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Russ Meyer Magazine Cover Photography (How to Sell Product) Vintage Sleaze

Research for yet another forthcoming book forces me to pour over magazine covers taken by Russ Meyer, master of all things in pairs. Meyer WAS a master photographer and director, though to call him a director is inadequate, I'd call him auteur, but more than anything, a film EDITOR. He did have an eye for the casting too, though his eyes dropped about a foot from the faces when appraising talent.

All these covers were selected by sleazy magazine editors who were lucky enough to have their choice of Meyer's work to sell product. You may click to enlarge, but stand back. An earlier tribute to Meyer's early still work is HERE.

Selection of Russ Meyer magazine covers shot by Russ Meyer in color. With thanks to the Book Big Bosoms and Square Jaws by Jimmy McDonough.

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