "published" in 1958 by a member of organized crime in New York City. One other reason might also be, well...let's say a somewhat limited audience. You don't see many books about cross-dressing interplanetary men being subjugated by leather-wearing Amazons on the New York Times best-seller list.

Brilliant author John Gilmore (and I mean brilliant...seriously) knew Ed Wood jr. and offers this typical and (for Gilmore) wonderful description of Wood the writer: "...Ed Wood Jr. was also in the business of writing dirty books. When I met him he was wearing a bright Hawaiian shirt with a pair of bilious neon-yellow pants that sort of shimmered under the fluorescent tube in Lou Kimzey's office at International Publications. The tub in one of the bathrooms was used as a storage dump for the books they published under the "France" imprint..." and later on in the remarkable essay "Ed and I met a couple of times when he was wearing a woman's rayon blouse, which had a sort of metallic sheen except where he'd sweated through the armpits."

Okay...the upshot of this post? You HAVE to read Laid Bare by John Gilmore. The OTHER upshot of this post? You can't read Conquering Goddess...sorry. It is too dear. In fact, I am posting the reverse of the book as well so you'll know I have one. The book contains illustrations by Eric Stanton and Eugene Bilbrew, all as great as the cover.

See other posts in the series THE RARE DIGESTS HERE (A loose excerpt from the forthcoming book Gene Bilbrew, Justin Kent, Eddie Mishkin and the Mob by Jim Linderman)



Statistics from Kinsey on Reamer Keller Cartoon Comic Cocktail Napkins Vintage Sleaze

Reamer Keller's cocktail napkins were produced in 1958, their statistical captions intended to play on the then current national obsession with the Kinsey Report (which told us what we should have already known, or knew but hated to admit.) The set was titled ""Misbehavior in the Human Female" which is clever..so was the cartoonist. A companion box of "Sexual Misbehavior in the Human Male" was published as well with wacky facts from the other side.

Reamer Keller was prolific and entertaining. He is probably best known for the series of syndicated newspaper gags he drew titled "Medicare" which lampooned the old instead of the sexy...but his work ran the gamut. I found one piece published in the Milwaukee Journal dated 1939, so he had a nice long run. From Dude Magazine to the New Yorker, with stops in Forbes, Reader's Digest, Colliers, Playboy and even Sex to Sexty. He was born in Staten Island, NY and one of his big breaks was landing work for Wildroot Hair Goo. Of course, his work also appears in a number of Humorama digests.

At least two paperback collections were published of his work,"Mating Manual" and "Why the Long Puss" in 1956-1957 but his work was being anthologized as early as 1948 in Cartoon Comedy. He also appears in Craig Yoe's book Arf Museum.

Group of Reamer Keller "Misbehavior in the Human Female" Cocktail Napkins 1958 Collection Victor MInx (Gift of Anne)

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Bettie Page Unpublished (for over 50 years) Unseen Photographs by Charles Kell Vintage Sleaze

These photographs have not been seen for over 50 years, Credited to  Charles Kell, they appeared in a 1957 issue of Satan Magazine.  Kell's photos of the model were also used in the "Presenting..." series Leonard Burtman was responsible for in the early 1960s.  The Satan magazine piece is one of the nicest layouts on the model, as she is shown primping, discussing her shoot, and in general just appearing to be the friendly and beautiful woman she was.

Anyone with additional information on the photographer is encouraged to write.

Torchy and Torchy Comics! A Tale of Two Torchys Vintage Sleaze

A tale of two Torchys! Torchy number one is the remarkable cartoon character created by Jackie Ormes, generally considered the first African-American cartoonist rediscovered by Nancy Goldstein in her remarkable, beautiful and quite extraordinary book Jacke Ormes: The First African-American Woman Cartoonist.

Goldstein tells of a time when simply being Black and drawing cartoons was sufficient cause to be investigated by the FBI. It is fascinating story I am reading now, and I can not recommend it more highly for any cartoonist or cultural historian.

Torchy number one was created by a most talented woman of color at a time the country hardly wanted to admit an African-American OR a women could be an artist.

Torchy number two is the hot babe super perv Bill Ward  (and Gill Fox, as shown second) created ten years later while trying to avoid bombs and bullets in World War Two.. and who only drew a few African-American bombshells later in his fetishistic, super creepy era. Was Bill Ward influenced by Torchy number one? Goldstein brings it up, but draws no conclusion.

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Greatest Moments in Vintage Sleaze Juanita Dale Slusher is interviewed for the Warren Commision


Juanita Dale Slusher, A.K.A Juanita Dale Phillips, A.K.A. Candy Barr is interviewed by the FBI about her friend Jack Ruby four days after JFK was shot. For the greatest dance sequence in history, See HERE

Warren Commission Exhibit 1506

Vintage Sleaze FIELD TRIP to FORT WORTH TEXAS 1965 vintage sleaze

Yee HAW! A collection of clipped out advertisements from a fellow who was going on a spending spree in Fort Worth Texas circa 1965! That, or he was working for Kefauver's investigation into smut or one of the later ones. Note our paperback peeper has designated directions. "Downtown" "South Central" and "Route 377 East?" This fellow skulked into no less than FIVE stores in one visit. Just like I used to do for record stores back when I was hunting out the rare ones!

Do you think he wore a cowboy hat pulled down low? "Howdy Pardner! What's your pleasure?"

Now I have personally driven all the way across Texas, it is one long drive...so maybe I would have combined trips too. But then gas was like a quarter a gallon, and I could have gone weekly. Unless I lived in Dallas, then I'd have gone every day.

One sells "exotic patches" along with their magazines. Am I missing a collectible category here, or is that just a "Texas" thing?

There is no date, but as telephone area codes were fully national as of 1966, I'm going to say this trip was around 1965 or 1970. A guess. Still, it gives one an idea how big the business was...SEVEN bookstores in a town of 350,000 and a movie theater too!

Collection of clippings for Adult Bookstores in Forth Worth, Texas circa 1965 Collection Victor Minx

NOTE: a bright young researcher has contributed the following crack research (along with a link to who KNOWS what, so I've deleted that)

The "patches/posters" thing suggested "head shop" to me, and the typography and layout looked to be more toward the 1970 end of your time frame, so I did a little sleuthing and determined that the TEXAS FREE PRESS started in 1974. I'd bet that these are from somewhere between '74 and '76. I'd estimate that 1975 in Texas years is about 1969 in American, so your dating is spot-on once one adjusts for the culture-lag.

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What is up with West Virginia and South Carolina??? Vintage Sleaze

While working on our gigundo edition of Times Square SMUT (which will incorporate considerable information, pictures and more)  I am spending some quality time with organized crime. A graphic from a government document mid-1950s that shows "contacts" in which smut traded hands. So what the HECK is up with West Virginia? Them boys in the mountains must have been runnin' porn along with corn!

South Carolina and Florida seem to have an inordinate bunch of spots as well...No wonder Homer Simpson called Florida "America's Wang."

US Government Document 1956 Collection Victor Minx